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The recipe for pressure cabbage with butter is here! A cheap dish of Instant Pot cabbage recipes that goes with everything for dinner. Add pieces of bacon to add YUM!

Ninja Foodi Buttered Cabbage

Use your Mealthy, Crockpot Express or as an easy Ninja food recipe as well. As long as you have the high pressure function, this is possible, in just 2 minutes. I know, a little crazy. If you also love this crunchy green vegetable but need new ways to make it in a jiffy, this will also be a hit in your home.

I mean you could skip the butter but… why??? It will work just as well by steaming cabbage quickly with broth and just a little salt and pepper, but…… No, we haven’t tried it because it just doesn’t taste the same as this method. But you could.


it comes to simple cabbage recipes in general, you want seasonings galore. It’s not that the natural taste isn’t right, but it would be like eating lettuce leaves with nothing in them. I mean, it’s not super cool. I usually just throw this and that unmeasured, I’ve been doing this for a LONG time.

If you’re new and need accurate measurements, we’ve got them below. Just know that you can also add others in the pot. Old Bay is also great if you like that taste.

Give it even more flavor with some already cooked pieces of bacon. Oh Yes, my friends, let’s go there.


  • head of medium-sized green cabbage
    • you’ll want to cut your cabbage head into very large pieces, like 2×2″ or so.
    • I

    • haven’t made purple cabbage out of butter, but I would do it the same way.
  • Salted or unsalted butter, 1 stick –
  • your choice Chicken broth

  • , vegetable broth or vegetable broth are better than water

And then add salt and/or all the seasonings of your choice to the mix. Super low-carb garnish if you’re watching your numbers.

Ninja Foodi buttered cabbage

Pressure cooker Buttered


We’ve shown you before how to cook a whole cabbage in this same machine. That’s actually pretty good, but it takes longer and you have to cut and prepare a little bit when you’re done. The advantage of this is that once it is done, it is stirred and simply served as is.

Let’s talk about this a little more. Yes, you need liquid to steam anything in a multi-cooker. Don’t believe “their” website where it says you need at least 1 cup, that’s not true. You have to keep in mind that food in general will emit some liquid when cooked first.

You don’t want to add too much in this case because if it stays in the broth too long, it will soak in a sense, even after just 2 minutes. The same goes for our Instant Pot fried cabbage. I use soy sauce mainly for that and 1/2 – 3/4 cup is more than enough, believe me.

Cabbage Instant Pot

If you want to prevent this from softening too much, you can try others like air fryer cabbage fillets or baked cabbage fillets. Those have the opposite texture, but are still the favorites. I break depending on what else I’m doing as my main course. If I’m baking chicken, I’d opt to add both trays at once, etc.


isn’t the only way you can do this, of course. In a large pot or you can also make cabbage with butter in the Dutch oven. That’s really cool, but it sure takes a lot longer to break down and get as tender as you want it to be. Here’s a quick step-by-step, but there’s also a printable prescription card at the bottom.

  • First you need to cut your cabbage head into very large square pieces the size of a bite.
    • The best way to do this is to
    • cut the

    • stem slice
    • in half,

    • place the flat end on the cutting board,
    • then cut into 2″

    • fillets, then turn and cut again into 2″ pieces
    • .

  • Add in the pressure cooker with broth and cut the butter into pats and place on top. (You could add 1 tablespoon of precooked bacon pieces as well if desired.)
  • Seal the lid and steam valve and cook for 2 minutes of cooking with a quick release. Do not allow it to settle, let steam out immediately or it will overcook.

This moment will create withered but not soft leaves. Use a slotted serving spoon, season with salt and pepper if desired.

Pressure cabbage

Pampered Chef Quick Cooker Cabbage

Yes, there are so many brands and a variety of cooking recipes to choose from. We have a LOT to choose from beyond this. I will say that it has been a game-changer for us to eat together more often and healthier as well.

What used to take a good 20 minutes on the stove to boil or sauté to tender now takes less than 5. Now keep in mind that it takes some time to reach the pressure, so keep that in mind, but still there is such a big difference that I suggest getting one for all busy families.

How do you store leftover cabbage

? Don’t do it

, just don’t do it. Even when I’ve made a meal of canned beef and cabbage from Ninja Foodi, I don’t keep it. In the fridge it just continues to decompose and is porridge the next day, let alone keep it longer than that. It’s so fast to make it fresh that I do just that. Heat the meat and dice 1/2 head for meal #2.

Cabbage with pressure cooker butterCabbage with

instant pot butter

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