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How to make rice with clay pot chicken easily in the rice cooker!

Clay pot chicken rice is a rice

dish cooked with chicken drizzled with a salty, slightly sweet sauce. I tried this in a rice cooker and loved the results! The best thing about this is that I can cook all the food in the rice cooker, reducing the pots and pans I use.

Marinate chicken for

rice with clay pot chicken I consider marinating chicken

an essential step to get better flavors! Let it marinate for 30 minutes minimum, although I like to marinate it overnight.

Fatty parts like chicken thighs are best, as the fat will melt and infuse the rice with even more flavor. However, I often use chicken breasts to keep it thin, and it still tastes great.

How to make rice with chicken in a rice cooker

I love this recipe for being a one-stop shop! You cook everything in a pot, including vegetables to make it a complete healthy dish.

I used 1 cup of rice

here, with 1 cup of liquid, but this may differ depending on the brands of rice cookers. Most rice cookers will have an indicator line, so fill it with liquid up to the line.

If your rice cooker has no indicator lines, then a 1:1 ratio is the option. All right, I lie. The go-to is the first knuckle line indicator! If you are Asian you know it very well. Level the rice and add liquid. Allow the liquid to reach the first knuckle of your index finger and somehow that’s the magic amount to perfect the rice every time! Don’t ask me about science; If it works, it works!

I added the vegetables on top of the steamed rice halfway. You can add this right at the beginning, but I don’t like vegetables that are too soft and too soaked. Adding it halfway, or closer to the end point would be best. My rice cooker has a timer for this, but if yours doesn’t, then add the veggies about 10-15 minutes. 1 cup of rice is usually cooked in about 20 minutes.

Other Ingredients

for Dark Rice Soy Sauce with Clay Pot Chicken

: The main sauce used for clay pot chicken rice is dark soy sauce! Not only does this add a salty, sweet seasoning, but it adds that dark, attractive color. I prefer to use Kicap Manis or Indonesian dark sweet soy sauce for a thicker, darker color!

Dried Shiitake mushrooms: Dried mushrooms are a quintessential Chinese ingredient and add that umami to chicken rice. They are best prepared by soaking them overnight, but I’m rarely that organized! Instead, you would simply choose the smaller mushrooms and pour boiling water. This gives me rehydrated mushrooms in 30 minutes. You can also use the mushroom soaking liquid as part of the water for the rice, add flavor!


Cheong: Lap cheong or Chinese sausages are dried and smoked sausages that are sweet and salty. These are usually made from pork, but I found a version of Halal chicken. Alternatively, you can also use chicken char siu! These are sweet and salty too. See my easy recipe for

salted dried fish

(optional): Another ingredient is salted dried fish, but I rarely add this as I don’t have it too often. Also, salted fish works best when cooked in a real clay pot over the stove. Let the fish be fried in oil to completely release the flavors.

How to get a bottom of crispy rice in a rice cooker?

Usually made in a clay pot over a fire, the bottom of the rice will become crispy and almost burn – this is my favorite part of clay pot chicken rice. As this is done in a rice cooker, there won’t be any crispy bottom BUT if you want to try it, let your rice cooker go through another round of cooking. Unfortunately, my rice cooker is too advanced and can sense when the rice is cooking, so I can’t achieve this.

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