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You want to vacuum your car. however, you don’t think it’s worth paying $5 to $10 to use the self-service public vacuum at your local gas station. Or maybe your car doesn’t need a full car wash yet, but you want to remove some debris.

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Unfortunately, not many establishments allow customers to use their self-service vacuums for free. you could even search for “free vacuum car washes and service stations near me” and still come up empty. you’ll at least have to pay a few bucks to use these gadgets.

However, if you’re determined to find a store near you that allows customers to use their public self-service vacuums for free, we can help.

Our team understands the relevance of vacuum cleaning. A stained, dusty, and pest-infested car interior might seem intimidating to clean, but it typically just needs some deep vacuuming.

At least familiarize yourself with local self-service public vacuum cleaners. trust us: all car owners should have several options for where to take their car to vacuum from time to time.

stay with us until the end. Otherwise, you could be wasting hundreds on professional interior detailing when you can vacuum your car yourself at a local gas station or convenience store.

Let’s take a look at places where you can vacuum your car for free!

free car washes with vacuum cleaners

You might have doubts about car washes that offer free vacuum cleaning, but they exist. Many modern car washes let motorists use their vacuum for free.

Of course, keep in mind that they will eventually want to convert you into a paying customer. As a general rule of thumb, drive in for a car wash at least every one to two months so that staff don’t flag you for abusing the store’s cleaning apparatus.

Do you have a specific car wash franchise in mind? Check out car washes that offer free vacuum cleaning near you!

** search results may contain both free and paid vacuum cleaners. check the reviews first. **

tommy’s express car wash

tommy’s express car wash ranks among the best known car washes in the us. uu. has 205 locations in 30 states.

By the way, it’s also one of the only major car wash franchises that lets customers use their vacuums for free. Simply drive to any Tommy’s Express Car Wash location.

flash car wash

flash car wash has multiple locations in florida, connecticut and rhode island. Although all stations have vacuum cleaners that are free to use, they are often only available to customers.

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However, most express car washes will not call non-paying customers to surreptitiously vacuum.

Limit your cleanse to around 5-10 minutes. if you want, look for branches that place their cleaning equipment away from the store so you don’t have to deal with staff.

auto spa tidal wave

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tidal wave auto spa has over 60 locations spread across 11 states. Although all branches have public self-service vacuum cleaners, some branches follow stricter restrictions than others.

Usually you can only use the tidal wave auto spa vacuums after a wash. however, some venues allow nonpaying motorists to vacuum for a few minutes, as long as the venues are not crowded.

racing car wash

raceway car wash has more than 40 locations in arizona, california, nevada and texas. all these branches have vacuum cleaners for free use.

Technically, you need a membership to access your cleaning appliance. however, rates start at just $13 per month and you’ll already get multiple washes plus free vacuuming.

Considering gas stations often charge $2 for five minutes of vacuuming, the car wash deal doesn’t sound too bad.

breeze through the car wash

breeze thru car wash has more than 12 locations in wyoming and colorado. all branches have vacuum cleaners that are free to use, but they usually limit them to paying customers.

If the location near you allows customers to vacuum beforehand, you can try sneaking the vacuum for a few minutes. however, breeze through the car wash usually sucks after a wash.

Motors who need to vacuum regularly can try the station’s unlimited wash pass. you get free pre-soak, blow and vacuum for only $12 a month.

Since most car owners spend $5 to vacuum at gas stations, you’ll get a return on your investment after two or three cleaning sessions.

gas stations with free car vacuum cleaners

Some of the most widely known gas station franchises that carry vacuum cleaners include:


arco has more than 1,500 locations spread across 14 states on the west coast, the upper midwest, and even in mexico. many of them carry at least a couple of vacuum cleaners.

Newly opened gas stations, like the one on Wigwam Parkway in Henderson, let customers use their vacuums for free. however, most charge $0.75 for two minutes.

Assuming you only need to brush light debris and pick up some trash, you’ll only need $2 for six minutes of vacuuming.


bp has over 7,200 locations spread across multiple states, most of which offer car vacuuming and cleaning services. you can even find them through the bpme app on your ios or android device.

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bp stations typically charge $2 for five minutes of vacuum cleaning. however, loyal bp customers get a free vacuum car wash after five visits, and each wash only costs between $8 and $10.

fast travel

Although quiktrip is not as well known as the other gas station franchises on this list, it offers the best deal.

Most gas stations charge $3 for vacuuming. In the meantime, you can get a free full car wash and vacuum for just $3 on quiktrip.

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quiktrip has recently expanded to over 930 locations in 15 states. if you live near one that has a self-service car wash and vacuum, be sure to check it out.

phillips 66

phillips 66 is among the best known gas station franchises in the us. uu. it currently has 7,550 locations in 48 states.

Most stations only charge $0.75 for two minutes of vacuuming; you can get rid of light dust and debris for just $1.50.

however, please note that phillips 66 stations are independently owned. at least a few hundred establishments don’t mind letting customers use their vacuums for free.

Pro Tip: Phillips 66 offers cash back when you use select cards. You can use the rebates you get from filling up gas or buying things at the convenience store to pay for vacuum cleaning.


citgo has fewer than 5,000 gas stations in the us. uu. most citgo gas stations have a car wash and put their vacuum cleaners right behind it.

vacuuming typically costs $2 for five minutes. however, most locations will let you vacuum for free if you just filled gas, especially if they have old-school units that don’t take payments.

Don’t worry if you can’t find any of these gas stations. instead, find all the local gas stations that offer free vacuum cleaning near you

tips for finding establishments with free vacuum cleaners

Still having trouble finding car washes and gas stations that allow non-paying customers to use their vacuums for free? find more free vacuum cleaning places at:

  • using google maps: google maps shows all establishments that have vacuum cleaners. Check them out when you have time.
  • join threads and groups: Join facebook groups and reddit threads where motorists talk about local establishments with free self-service public vacuums.
  • Check out smaller gas stations: Small, independent gas stations often have no qualms about letting non-paying customers use their vacuums.

paid car vacuum vs. free

Keep in mind that free car vacuums aren’t always “free.” The gas station or car wash may not charge you to use their appliances, but you’ll still have to spend money on:

  • Gas: Avoid going out of the way to vacuum for free. you could end up losing more money on gas if you have to drive more than 8 miles, especially with today’s high prices.
  • time: how much do you make per hour? And how much time will it take just to get to a local shop with a free vacuum cleaner? keep in mind you’ll only save about $5, which is probably less than your hourly wage.
  • Additional Services: Most establishments only allow customers to use their self-service vacuum cleaners after you buy something from them (ie gas, membership plan, store products).

maximizing free car vacuums

Most stores will only let you use their free vacuum for about 5-10 minutes, so move quickly. You can make cleaning easier by:

  • get rid of trash and litter beforehand
  • open all doors and windows while cleaning
  • dust floor mats beforehand
  • turn suction to high
  • vacuum carpets only
  • carry brush attachments

get a small vacuum cleaner for your car

Motors with accessible power outlets in their car garage may want to consider purchasing a small vacuum cleaner. the time, fuel and effort you save will help you achieve a quick return on investment.

for example, let’s say you get one from amazon for just $70. if driving to and from the nearby gas station with a free vacuum cleaner costs $2 in gas and takes an hour out of your day, you’ll recoup your overhead after vacuum about 20 to 30 times.

Cost effective way to keep your car interior clean

When finding gas stations and car washes to vacuum your car for free, keep in mind that most locations charge their customers. You’ll only find a handful of establishments offering free self-service public vacuum cleaners near you.

In general, your best chance of vacuuming for free is while you’re washing your car. yes, you will have to bear the car wash fees. however, paying $10 to $20 to have your car’s interior and exterior cleaned once a month doesn’t seem like a bad deal, especially if your car tends to get very dirty.

For light cleaning and brushing, utilize the cheapest self-service vacuum cleaners that only cost less than $5 for 15 minutes of cleaning.

however, we generally discourage going out of your way to vacuum for free. Unless the store is close to you or your destination, the money you spend on gas alone outweighs the cost of vacuuming paid for. Whether you use the vacuum at a local gas station or buy a small one, don’t forget to vacuum your vehicle. It is the fastest way to keep the interior clean. removing dirt, debris, and crumbs on your car makes a world of difference.

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