Angelina Jolie Has Blonde Hair In The Latest Trailer From Marvel&039s &039Eternals&039

update 8/19/21:

As 2020 has come and gone with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, but far fewer movie releases, the latest star-studded movie project from the mighty Marvel superhero franchise, Timeless, left us with nothing but a few blurry photos. from the set and a sneak peek of angelina jolie with a full head of blonde hair. Understandably, we needed to see more.

then, in may of this year, we finally got to enjoy a sneak peek trailer (see above) for the movie starring salma hayek, gemma chan, and kit harington alongside jolie, and a proper first look at the actor sporting long hair white as ice. as the character of him thena of him.

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Now, the final official trailer for the film has been released, and all we can say is that Jolie’s entire transformation from brown hair to blonde is nothing short of epic.

The sub-three-minute clip begins with a helpful exposition of Hayek’s character Ajak, explaining the current state of affairs in a post-thanos world (if you know it, you know it) and describing the impending doom to come. of the end of the earth. all the important plot information, we’re sure, but the blonde angelina is what we’re here for and thankfully the trailer gives us that too.

jolie first appears looking all sorts of ethereal, accessorizing her new marilyn monroe style blonde hair with a lance and boho white dress, before changing later in the trailer to a radiant white gold armor set complete with an elven headdress and a pair of golden swords. In true superhero fashion, even in the midst of combat, Jolie’s blonde hair looks flawless.

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We know what we will see on November 5…

update 5/25/21:

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After a year of delayed movie releases (and plenty of other disappointments), the movie world is finally getting back on track. Which means the superheroes are officially back.

Between scarlett johansson and florence pugh’s long-awaited black widow and beloved anti-hero loki’s disney+ series coming to screens this year, our love of capes, super strength, and unexplained alien invasions is back with strength.

first on our list to watch? the eternals of marvel Fans of the franchise will know that it’s been over a year since the first images of the film surfaced in 2019, and all we could talk about was Angelina Jolie’s platinum blonde hair transformation.

Now, the official trailer has finally been released so we can see Jolie’s ice-white hair in motion. As previous images hinted at, the actress looks almost unrecognizable as her character with long, pale blonde hair instead of her trademark brown hue.

watch the trailer above to see jolie’s full marilyn moment and keep your fingers crossed for the full movie release this november.

Whether you’re a fan of superhero movies or not, Marvel’s latest addition to their caped movie franchise is one you won’t want to miss. we’re talking about eternals.

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starring salma hayek and kit harington (who shared a cute selfie on instagram last week when hayek commented she “still can’t believe” she’s working with jon snow) and features a game of thrones reunion with harington and richard madden starring together again on screen, timeless is the blockbuster worth taking a trip to your local theater for.

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the best? ELLE cover star, philanthropist, and epic actress Angelina Jolie plays Thena, the superhuman warrior. and she looks totally different.

In footage shot in England, Jolie can be seen dressed as a character in a white dress and sporting long blonde hair as she dives into a lake to spread some ashes.

blonde angelina jolie in a flowy white dress while playing a superhero? We don’t know about you, we’re getting some serious Marilyn Monroe-meets-wonder woman vibes.

While we can’t confirm that Jolie’s new platinum hair is a wig, we can assume that on-set photos show the actress in full costume, suggesting her hair might not be the real thing.

The human rights activist is no stranger to playing a physically strong character, with thena the latest on her list of boundary-breaking roles. talking to her, jolie commented on the nuance of being a woman not only in hollywood, but everywhere:

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