Most Popular Instant Pot Recipes Of 2021

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With over 350 pressure cooker recipes on our website and hundreds of thousands of dishes floating around the internet and social media, it can be difficult to choose which ones to try. That’s why at the end of each year, we make a summary post with the most popular Instant Pot recipes of the year. These are the dishes our readers cooked, loved, commented on, and shared the most, and feature savory and sweet creations. We’d love to know which of these you’ve tried and if you have your own favorite Instant Pot Eats. Let us know in the comments.

Most Popular Instant Pot Recipes of 2021

Every December, we like to do a little analysis of the most popular Instant Pot recipes of the year. We analyze which recipes our readers and followers have visited the most and which have received the most social actions and positive comments. It’s always fun to share these recipes with you, as we know that not everyone can try everything we post. We like to think of this as our annual highlight reel.

This year, we have

included our own recipes, but also some winning creations from other bloggers that we have shared with you and received very positive feedback. We hope you enjoy the best Instant Pot recipes this year!

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2021 Here are our most

popular Instant Pot recipes of 2021: dishes our readers cooked, loved, commented on, and shared the most



. Best Vegetable Stew

Best Vegetable Stew

This stew is filling, thick, comforting, and very tasty, but the real reason we think it’s so good is how many veggies you’ll get in each serving. Made with around 10 types of vegetables, it’s truly a nutritional powerhouse!

“So delicious! I did it tonight. I put mushrooms aside because my son doesn’t like them and it was still delicious! Thank you for my new favorite stew!” – ★★★★★ Jenny

“Done this last night, the directions were perfect and the stew was great! I added a sweet red pepper and a jalapeno pepper. Thank you.” – Elisa “I’ve done this several times and it’s AMAZING.” – ★★★★★ Tressa


5-Ingredient Coconut Curry

5-Ingredient Coconut Curry

Healthy and delicious Instant Pot Coconut Chicken Curry made with only 5 key ingredients.


This pressure chicken recipe is ideal for a quick and easy dinner, while traveling with the Instant Pot, if you’re on a budget. It’s soft, so it’s kid-friendly and great for the whole family.

10. Strawberry Vanilla Cheesecake

Strawberry Vanilla Cheesecake

When it comes to making Instant Pot desserts, you can’t overlook a good, creamy



It’s by far the most popular pressure cooker cake to make because it always turns out great and often better than in the oven. This is a simple cheesecake filled with vanilla cream cheese and strawberry jam whipped cream and is beginner-friendly for those of you new to pressure cooking or general cooking.

This recipe was particularly popular with our Instagram and Pinterest followers

. 9. Pork chops with mushroom sauce

<img src="" alt=


chops with mushroom sauce” /> Instant pork

chops cooked in a delicious creamy mushroom sauce that will make you wonder why you made pork chops the old-fashioned way all these years.

“That’s great!! Melted pork chops in the mouth, the family LOVED it! The only thing I will do differently next time is to lower your thumb or remove it completely, a teaspoon was too much and overwhelming, but still great, it will definitely do it again.” – Pam “These turned out to be D-Licious ★★★★★

! I served them with steamed green beans. Yum, mmm!” – ★★★★★ Jo The

taste is amazing! Chops so tender.” – ★★★★★ Linda Kranz

“I did this for dinner tonight. I just bought my first instant pot 4 days ago and this was the first meal I made in it. It was amazing! The timing was perfect for tender pork chops. The only thing I did differently was substitute half of the cream for meat broth and thicken with cornstarch instead of tapioca flour, as it’s not something I have on hand.” – ★★★★★ Sunrise


Chicken ramen noodles

Chicken ramen noodles

Almost every household has a few packs of 2-minute ramen noodles in the pantry. They are perfect for a quick and easy snack or a meal that even children can cook. Today, we want to share a way to turn those humble ramen noodles into a nutritious and delicious dish inspired by a Japanese miso ramen soup.


. Balsamic Pot Roast

Balsamic Pot Roast

Perfect for family dinners or entertaining friends, this Instant Pot balsamic pot roast with Dijon mustard sauce is heaven on a plate. Served with creamy potatoes and carrots for a delicious evening. The roasted pot broth for cooking makes an excellent sauce to complete the meal.

6. Tex Mex Rice and Cheese Casserole

<img src="" alt=

“Tex Mex Rice and Cheese Casserole” /> If you like Tex Mex flavors and hearty dishes like meat nachos with cheese, you’ll enjoy this Instant Pot Mexican

rice casserole

. It’s really easy to make and inexpensive, as you can use ground beef and pantry staples like rice, corn, and canned tomatoes. Finished with melted cheese and crushed corn chips on top, as well as your favorite seasonings, this is a tasty Instant Pot dinner recipe for the whole family.

“We used canned Adobe peppers instead of roasted red peppers, added a whole jalapeño instead of half and increased the amount of Mexican spices. AMAZING!!! Absolutely delicious!!!” – ★★★★★ Amy


Black Dal

Black Dal

This creamy and buttery Instant Pot black dal recipe inspired by the famous Dal Makhani signature of the London Indian restaurant chain Dishoom. Made in a fraction of the time compared to the original (which is cooked for 24 hours in the restaurant), this incredible lentil dish will delight with its complex flavors and heavenly texture. It is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

“We had Black Dal at Edinburgh Dishoom last Saturday night. I thought it was one of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever had. I desperately wanted to try it myself, but the thought of a skillet bubbling for 5 hours in the height of summer put me off. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this recipe. It is 100% absolutely delicious. The measurements and times are perfect. I reduced the cream and butter slightly, but it didn’t detract from the finished dish. Thank you.” – ★★★★★ Martina OReilly

“I did it exactly as you suggested and loved it, (I only had friends who said Dishoom was fabulous). It is a good and freezes well. I had it at Dishoom Covent Garden on Wednesday and couldn’t tell the difference. Now I will try it with coconut oil, coconut cream and yogurt. Thank you for your recipe. I live in Scotland and have wanted to go to Dishoom’s in Edinburgh for years, unfortunately the day I booked the lift was out of order and my daughter-in-law told me three flights of steep stairs was too much for my tight knees.” Joan ★★★★★ Macpherson

“I did this and it was wonderful. I had this at an Indian wedding many years ago and never found out what it was. Now I know it was dal malhini. I made it with olive oil spread and double seedling cream and although maybe not as nice as the butter version or it was still fantastic. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I will do it regularly.” – ★★★★★ Katherine Stansfield

4. Thai

Curry Chicken

<img src="" alt="Thai Curry Chicken"

/> Making an

authentic Thai curry can be a labor of love, especially if you make your own curry paste, but there is a much simpler and faster way. This Thai Instant Pot curry is made in less than 30 minutes with ingredients you can find in most grocery stores. That’s why we call it curry in a hurry.

“I doubled the recipe, used yellow curry, and added turmeric powder to this recipe. I will use a little more hot peppers next time. My family loves it!” – ★★★★★ Mel

“Delicious! I can’t normally eat curry. This was great. I made pretty close to the recipe, except for the arrowroot (I used cornstarch to thicken). I would fold the chicken next time and make it spicier.” – ★★★★★ Atiya Hopkins “Delicious

! Done this in our RV. Quick and easy recipe. I set aside the chicken broth and coconut cream. I also added 1/2 cup of peanut butter from another recipe I use. The husband was very happy.” – ★★★★★ Sarah

3. Salisbury Steak Dumplings

Salisbury Steak Dumplings In this recipe, we’ve taken the idea of traditional Salisbury steak, but instead of making flat pies, we opted for small-shaped dumplings. These are briefly etched into the instant pot using the Sauté feature, then pressure cooked along with onion and mushroom sauce broth, which features classic ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, mustard and tomato paste. A comforting and family-favorite dinner served over mashed potatoes, rice or pasta (or vegetables).

“I’ve done this several times and it turns out better and better every time! I’m preparing my shopping list because I’m making it this weekend for the family, and I can’t wait for your feedback! I omit the mushrooms from the dish because I’m not a fan, but it’s still so delicious and filling. I’m glad I stumbled upon this recipe!” – ★★★★★ Sheryl

“The recipe worked very well. I had to make some adjustments, used only 500g of ground ground mince and had to use a French onion soup mix as it was all I could find. It was not an explosion of flavors as we like it very much, but it was certainly a very plentiful pleasant meal. It will be added to our recipe book.” ★★★★ Vanessa

“I did this for dinner tonight. I used the paleo suggestions. I also skipped the browning of the dumplings because I was short on time. They turned out great! Tender and tasty. This will enter our regular rotation! Thank you!” – ★★★★★ Debbie


Chicken breasts and sauce

Chicken breasts and sauce

Cooking chicken breasts in the instant pot is very easy. In addition to making the chicken, this recipe includes Instant Pot sauce made with the cooking broth that is made once the meat is ready to serve over creamy mashed potatoes.

“I have done this many times for the family! Everyone loves it. I add more broth to make more sauce. A tip about cornstarch is that it is best to dissolve it in some cold water, NOT in the hot broth or you will end up with lumps of starch that are difficult to crush.” – ★★★★★ Montse

“Excellent! The tender chicken and sauce was a great compliment. Quick and absolutely delicious solution… He will definitely do it again.” – ★★★★★ Suzanne Osgood

“This recipe is absolutely phenomenal. The flavors of chicken and that sauce work very well together. Thank you for creating such an easy and tasty dish. Now I’m looking at your spot for dinner tomorrow night!” – Rebecca “Gravy was great, everyone loved it.” – ★★★★★

★★★★★ Joe


Ground beef and potato stew

<img src="" alt=

“Ground beef and potato stew” />

With only a handful of fresh ingredients like inexpensive ground beef, potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery, plus a few pantry items you probably already have, this ground beef stew is very affordable and can be spread across multiple meals if you make an extra-large batch. It also freezes well, so it’s great to batch cook ahead of time.

“I was surprised at how good it was and how easy it was. This recipe is a gatekeeper. The only problem I found was that the amount of water to add to the pot (1 cup) before cooking and for suspension (1 tablespoon of flour and 3 tablespoons of water) does not figure in the ingredients and is vital. Luckily it was in the detailed instructions. I prepared everything as recommended, but you can not prepare what is not included in the ingredients. I didn’t use the suspension, I thought it was fine as it was.” ★★★★★ – Christine


It was a bit difficult to choose only 12 recipes because there were many other highlights this year. We thought we’d include a few more dishes that also got great reviews and lots of action, especially some of our older classics.


. Orzo Pasta

Orzo Pasta Orzo

Instant Pot quick and easy with parmesan, lemon and spinach. You can serve this dish as a main dish or side dish.

“I did this tonight and it was really good! However, I reduced the cheese. It was also a bit too al dente for us, so I cooked it a little more and it was perfect. I’ll definitely put this one in the rotation.” – ★★★★★ Donna E

“I love this! So easy and so delicious. I only had a couple of frozen spinach blocks, so I used them and cooked them for 9 minutes. Thanks for the recipe!” – ★★★★★ Simone Edwards


Creamy sausage pasta

Creamy sausage pasta

With Italian sausages, your favorite tomato sauce, leafy greens and cream, this pasta dish is prepared in about 20-25 minutes from start to finish. Enjoy it as a quick weekday dinner when you travel with your Instant Pot and add it to an inexpensive menu.

15. Souvlaki Chicken

Souvlaki Chicken

You and your family will fall in love with this Instant Pot chicken


rice recipe

served with Greek salad and delicious tzatziki yogurt sauce. The marinated chicken and rice are cooked like a dish from a pot, freeing up your hands to make the salad and sauce. This amazing Greek dish is full of flavor and color and is nutritious and gluten-free.

“I doubled the meat and marinade. The rice stayed the same and used basmati. The smell and taste were great. I’m going to try my fresh herbs next time. I cut some fresh herbs and sprinkled them after they had cooled down a bit. A little more lemon zest was also added. It was so good! I write recipes for a living and this one was really good. I love the nutrition information included. Good job!!” – ★★★★★ Kellee

“Wow, this was excellent and full of flavor. This will be on the rotation list. Thank you so much for sharing!” – Lisa O.

“This was really tasty and we will definitely do it again. I added dill and fresh mint to the tzatziki and it was fantastic.” – ★★★★★ Melanie Jarvis


Moroccan lamb stew

Moroccan lamb stew

You don’t have to travel to Morocco to experience its amazing and tasty cuisine. This charming Instant Pot lamb stew uses Moroccan-inspired ingredients and spices and is cooked with soft potatoes, carrots and peas for an amazing one-pot dish. Serve with rice, couscous or quinoa, or low-carb cauliflower rice.

“What a great dish. It came out perfectly. This is a guardian.” – ★★★★★ Carol Smythe

“I do this once every two weeks and my family loves it. I try to use lamb, but when it’s too expensive I substitute beef and it’s just as good. Did I mention how easy it is? Thank you for this little gem.” – ★★★★★ Helene Tozier

“Delicious recipe! I really loved how the apricots melted in the stew, and the spice mix is so good! I will do again if I buy stewed lamb in the future.” – ★★★★★ Victoria


Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Cake Wet

Fudgy Instant Pot chocolate zucchini cake

with delicious chocolate ganache glaze on top is a great way to use summer zucchini (zucchini).

“I did this and ate the cake the same day. It was good, but it’s not what I expected. However, the next day after putting it in the fridge, the cake was amazing. I don’t know if I ate it too soon after cooking it or not, but it was amazing the next day and the next day! I’ll do this again!” – ★★★★ Vickie J Fiedler

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Most popular from other bloggers

Since we have a fairly large and engaged following on Instagram, it’s always interesting to see which dishes were the most popular among that audience. We often share recipes from other bloggers and creators and thought we would give credit to the dishes we love the most.


ENCHILADAS VERDES from Seeking Good Eats



A creamy broth of green enchiladas sauce, green sauce, cheeses and tender shredded chicken, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. Perfect for those busy nights!

Round steak & gravy by The Tipsy Housewife

Round Steak and Gravy Round Steak

& Gravy is a recipe that uses an affordable cut of beef that typically takes hours to cook to make it tender. This Instant Pot recipe does it in half the time. Serve on top of creamy mashed potatoes and buttery corn.

3 PACKET POT ROAST from The Salty


<img src="" alt=

“Instant Pot 3 Packet Roast” />

It’s called Instant Pot Three Packet Roast for a reason. You use 3 packs of seasonings to make it, but it should be called Magic Roast because it’s THAT CRAZY GOOD. It’s tender, tasty and makes its own sauce!


Instant pork tenderloin with cranberry butter sauce

This Instant Pot pork loin has a cranberry butter sauce that gives it an amazing taste! Simply cook the pork loin in the instant pot with some chicken broth, balsamic and a special mixture of butter, blueberries, garlic and red onion. An easy dinner recipe that you can make in less than 30mn, using fresh pork loin or even frozen.




I’m taking an American classic, mixing it with some pasta, and everything is going down in the Instant Pot, in less than 30 minutes. It is a hearty and comforting meal, tasty and with cheese.


Honey Balsamic Instant Pot Chicken

Sweet, spicy and fallen chicken legs prepared with the most amazing honey balsamic sauce and cooked in the instant pot. Great on top of rice or pasta, you can enjoy this dinner effortlessly in less than 30 minutes!

STIR-FRY SHRIMP AND BROCCOLI from Littel Sunny Kitchen

Instant Pot Shrimp And Broccoli

Easy Instant Pot broccoli shrimp and stir-fries that are healthier and better than takeaway! This is probably the fastest meal you can make in the Instant Pot, as it cooks for only ZERO minutes, meaning you just need to press.


by Craving Tasty



Boneless pork chops, first scorched, then cooked in Instant Pot until tender and juicy, with a delicious garlic and honey sauce. There’s nothing about these pork chops that you don’t like. They are tender, juicy, tasty and delicious.




Best and most popular Instant Pot Recipes of the Year (2021 Edition) Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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