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Cooked frozen spinach recipes

Give spinach a try! These frozen spinach recipes will change the way your kids view misunderstood green.

We all know that spinach is nutritious. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, you’ll definitely want to incorporate it into your family’s diet.

Creamy spinach soup with potato pancakesRaw spinach


wonderful in salads, but frozen spinach is much more versatile when it comes to these easy recipes


It’s something you can keep in your freezer to add as an ingredient when you see fit.

From cakes and pastries to pizza and pasta, these delicious recipes are a wonderful way to incorporate spinach into your meals.

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“Dip of spinach and artichokes” />1. Dip of spinach and artichokes This classic sauce contains

spinach leaves and

artichoke hearts. Two vegetables in one means you’ll get twice the nutrition!

Made from mayonnaise, sour cream and cheese, this sauce is ridiculously rich, creamy and cheesy. It’s such a clever way to disguise vegetables.

It’s so good that even kids won’t care about greens. Trust me, even without chips or cookies, they will inhale this sauce.

2. Spinach

Enchiladas Enchiladas are usually filled with meats, cheese, and beans. However, this is not this recipe.

The filling is a mixture of spinach, mushrooms and onions. The combination works so well that you won’t even miss the meat.

Dipped in enchilada sauce and melted cheese, these taquitos are a delight!

They’re also vegetarian, in case you haven’t noticed, which means it’s a dish that non-meat eaters can enjoy.

3. White spinach pizza White



is a weakness of mine. I don’t know what the combination of spinach and goat cheese has, but man, it’s impossible to resist.

I’m not ashamed to say that I can eat six slices of this in one seat. I know, it’s a problem.

But hey, there’s spinach in it, so I don’t feel too guilty about that


4. Alfredo Pasta Spinach

If you’re looking for a vegetarian casserole to take to a meal, I’ve got you covered. This Alfredo pasta is exceptional, to say the least.

Here’s how it goes. For the sauce, there is a combination of Alfredo sauce (which is already a self-made deal), thick whipped cream, garlic paste, herbs and spices.

Then, of course, there’s pasta. This recipe uses penne, and for good reason.

The sauce

not only covers the penne, but also penetrates into the holes, so you will get sauce everywhere


Frozen spinach and cheese are poured into the mixture, adding even more texture and flavor to the


It is baked in the oven until the pasta is cooked and the cheese melts, resulting in a great pasta baking


5. Spinach lasagna

Here is another pasta dish that will be a guaranteed hit with kids and adults.

Spinach lasagna

is a vegetarian alternative to classic fleshy lasagna. It is so delicious that even meat lovers will ask for more.

Layers of whole wheat lasagna, a mixture of cheeses and frozen spinach are baked in golden green perfection.

It may not look and taste like traditional lasagna, but it is just as filling and delicious.

6. Spinach and cheese strata

Treat the whole family with these layers of spinach and cheese! It’s filling, tasty, and, thanks to spinach, nutritious. It’s a perfect way to start the day.

This stratum has layers of bread soaked in custard, spinach and three types of cheese.

It’s delicious, and your cuisine will smell amazing as it is baked in the oven.

Don’t feel like you need to get up early to make this casserole!

Simply assemble all the layers the night before and simply place the casserole in the oven the next morning.

7. Spinach Tortellini Soup

This soup includes stuffed tortellini and spinach leaves in a rich tomato-based broth. It sounds fancy, but it’s actually very easy to make.

Complete with starch, protein, fat, and vegetables, this soup is a complete meal on its own.

But you can make it even more filling by serving it with crusty bread. It is the perfect accompaniment because you can use it to absorb the soup.

8. Spinach pinwheels

Just by looking at these spinach pinwheels

, you can tell that they are fantastic. How creamy is that



, and how golden and swollen are those cakes? Together, they are the perfect combination.

It’s a great appetizer, but feel free to grab it for breakfast or your midday snack, either. I love my morning coffee.

9. Creamed spinach

In this recipe, you will show

spinach in all its glory.

Creamy spinach is a delicious excellent side dish with any main dish, whether it’s pork chops, steaks, grilled chicken, or even fish


Sauté the leaves with heavy cream, cream cheese, parmesan, season with salt and spices, and that’s it!

It’s a quick and easy accompaniment to your lunch or dinner


10. Spinach

cake This spinach cake

is a variation of the Greek spanakopita, a cake made of phyllo crust, spinach, and feta cheese


Instead of edge, use puff pastry. It’s crunchy and flaky, but since it’s ready, no effort is required.

The cake filling contains spinach leaves and cottage cheese, so trust that it’s tasty, creamy, and just amazing.

Together, the two elements create a delicious and hearty breakfast dish!

11. The spinach quiche The

flaky, buttery rind is stuffed with a creamy, cheesy filling of mushroom spinach


You can’t go wrong with that. Filling, tasty and nutritious, this spinach quiche is the breakfast of champions!

Another great thing about this recipe is that it is forgiving.

You can observe the seasonings, add any mixture you can think of, and it will still taste amazing.

12. Stuffed


First of all, how adorable are these stuffed mushrooms? Serve them at a party, and they will be the first to disappear.

Cremini mushrooms are filled with a mixture of spinach, cream cheese, parmesan, mozzarella and garlic.

However, it does not end there. They are topped with breadcrumbs for a crispy finish.

The different flavors and textures will blow your taste buds


13. Sautéed spinach

I know this dish sounds boring, but listen to me. This is not your typical sautéed spinach.

Cooked with garlic and white wine, these spinach leaves are full of flavor!

If your lunch or dinner looks sketchy, this quick and easy spinach is what you’ll need. Just 10 minutes, and you’re done.

14. Puff pastry

This spinach puff pastry is another variation of the Greek spanakopita


It tastes the same, with a crunchy, flaky cake filled with creamy spinach filling. But the effort involved is minimal.

All you’ll have to do is cut, mix and assemble! The rest depends on the oven.

15. Spinach and artichoke


Turn spinach and artichoke sauce into a hearty dish with a pizza crust. This masterpiece is as beautiful as it is delicious.

The rich and creamy mixture of spinach and artichokes, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes cover a tender and crunchy crust. This pizza is totally vegetarian, and everything is fine.

It’s so delicious that you won’t even notice there’s no meat!


Baked vegetarian

ziti Baked ziti is always a treat, but it’s loaded with carbs and fats, so it’s unhealthy


Here’s a simple way to add nutrition to the sinful dish. Instead of ground beef, add some vegetables!

Loaded with spinach, zucchini, and red peppers, this baked vegetarian ziti is as good as the meaty version


17. Frozen spinach


Watching cooking contests gave me the impression that risotto is hard to make. I was wrong! Risotto is pretty easy.

Aside from rice (either arborio or carnaroli), risotto requires basic ingredients.

In this recipe, you will only need onion, spinach, mushrooms and cheese.

It’s simple, but the ingredients create a delicious combination.


Spinach quesadillas

Spinach and cheese star in these rich and creamy quesadillas! They are healthy, plentiful and, most importantly, delicious.

This recipe calls for roasting quesadillas, which gives them a pleasant charcoal and smoky flavor.

Topped with sauce and a spoonful of sour cream, these quesadillas will be a certified hit.

19. Spinach Feta Pies

These bite-sized cakes seem complicated, but you’ll be surprised how easy they are to make


For cake shells, you’ll use layers of phyllo dough. Its flaking and butteriness are unparalleled.

The filling is a mixture of spinach and feta cheese held together by eggs.

The cakes are covered with Parmesan cheese and baked to crispy perfection.

20. Saag

Aloo (Indian

spinach and potatoes) Saag

aloo is a classic Indian dish of spinach, onions and diced potatoes


Seasoned with aromatic spices, this dish tastes and smells amazing


Serve this side dish with roast beef, lamb or chicken for a full meal


21. Spinach Gnocchi

I’m a fan of gnocchi. These little dumplings are not like any pasta!

Made with mashed potatoes and flour, they have a unique firm and chewy texture. I can’t get enough.

When I saw this spinach gnocchi recipe, I wasn’t sure. It doesn’t require potatoes, which I thought was crazy!

Instead, he combined spinach, ricotta, parmesan, flour and egg


The ingredients created such a lovely texture and taste. Thank God I gave it a chance.

22. Spinach puree Potatoes

Mashed potatoes is practically a done deal. But spinach does a thousand times better.

The combination of mashed potatoes, spinach and sour cream is a sure win.

Topped with cheese and baked until bubbling, this casserole will be your new favorite homemade meal.

23. Spinach Stuffed Bread

Soft, fluffy bread is stuffed with spinach and cheddar cheese. Delicious is an understatement.

If you don’t want to make bread from scratch, don’t worry, you won’t have to.

This recipe calls for frozen bread dough, so making it is very easy.

24. Spanakopita I have presented variations of spanakopita

several times in this summary, so it stands to reason that I should now focus on the original recipe. Spanakopita

is a

Greek cake with layers of flaky edged puff pastry at the bottom and top and a rich, creamy spinach filling

. If you are looking for the best recipe for spanakopita, the search is over.

This is all you will need.

25. Palak Paneer

Let’s finish with the delicious palak paneer. This classic Indian dish consists of cubes of Indian cottage cheese swimming in a rich spinach puree.

Made creamier with yogurt and seasoned with aromatics, this amazing vegetarian dish can replace any meat main course any day.

Frozen spinach recipes
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