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With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best mineral baths to soak in colorado. Fortunately, there are dozens to choose from, and we’ve rounded it down to the resort’s twelve main hot springs, all open year-round except for occasional cleaning and maintenance.

Hot things on a crisp, cold day are one of the little things in life that we all enjoy. And because of Colorado’s higher elevations, nights always seem to get chillier in perfect spring weather, no matter the season.

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colorado’s premier public hot springs

All of the hot springs listed below are a public resort, with an entrance fee. while many of the free and primitive hot springs are amazing and the best experience for some, we leave them off this list. the private hot springs are also omitted. You can find both types of hot springs in Colorado, so don’t worry.

developed resorts guarantee consistent, quality, and generally clean bathing, no matter what the season. In addition, they are open all year. on the other hand, you could drive to overcrowded and undeveloped hot springs like penny or radio and have to wait or squeeze a cheek.

These top Colorado hot springs are listed in a completely random order. enjoy your bath!

mount princeton hot springs

Located in Nathrop, south of Buena Vista, Mount Princeton is a historic landmark dating back to the 1860’s but built to offer a wide variety of modern conveniences and options. For the most natural experience, head here between May and August to soak in the creekside hot spring pools.

Year-round, its man-made mineral pools are open, as is the 400-foot waterslide! mount princeton offers fun for the whole family and amenities abound. Take advantage of the in-house spa and juice bar, or take a stroll before immersing yourself in the neighboring San Isabel National Forest.

The rooms available here range from your own personal cabin to elegant lodge rooms and cliffside rooms with a view. whatever you’re looking for in your hot springs experience, mount princeton would love to make it happen.

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poplar hot springs

Cottonwood Hot Springs is a fun community located away from downtown Buena Vista in the San Isabel National Forest. there are a variety of pools to choose from, ensuring that guests find exactly what they are looking for.

They also have accommodation for everyone. Whether you want your own private room or are on a budget and want to give the bedroom a try, there’s a place for you. Cottonwood also offers a multitude of private cabins and houses for rent if you’re looking for a larger, more private getaway. Overnight guests enjoy private access to the hot springs overnight!

With an on-site spa, Cottonwood wants to help de-stress. With hot spring pools that are 100% natural and packed with beneficial minerals, the Alamo makes it clear they care about you.

strawberry park hot springs

If you are looking for a more relaxed experience, the strawberry park may be your choice. With rustic cabins and on-site camping available, they help you escape the hustle and bustle of reality. It is located in the town of Steamboat Springs within the unforgettable Yampa Valley.

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Their hottest pool is 104 degrees most days, making it sure to be one of the best hot springs in Colorado. after the sun goes down, the strawberry park becomes clothing optional and ages 18+. the pools here have a primitive feel, with gravelly sand lining them.

They also offer private massage cabanas and watsu water therapy in a private pool. if you’re looking to de-stress in a more secluded spot, choose the strawberry park.

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joyful hot springs trip

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Specializing in the ultimate in spa and wellness excursions, Joyful Travel Hot Springs is easily found in our top twelve list. Located in Moffat within the vast San Luis Valley, each stunning hot springs tub overlooks the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

joyful travel loves to provide options. for accommodation, you can choose between exquisite hotel rooms, backcountry camping, an adventurous yurt, or even a tipi if it’s the summer season. You have three options for pools, ranging from 98 degrees to 108 depending on your wishes. each pool is drained nightly for maximum cleanliness.

Finally, the lighthearted journey is all about fun. From the multitude of spa services to choose from to camel rides on the weekends, you’ll find more than one thing to enjoy here. Yoga is offered on Tuesdays, and Wednesday night is a clothing-optional night in the hot pool. Whatever you fancy, a merry resort trip awaits!

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valley view hot springs

another san luis valley resort in the small town of moffat, vista del valle is located 45 minutes south of exit and an hour north of alamosa. Naturism is what drives the passion behind Valley View Hot Springs. this means that they want each guest to understand that they have the

“option to choose whether or not to wear clothes. it is a natural and personal choice that is appropriate for people of any age or background, especially unspoiled natural spaces like valley view hot springs.”

They are of a high standard within their stunning natural surroundings, seven pool options and accommodations for camping and lodging throughout the year. the highlight of their pool options is the waterfall pond, which has hot water dripping from the back, creating the perfect atmosphere.

Afterward, head to your sauna, refreshing sink, or masseuse for your final detox. Just as it sounds, Valley View puts a focus on the environment by geothermally heating all of its rooms, cabins, and dorms. escape to valley view for a nature sanctuary secluded from the world.

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glenwood hot springs

Located between the Aspen and Vail ski resorts, the Glenwood Hot Springs draw tourists from afar. Having the largest hot spring pool in the world easily puts Glenwood Hot Springs on the list of best hot springs in Colorado.

Your 107-room accommodation is within walking distance of downtown Glenwood Springs’ restaurants, shops and nightlife. With a complimentary poolside breakfast and an on-site mineral therapy spa, there’s no excuse not to spend a few days here.

glenwood understands that some people need to be active to relax, so their state-of-the-art fitness center includes a variety of classes to choose from. Whether you’re drawn to the spa, record-breaking pool, or close proximity to the ski resort, this world-renowned resort is ready to serve you.

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iron mountain hot springs

Another Glenwood Springs option, Iron Mountain Hot Springs has one of the most mineral pools to choose from in the state. after taking a dip in one of the sixteen pools, head to their café sopris for a healthy bite.

iron mountain focuses on your spa experience, so they do not offer on-site accommodations. however, the local town of glenwood springs has many top hotels to choose from, such as the historic hotel colorado and hotel denver.

is the newest hot springs resort in glenwood springs (and colorado) and has quickly become the locals’ choice for a relaxing getaway from the busy glenwood hot springs pool. Unique to this resort is that they allow adults over the age of 21 to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the pool, without a glass of course. iron mountain is the perfect stop for a lazy day or a family outing.

solar water spa

Among the best hot springs in the state is the Solar Water Spa at picturesque and charming Manitou Springs. In addition to the aforementioned hot spring complex, this one-of-a-kind town boasts eight mineral springs around town that you can drink from. stay hydrated!

Water from the sun heats your cedar bathtubs with solar energy. As the water heats, the cedarwood oil is released into the water, creating a relaxing, unique, and aromatic experience.

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In addition to spa treatments, they also focus on holistic relaxation by offering yoga, movement, and meditation classes on-site. the spa is a sister property to the sunmountain center, which includes lodging, dining, a farm, garden, and bed & breakfast. sunwaterspa may be one of the most exclusive resorts on our list.

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sulfur hot spring resort & spa

Located in the town of Hot Sulfur Springs, the oldest hot springs spa on our list, the Hot Sulph Springs Resort has a long and unique history. Originally discovered by the Ute Indians, it was turned into a resort more than 140 years ago by Williams Byers. The currently renovated facility opened in 1997 when blessed by a Ute tribal spiritual leader.

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You’ll be encouraged to make the most of your time in the hot springs, as your accommodations are clean and sophisticated, yet basic. without distractions, you can explore your spa and pools. if you want to access the hot springs after hours, book their quaint apartments. For an outstanding and affordable experience, stay at the Hot Sulfur Springs Resort.

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ouray hot spring pool

The view alone makes Ouray Hot Springs one of the best places to soak. the city bears the nickname of the swiss alps and all. Surrounded by snow-capped 13,000-foot peaks, your dip in the 750,000-gallon pool is sure to dazzle you.

You can choose between an energetic summer vacation or a romantic winter getaway. With a lap pool, activity pool, shallow pool, hot pool, and infinity pool, there’s something for everyone. you can even take swimming lessons here.

Please note they do not offer accommodations on site, so be sure to book elsewhere and enjoy our hot springs pool during the day. Don’t worry though, the town of Ouray is a top tourist destination in southwestern Colorado, so there are plenty of nice accommodations to choose from, including hotels, B&Bs, cabins, and rooming accommodations.

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orvis hot springs

Our second full-time, clothing-optional hot spring is located in Ridgway, just ten minutes north of Ouray. Orvis Hot Springs has a more relaxed atmosphere, with six single rooms and campgrounds available.

Their grounds and bathroom areas are electronic-free, so be sure to plan accordingly. you can use this as your base camp for local skiing and ice climbing, or just spend a few days soaking in the water and enjoying massages.

For a stay on a budget, feel free to use the equipped kitchen to prepare meals. With its unique vibe, Orvis is sure to impress as the locals’ choice on the Western Slope.

read about the best hotels in ridgway,

the spa of springs

With the deepest geothermal hot springs in the world and more than twenty-three pools, the spring complex is a must-see. With accommodations ranging from budget rooms to self-catering mountain suites, there’s something here for everyone.

When you stay at Springs Resort, you have full access to the pools, including the five exclusive rooftop pools. With the connected Pahgosa Spa, take advantage of all that Springs Resort has to offer.

Read about the best hotels in Pagosa Springs, along with camping near Pagosa Springs.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant and romantic hot springs retreat or an all-inclusive for families, one of these resorts will meet your needs. It can be hard to choose from all the hot springs in Colorado. why not try a few to find out which one really stands out?

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