Low-Calorie Hummus – Best Hummus Recipe Ever

Cooking light hummus recipe

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Low calorie hummus with garlic and tahini! Despite being low in fat, it’s the best hummus recipe I’ve ever tried.

This low-calorie or light hummus is the best hummus recipe


I’m usually careful with things like best everate, ultimate, etc., but in this case, I can’t help it. There was never a better hummus for me, and believe me, I made and ate lots and lots of them, endless variations of it, with chickpeas or beans or lentils, with red peppers or turmeric, with sesame paste or peanut butter, I even put feta cheese or cream on it


Not to mention the constant change of spices: cumin, coriander, paprika, even garam masala, or other curry powder.

I really love them all, but this low-calorie hummus can’t be beat, in my opinion. It could be the garlic in it or the nigella seeds that add a little bit more, its creaminess…. I don’t know, probably the combination of all of them.

And don’t forget that it’s a low-fat or low-calorie hummus, made with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of tahini, and has only about 60 calories per serving. Not many hummus recipes can keep up with that; Most of them contain loads of oil and tahini. Still extremely delicious but not so light on the hips.

I always make a large batch of low-calorie hummus as it stays in the fridge for about a week. We have it on bread and with bread chips, as a sauce for vegetable sticks, as a side dish for köfte (Turkish dumplings) and turkey skewers. It’s amazing every time!

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How to cook chickpeas?

  • You can make low-fat hummus with dried chickpeas, which you can cook yourself, or with canned chickpeas
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  • Cooking chickpeas isn’t a big deal; it just requires a little organization and time.
  • Remember to soak

  • chickpeas the day before; they should soak for at least 12, preferably more, and up to 24 hours
  • .

  • Drain and rinse, place in a pot and cover them with plenty of water. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Cook until they are very, very, very soft; cooking time always depends on the size and age of the chickpeas.
  • In the packages I buy it is usually written that 30 to 45 minutes would be enough: that’s a lie! 🙂 My chickpeas always need at least an hour and a half, if not more.
  • I

  • always cook a large batch of chickpeas, usually a whole package of 500 g. I use what I need immediately and freeze the rest; They are perfectly maintained for a long time.
  • To make this hummus light, you’ll also need some water to cook, so don’t throw it all away immediately.
  • To have 250g/8.8oz of cooked chickpeas,

  • you’ll need to cook about 125g/4.4oz of dried chickpeas, but I recommend cooking more and freezing the rest.

Tips for making low-fat hummus?

  • Use good quality tahini paste. It is not very cheap, but a jar goes a long way, and stays a very long time in the fridge. (Amazon affiliate link).
  • Fresh garlic

  • is a must, I used two very large cloves, and they weren’t too much, in my opinion, but I love garlic. Don’t even consider using garlic powder or something, or you’ll ruin the hummus. Start with a clove of garlic and add more according to your taste.
  • If you mix the extension with a hand mixer, grate the garlic cloves before adding them to the chickpeas to make sure you won’t have larger chunks in your mouth later on.
  • Use the spices generously; there’s nothing worse than a smooth sauce, and don’t forget the nigella seeds on top; they really add a little bit of something extra. (Amazon affiliate link).
  • I

  • make the low-calorie hummus in the Thermomix, and I recommend using a good, powerful kitchen machine for a really nice creamy consistency.
  • Don’t forget to scrape the walls of your kitchen machine several times between them and continue processing the chickpeas, adding a little cooking water from time to time, until you reach the perfect consistency.

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