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Impress with this recipe for garlic loin and roast beef. Super easy to prepare, but tastes like a million dollars!

Impress with this garlic roast beef tenderloin recipe. Super easy to prepare, but tastes like a million dollars!We love making this special cut of meat for the holidays because it’s perfect for feeding a lot of people and doesn’t require a lot of work. With just a little preparation, a good pan and a probe meat thermometer, you will have a juicy cut of roast beef sirloin that will make you close your eyes, dance a little and smile with each bite.

What is a beef tenderloin?

Beef loin is the most tender cut of beef and is found inside the loin. This is where we get filet mignon, which is made from the tip of the pointed end of the loin. There is also very little fat inside the loin, making it a very lean cut. Because of all that, beef tenderloin is one of the most expensive cuts of meat.

When cooked properly, it will melt in the mouth. And let’s face it, when you pay a dime for some meat, you’ll want to make sure you cook it well.

How to prepare TRIM beef


  • : Start by trimming your beef tenderloin if it’s not already trimmed for you. I bought mine from Costco and trimmed wine. To trim the beef loin, you’ll want to remove the “silver skin” that runs along the back. Gently run the knife underneath while lifting it with your other hand. Trim any other excess fat around the outside and remove “the chain,” which is also just a strip of grease along the outside.
  • TIE: A beef loin is a long cut of beef that reaches a point at one end. In order for the meat to cook evenly, it is important to tie it and make it as uniform as possible. Using butcher string you can easily tie it. Tuck the long, pointed end into the thickest part of the spine creating a uniform cylinder shape.
  • CHILL: To give your loin a delicious crust on the outside, you can leave it in the fridge overnight unwrapped. This will dry out the surface, helping it gain a beautiful golden crust when burned. This step is optional, so if you don’t have time, don’t worry, you’ll still get great results.

How to cook roast beef tenderloin

  • SEASON: Cover the outside with salt and pepper and let stand at room temperature for a couple of hours. This will help to cook the interior evenly.
  • SEAR: Heat some olive oil in a large cast iron skillet and seal the beef loin on all sides for about 3 to 5 minutes per side. Since beef tenderloin is a long piece of beef, I’ve cut it into two manageable roasts that can easily fit in my 12″ pan.
  • LEATHER: Create a simple garlic butter and herbs and spread all the charred meat. Insert the probe thermometer.
  • ROASTED: Cook beef tenderloin at 425 degrees F. until the desired internal temperature is reached. This will only take 20 to 25 minutes!

Spread the scorched beef loin in garlic butter and finish cooking in the oven

At what temperature to cook

the beef tenderloin? We are

roasting our beef tenderloin to a high temperature of 425 degrees F after having scorched it in a pan. If you don’t already have an oven-safe skillet, you can seal the beef tenderloin and then transfer it to an oven-safe dish to finish cooking.

How long to cook beef tenderloin?

Burning the outside of the beef loin should take about 12 to 15 minutes (about 3 to 5 minutes per side), followed by 20 to 25 minutes in the oven for a total of about 40 to 45 minutes. After you’ve finished cooking, you’ll want to let it sit for about 15 minutes, where it will still increase its temperature but allow the juices inside to settle and redistribute.

At what temperature should the beef loin be?

The worst thing you can do is overcook an expensive cut of beef. The ideal is to cook it to a good medium-rare or medium. The higher the internal temperature, the harder the meat will become. My biggest suggestion is to use a digital probe thermometer for accurate cooking.

Here’s a good table to follow.

RARITY – 115°F – 120°F MEDIUM RARE – 120°F –

  • 125°F MEDIUM – 130°F – 135
  • °
  • F

PRO TIP: Keep in mind that the internal temperature will continue to rise around 5 to 7 degrees after being removed from the oven.

Juicy and tender beef tenderloin recipe

What to serve with pork loin Creamy


  • Horseradish sauce
  • Fluffy
  • mashed potatoes Parmesan Roasted

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Mix some fresh green beans and mushrooms in the same pan in which the beef tenderloin was cooked and sauté over medium heat until tender, so good!

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