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2 pound pot roast recipe slow cooker

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Pot Roast for Two is an easy dinner recipe idea that uses roasted vegetables and beef that is cooked in a 2-quart slow cooker. Perfect for two people!

I love the pot roast! I have memories of my mother doing it on Sundays after church. He made it in the VIEJA ramshackle pot with lots of potatoes, carrots, onions and celery, all cooked together. I made a ton of food, and we always had leftovers.

Now, as an adult adult, I enjoy

making pot roasting, but I don’t really enjoy THAT many leftovers! So, I’ve created a recipe for Pot Roast for Two!

An important factor in this recipe and my mother’s: vegetables are roasted separately in the oven. I’m a fan of texture when I eat, and one of the reasons you don’t see many slow cooker recipes here at Sweetpea is because slow cooker food = porridge for me. Everything has the garbage cooked, and it’s an easy way to prepare a meal for busy families, but a single girl who has time to cook? I prefer to roast steak and roast vegetables.

What do you need for Pot Roast for Two?

  • 2 pounds Chuck
  • Roast Pot Roast

  • Packet
  • Roast Packet Worcestershire Willow Red Potatoes
  • Carrots Onions
  • Celery

First, you’ll need to pull out a 2-quart Crock-Pot – Hello, everyone! – This little baby doesn’t see much action in my baby’s kitchen. It doesn’t have fancy bells and whistles, but it works!

Sprinkle in half the pacakge from Pot Roast Seasoning + Worcestershire Willow + some water. Give it a nice swirl around.

Here’s a little look at my baby’s kitchen – it’s all the counter space I have. The sink is on the right.

Cut the chuck roast into pieces, to fit in the slow cooker for babies.

Add your sliced roast and add it to the slow cooker. Turn it over several times so that the meat is covered on all sides. Put the lid on and turn it on. If you are going to leave for the day, turn it to low for 6-8 hours. High for 3-4 hours.

Now, let’s roast some vegetables!

When you’re home after your day, turn on your oven at 425° and start cutting your vegetables.

Dice your red potatoes and place them in a bowl.

We are going to use this olive oil on vegetables, but any olive oil will work. You can always sprinkle thyme, rosemary, basil and garlic if you don’t have this. Or, you can buy your own herbs from Provence and mix them with oil + a bay leaf! This is all using oil – it goes in everything! It’s great for dipping bread, marinating chicken or steak, and in a salad.

Pour a few drops over the potatoes, a good couple of tablespoons. We’re adding the other vegetables in a second, so it’s okay if you think the potatoes are topped.

Chop the onion, celery and some carrots in the potato bowl. Give a strong pinch of salt and some ground black pepper and mix with your hands until everything is well covered and seasoned.

Place your vegetables on a leaf tray and try to make a layer as even as possible.

Place in a 425° oven, and let roast for 20 minutes.

In the meantime, go check your meat and see if it’s crushable.

Remove from the juice and crush with two forks. It doesn’t have to be super crushed, just big chunks! Yum!

Slide the meat back into the pot, along with the roasted vegetables. Stir to cover the au jus and replace the lid.

Cook it over high heat for about 10 minutes, just to acclimatize everything. If you are really hungry and can’t wait, you could definitely eat it now.

Finally, using tweezers, take out a bowl and ENJOY!

Roasted vegetables are not soft, they have a slightly crunchy texture that pairs well with shredded beef.

In conclusion, while Pot Roast for Two is a meal in itself, you can also serve homemade cookies and a good daily salad on the side.

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