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Does the German Shepherd Husky or Shepsky mix have the potential to be your next dog?

The idea behind crossing these breeds may come from good intentions, but I will delve into the pros and cons of such a mix.

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As its name suggests, the German Shepherd originates from Germany and is a breed that is deeply intertwined with German culture.

Her popularity has spread all over the world, which is no surprise considering her attractive traits and talents.

The Siberian Husky is a favorite around the world, whether as a sled dog or as a furry companion.

Their thick double coat developed over hundreds of years as they braved sub-zero temperatures in Siberia.

There are definitely a couple of things to think about before bringing a husky-German shepherd mix puppy into your home.

The differences between these breeds range from temperament to the way they behave with their family and ability to train.

Also, there is absolutely no advantage to getting a cross from a breeder.

Combining two breeds is a genetic gamble and it is best to buy either breed, which also limits potential health issues.

This post is for those who want to find out about the poor souls currently sitting in shelters because someone thought it would be awesome to have one of these designer dogs.

we will analyze the following points:

  1. trainability
  2. exercise/strengths
  3. temperament
  4. leadership
  5. grooming/coat
  6. how big do german shepherd husky puppies get
  7. apartment living
  8. german shepherd husky puppy cost
  9. diet

After reading this article, you will know exactly what the differences and similarities are between these two breeds.

I always like to drop a couple of thoughts before I dive in to make sure you know what you’re getting into with mixed breed puppies.

While getting a mixed breed is totally fine if you’re adopting rescues, it’s always hard to predict how an individual dog will turn out as they can definitely lean more towards one breed or the other.

positive and negative.

Imagine a 50/50 split of desirable/undesirable behavioral traits for the German Shepherd and the same split for the Husky. how could your dog turn out?

  • obedience and loyalty of the German shepherd, independent thinking of the husky
  • tendency to watch and bark at other dogs, as well as the nervousness of a husky in city life
  • all the best traits of one race and the bad traits of the other

Your puppy’s temperament can be genetically determined and may look like this: 10/90, 20/80, 30/70, etc. and the same for the other side with 90/10, 80/20, etc.

Just keep in mind that mixed races can be hit or miss when it comes to character.

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1. how to train a husky german shepherd mix

The German Shepherd is known to be very eager to please.

Why do you think the German Shepherd is used so much by the police and military?

Sure, a Doberman can get the job done just fine and there are definitely dog ​​breeds that have stronger senses of smell or harder bites for chasing subjects, but they may not be willing to obey all commands in all situations. situations.

They are too smart to directly obey anything that can sometimes be perceived as stubborn.

does that mean the german shepherd is not smart?

absolutely not. In fact, the German Shepherd is often cited as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, right after his cousin the Belgian Shepherd, also known as the Malinois.

It’s just that they’re so eager to please that they don’t have to question these commands. his will to please outweighs his intelligence.

How trainable is the German Shepherd Husky mix? well, the husky is known to be quite independent by design.

Their job is to make decisions in the dangerous conditions of the deepest winter, and they’re pretty smart, too.

So while pairing these two highly intelligent dog breeds makes sense at first glance, a Husky mix might not be as easy to train as you might imagine.

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That said, pairing a German Shepherd with a husky that is more likeable can certainly help.

Genetics and the temperament of the parents always play a very important role.

2. how to exercise your german shepherd husky mix

The original purposes of the German Shepherd differ greatly from those of the Siberian Husky.

German Shepherds are true multi-purpose workaholics most commonly found in the following sports:

  • monitoring
  • schutzhund
  • police/military force

Many people get Husky/German Shepherd mixes to get that protective instinct that the German Shepherd has.

This is not always the case and even a Thoroughbred can struggle with protection without proper guidance and training.

That doesn’t mean you should start protection training with your mixed breed or even purebred on your own.

Always consult a professional to avoid teaching your dog negative behavior patterns (barking at strangers on walks, lashing out at dogs, etc.).

let’s take a look at the husky.

Huskies are incredibly resilient. how could they not, they were bred to run hundreds of miles in very cold climates.

but their original job purpose was quite specific and they may need an outlet for this wish to work.

A German Shepherd Husky mix may not like mats or toys as much as you might, but he still needs mental stimulation.

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training your dog early on will prevent future behavior problems and get your dog used to mental training.

Since both breeds have relatively high energy, you should walk your Shepsky at least twice a day for a minimum of 30-60 minutes each walk.

3. mixed temperament german shepherd husky

Is the German Shepherd Husky good for families?

The German Shepherd is known to be a formidable family dog, while the Husky can be quite secretive.

Huskies are used to living and working in packs and can be very social animals, while herders develop a deep bond with their owners.

Although the combination of these two breeds can produce excellent family dogs, there are other large dog breeds that are even suitable for apartment living, are very patient with children and also perfect for protecting them or their loved ones. property.

4. what can i expect from a german shepherd husky mix?

expect to have a very intelligent dog that will challenge you throughout the day.

will likely grow into a medium to large sized dog weighing around 45 to 80 pounds.

Both dogs are working breeds, so you can expect a herder to have a high need for exercise.

a daily chore or job would keep them happier.

5. get ready

Both dog breeds can have relatively similar coat types.

Huskies have a thick double coat, which means an undercoat plus guard hair.

While the undercoat is smooth and dense, the guard hairs are straight and somewhat soft.

Because of this double coat, they are best found in cold climates while the German Shepherd comes in both a long-haired and a short-haired version.

Depending on the exact dogs you pair, the coat can turn out quite different.

Get ready for shedding seasons with these two dogs.

6. How big is a German Shepherd Husky mix?

You can expect your male German Shepherd Husky mix to be between 22 and 25 inches (56 and 63 cm) and weigh between 50 and 80 pounds (23 and 36 kg).

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Female German Shepherd Husky mixes are between 20 and 24 inches (50 and 60 cm) and weigh between 40 and 70 pounds (18 and 31 kg).

The German Shepherd breed standard mentions the following:

man – height: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm) | weight: 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)

female – height: 22-24 inches (55-60 cm) | weight: 49-71 pounds (22-32 kg)

and these are the usual sizes and weights of huskies:

male – height: 21-23 1/2 inches (53-60 cm) | weight: 45-60 pounds (20-27 kg)

female – height: 20-22 inches (50-56 cm) | weight: 35-50 pounds (16-23 kg)

The difference between these two breeds of dogs is not very great.

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7. apartment living

Can you live in an apartment with an energetic dog like a German Shepherd/Husky mix? it depends.

Although many people argue that large dog breeds need a large yard and house, that is not true.

If you provide your dog with an outlet for his exercise needs (which means lots of walks, games, and training), then there should be absolutely no problem.

however, their tendency to bark or howl high-pitched can cause problems with your neighbors.

Proper training will help teach your dog the silence command.

An apartment is not meant to be a playground for your dog, but rather a place to unwind from outdoor activities.

If your environment doesn’t allow enough exercise, you definitely need a garden.

8. how much do german shepherd husky puppies cost?

mixed breed dogs tend to sell for less than purebred dogs.

However, the minimum price for a German Shepherd/Husky mix is ​​$500 to $1,000.

would I advise you to buy a mixed breed from a breeder? definitely not.

There are too many mixed breeds sitting in shelters waiting to be picked.

If you decide to go with a breeder, make sure you’re in for a behavioral surprise and only buy from breeders who test the health of their dogs.

As long as there are no other breeds (it often happens with mixes) or diseases in your ancestry, you should be fine.

beware of breeders who charge a premium for the popular two-color eyes that come from the husky.

Be sure to check out my breeder questions before you fall victim to scammers or home breeders.

9. perfect diet for your husky german shepherd mix

Both breeds of dogs are relatively healthy if you buy them from the right lines.

Avoid German Shepherds with curved backs and opt only for German Shepherds with straight backs.

Backward leaning German Shepherd and Husky mixes can have hip problems and it’s an unnecessary risk.

When it comes to diet, I’m a fan of the raw diet, but any high-quality kibble or wet food with all the nutrients can work just fine. be sure to talk to a veterinarian or nutritionist first.

do you have a german shepherd and husky mix? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I am opposed to the deliberate interbreeding of any glorified designer dog breed. the resulting dog is a genetic gamble in terms of health and temperament and offers no advantage to a properly selected and health tested purebred puppy.

check out my article on the most relevant scientific study on this topic.

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