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This meat korma curry is the perfect clean homemade food to enjoy as the weather cools. It’s a simple slow-cooked beef korma made with easy-to-find ingredients and pre-made pastas that made this recipe very easy to prepare on a Sunday morning for easy weekday dinners that you can heat up and eat with minimal effort.

What is Beef Korma Curry This beef korma


is full of flavor, rich and filling with a thick creamy Indian curry sauce that can be eaten with practically anything. Traditionally you might have heard Korma Curry made with chicken, and I’ve made a lot of chicken korma, but this time I wanted to try it with beef, creating a simple, hassle-free recipe that I could quickly put into the slow cooker so I could get on with the rest of my day.

Using the slow cooker meant I had minimal preparation and I was rewarded with thick, tender pieces of meat coated with spicy Indian curry sauce.

If you love curries but prefer tomato-based ones, try this Masala Indian meat curry, made from scratch and very easy to make.


Korma curry is one of the mildest Indian curries and this version I created is a little more than mild, but not quite medium. The curry sauce is rich, thick and creamy with a beautiful bright orange yellow.

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Ingredients and preparation of beef Korma-2

What type of meat

to use

I recommend using Meat Sauce or Chuck Steak for this recipe. This is a cheap cut of meat that works great in the slow cooker. I also tend to trim any excess pieces of fat before browning the meat.

1 kilogram or 2 pounds of ground beef in 2 cm cubes will feed 6 individuals.


a rich, well-rounded curry flavor, I chose to use 2 different curry pastes in this recipe. Use:

  • Pataks Korma
  • Paste

  • Sharwoods Indian Tikka Paste

I used much more korma pasta (1/2 cup) than tikka pasta

(2 tablespoons), as I wanted the light and delicate korma curry flavor, with the punchy and color of tikka pasta.

Recipe Tips

  • Brown the meat in a separate pan on the stove first . I usually find that trying to brown the meat in the slow cooker takes too long and doesn’t do a very good job. On the stove it is faster, more efficient and you get a better result.
  • Avoid using reduced-fat or thin coconut milk. Whole fat is best for this recipe to create a rich and thick creamy curry sauce.
  • Don’t skip the cinnamon stick. It’s just a small thing, but it adds a noticeable and subtle authentic tone to the curry.
  • Color with your favorite vegetables. To me, that’s orange sweet potatoes and bright green peas.

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Beef Korma Curry Bowl

What to serve with

Korma beef

I like to serve this dish with

  1. Steamed jasmine rice and garlic nann bread. This is definitely my favorite way to enjoy it. The extra garlic in the naan bread seems to bring out the flavors even more.
  2. An alternative could be brown rice and pappadums
  3. Or, for low-carb lovers, try cauliflower rice
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HOT TIP: If you like curry more on the full-body mid-side, try adding a tablespoon of sriracha sauce along with the other curry pastes.

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