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Chicken thigh and drumstick slow cooker recipes

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken Legs is a quick and easy meal from crockpot. The result is the fall of bone-in chicken with a delicious layer of garlic sauce and sticky sweet honey.

While I love the ease and convenience of a great year-round slow cooker recipe, it’s at this time of year that my slow cooker really gets worked out. With every meal ready when I walk through the door after a long day, I remember why the slow cooker is the most commonly used little appliance in my home.

Our calendars are getting more and more full of tasks and the days are getting colder, so the convenience of a slow-cooked meal is more than welcome. It’s good that most of my easy recipes are made in the clay pot. Let’s call this month Crocktober!

Some of my favorite recipes are clay pot recipes, and specifically a slow

cooker chicken


A couple of examples are our Slow Cooker butter chicken and Slow Cooker Mississippi Chicken and Potatoes.

I have many of these in our recipe box, because it’s an easy meal that the whole family enjoys. Yes, even that picky eater.

While I choose boneless chicken without skin so often, I love this recipe for being the best slow cooker drumstick recipe. They’re so good, that every time I pass through this area of the grocery store, I think of these clay pot chicken legs, and I start craving that delicious garlic and honey sauce.

Chicken recipe with


and garlic

However, this particular recipe of chicken with garlic and slow cook honey really stands out for its excellent taste. This delicious meal quickly became a favorite of the whole family.

You’ll probably already have most of the simple ingredients for this great recipe in your pantry, possibly with only a few to get from the grocery store. This makes this recipe a simple and inexpensive meal to make. With just 15 minutes of preparation time, it’s a recipe you can include in your morning routine before heading out for the day.

My advice is to prepare the slow cooker in the morning while the kids have breakfast and pack their lunches. In a matter of minutes your dinner is ready and begins to cook.

So, there’s really nothing like coming home with the most intoxicating smell that is honey and garlic sauce and a meal ready and waiting for you to eat it. I think I love this recipe of chicken with honey and garlic from clay pot, for the delicious sauce.

Best of all, this clay pot chicken thighs recipe produces enough of that sticky sweet sauce you’ll want to spoon on everything! There will even be plenty of extra sauce when you enjoy the leftover chicken the next day.

How to make chicken with honey and garlic

For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  • dark meat chicken; Chicken Thighs/Legs
  • salt and pepper water

  • honey
  • soy

  • sauce
  • ketchup
  • garlic

  • cloves (garlic powder if preferred)
  • green

  • onions
  • cornstarch
  • optional: sesame seeds and green
  • onion To make: Add some water to a clay pot and then place the chicken, adding

  • salt and pepper

if you wish. Add the sauce ingredients in a small bowl and whisk until combined. Pour over the chicken and cook.

After cooking, if you want to thicken the sauce, add the cornstarch suspension, whisk, and then cook for an additional 30 minutes with the lid off.

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada campaign managed by SJ Consulting. I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are mine.

While it’s optional to use chicken feet/thighs or thighs for this garlic chicken recipe and cooker honey, there’s one particular type to look for when you’re at the grocery store.

Always look for that Raised By a Chicken Farmer logo, and know that you’re choosing a healthy option that’s grain-fed and free of added hormones and steroids. If you can’t find chicken with this logo, be sure to ask your grocer.

What does this logo tell you? That arises right here in Canada in accordance with the high standards of food safety and animal care established at the national level.

It’s her way of knowing that you’re supporting local farmers and feeding her family quality she can trust. Taking it one step further, Chicken Farmers of Canada is constantly working to help those most in need. Every year they make regular donations of food and money to local food banks as well. Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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