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This Tri-Tip slow cooker is so tender it literally falls apart. When it finishes cooking, the meat is shredded and drizzled with the rich and tasty sauce.

This recipe only takes 15 minutes of preparation time and is a great weekday dinner. You can even stretch it into a couple of meals and add it in tacos, chimichangas, burritos or stews. The options are limitless.

Aerial view of the three-pointed roast in a dish with sprigs of rosemary, onions and a bay leaf

For a simple weekday dinner, smother the grated meat in the tasty sauce and place it on top of a creamy mashed potatoes. Serve with a side of roasted carrots or steamed broccoli for a hearty meal.

Save half of the Tri Tip for the next day and make fajitas of meat for a second meal. No one will complain about eating leftovers.

What is Tri Tip roast?

A tri-tip is a large triangular-shaped cut of meat that comes from the bottom of the sirloin. Sometimes the larger roast is cut into steaks that are sometimes mistaken for the whole roast, mainly because the whole roast is often referred to as steak. You’ll know you’re buying a whole three-pointed roast if it weighs about 2 pounds.

We talked more about three-pronged roasting in our posts for an oven-roasted Tri Tip and an Instant Pot Tri Tip


What is the difference between a tip of sirloin and a tip of

tri? Both the tip of the sirloin

and the tip of the tri come from the sirloin section that is located on the back of the cow near its hip. As it is very large, butchers cut the sirloin into several sections. A tip of sirloin comes from the upper section, while the tip of tri comes from the bottom of the sirloin.

Seasoned three-pointed roast and herbs on a bed of onions

Ingredients you need for this roasted three-pointed onion

  • . One large onion or two smaller onions.
  • Three-pronged roast. About 2 to 3 pounds.
  • Salt and pepper. Season the roast for the best flavor.
  • Dijon mustard. Add a little spicy flavor.
  • Smoked paprika. This will give the roast a touch of smoke.
  • Soy sauce. Add depth and a little umami flavor.
  • Worcestershire sauce. Round off the flavor and add a balance to the soy sauce.
  • Beef broth. Chicken broth would also work well.
  • Red wine. Alcohol will be cooked with 😉
  • fresh garlic. If you do not have fresh garlic you can replace it with garlic powder.
  • Bay leaves, thyme and rosemary. The herbs will infuse flavor while the roast is cooked all day.
Aerial view of the three-pronged roast crushed with 2 forks

How to cook a three-pointed roast in the slow cooker

I know some of you are just looking for a “throw and go” recipe and you certainly can. But if you take the time to give the roast a quick cut in a hot pan, then it will develop a nice crust and much more flavor. If you can save the extra 6 minutes, you won’t be disappointed.

After that, let the slow cooker

do its thing over low heat, which will give the roast a moist and even cooking until the end


Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps, but be sure to scroll down to the printable prescription card to get the full recipe

. Add the sliced onions to the bottom of the slow cooker. Season the Tri-Tip and

  1. seal it on both sides in a very hot skillet
  2. .

  3. Place the roast on top of the onions in the slow cooker and top with the Dijon mustard and paprika
  4. .

  5. Combine the ingredients for the sauce and pour over the Tri-Tip
  6. .

  7. Add the herbs
  8. and put the lid.
  9. Put the slow cooker to low and cook for 8 hours until the roast is so tender that it crumbles.
  10. Place the roast in a dish and crush it with a couple of forks. Drizzle the sauce over the meat and serve.
Close-up view of a shredded tri-tip plate and fork lifting shredded meat

Tips for success


  • When you seal the roast, make sure the pan is very hot. You don’t want to cook it to the end, you’re just looking to give the Tri-Tip a nice brown crust. If the pan is hot enough, it will only take 2 to 3 minutes to get that golden crust.
  • For best results, simmer the tri-tip for 8 hours. The long slow cooking process will break the fibers and make this cut of meat so tender. If you don’t have it all day, you can cook it over high heat for 4 hours. However, it will definitely be more tender if you simmer it.
  • Store leftovers in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months.



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