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Barbecue pork ribs slow cooker recipe

Surprise your guests with these Crock Pot barbecue ribs! A great recipe for falling out of the baby ribs bone that the whole family will love, especially children! These slow cooker ribs are topped with a dry brown sugar massage and topped with BBQ sauce. They cook slowly in the slow cooker all day and are ready to go at game time or for an easy weekday dinner.

crock pot barbecue ribs

We’ve experimented with ribs several times, often putting them in the smoker outside, but wanted to try something different. My mother-in-law used to always cook ribs in the clay pot and my husband is always enthusiastic about them, so I thought I’d give them a try.

Barbecue ribs Crock Pot

These clay pot BBQ ribs

are easy to make and can be thrown into the slow cooker in the morning or you can even prepare the rib massage the night before to save time. Slow-cooking BBQ ribs are easy and take only a few minutes or work before and after cooking slowly all day.

You can even make these slow cooker ribs a frozen meal by preparing them ahead of time and placing them in the freezer in a ziplock bag until they’re ready to use.

How to make bone ribs fall

on the Crockpot



: 3

  • tablespoons paprika
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon

  • salt 1 teaspoon
  • pepper
  • 3-4 pounds
  • pork

  • ribs 3 cups barbecue sauce, our favorite is SweetBaby Rays

* * Scroll down to print the clay pot barbecue ribs recipe.



  • Best dry massage for ribs: In a small bowl mix the paprika, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper.

crockpot bbq ribs dry rub

  • Cut the rib rack to fit in the slow cooker. Rub the mixture on both sides of the pork ribs.

crockpot barbecue ribs Place the ribs

  • in your clay pot: place them against the walls with the thickest side down and the fleshy side against the wall.

crockpot ribs

  • Pour the BBQ sauce over all ribs, cover and simmer
  • the ribs for 7 hours

  • Once the 7 hours pass, you will need to finish the ribs in the oven. Cooking times can vary between slow cookers.
  • Line a baking sheet with

  • foil, carefully remove the ribs from the cooking pot and place them with the side of the bone facing up on the baking sheet.

ribs roasted in the oven

  • Skimming the fat from the cooking pot. Pour the remaining juices from the cooking pot into a small saucepan with a strainer.
  • Bring the sauce to a boil and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Turn on the grill of your oven.

barbecued pork ribs in clay pot

  • Roasted ribs: Brush the barbecue sauce on the ribs and place in the preheated oven for 5 minutes. Remove the baby’s back ribs, turn over and brush them with extra barbecue sauce. Roast them again for about 5 minutes.
  • Serve with the remaining BBQ sauce on the side.

crock pot barbecue ribs

Side dishes to serve with BBQ ribs:

  • Potato cauliflower puree
  • Homemade cornbread
  • Italian pasta salad
  • Brussels sprouts of honey dijon

This clay pot barbecue rib recipe is easy and will change the rules of the game on game day or any meal! Surprise all your guests with the fall of bone ribs covered with honey barbecue sauce! Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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