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Beef short rib pressure cooker recipe

Short pressure cooker ribs taste like the weekend, but they’re fast enough for a hearty weekday dinner thanks to the pressure cooker.

Normally, short meat ribs are a

low, slow effort, but with some recipe tweaks and instant pot magic, these short ribs are quick to the table and fall off the tender bone!


you promise not to tell anyone, I will confess that I had a hard time getting whole short ribs out of the pressure cooker for the photo because they just crumbled in my hands. This was not a problem. Because they also melted in my mouth!

The best part about cooking beef ribs in the pressure cooker is that it makes them so tender that you can separate them with a fork (or your fingers, this is a no-judgment zone!)

Short pressure cooker ribs

What are short ribs

? Short ribs are


cut of beef that includes a short portion of the rib bone. The meat itself can be cut from different places on the cow by its butcher, and the location from which it is cut is directly related to tenderness, taste and price. (Trying not to be too graphic here.) But ask your butcher if he sees differences in price and quality at the meat counter. The pork version of these ribs is called spare ribs. But beef ribs tend to be much meatier than their pork cousins.

Most of the short rib cuts you see at the grocery store are called “English cuts.” That’s the cut most people are familiar with and the cut you see in this recipe. You can also find short ribs cut through the bone, where they look like long pieces, with multiple rib bones. This is called “flank cutting.” These are popular in many Asian cuisines, but if I want to cook them at home, I often have to order them from my butcher.

How to make beef ribs How

to cook short ribs in the pressure cooker

We all want shortcuts at dinner time, especially during the week. And the instant pot will actually reduce these short ribs from several hours to about an hour in total. That includes preparation time and cooking time.

However, the only place you don’t want to take shortcuts is to take the time to seal the beef ribs in your pressure cooker before closing the lid. It improved the taste, texture and taste of the meat.

You can skip making the sauce at the end if you’re super pressed for time. But if you do, you should know that your mashed potatoes will be the saddest on the block because the meaty sauce is delicious.

Instant Pot Short Ribs with mushroom gravy

How long does it take to cook

short meat ribs?

Short beef ribs are usually a significant time commitment. You have to wait for the meat to decompose before it becomes tender. That can take a couple of hours at least. But the pressure cooker makes the whole process much faster. The total time under pressure is about 35 minutes. (If you buy a cheap cut of short rib, it can take a couple of extra minutes.) If you’re comfortable in your cooking, you can prepare, cook, and make the sauce in about an hour, with time while the short ribs are in the pressure cooker to make mashed potatoes or egg noodles to serve.

Be sure to seal them first, you can do it in the stir-fry settings on your pressure cooker. But then you stack everything and set the timer! You will have the most tender ribs you have ever tasted.

Instant Cooker vs

. Pressure Cooker

I’m a little in love with my pressure cooker. (I actually have two! I know, I need an intervention.) My first pressure cooker was before the Instant Pot craze. I wasn’t particular about name marks, I was just looking for the most capability I could find. With a family of five, I push as much as I can there to save time. Later I bought an Instant Pot as well. They do exactly the same thing: I use both, but I chose between them based on the size I need more than the brand.

Beef ribs in the pressure cooker

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