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Every good cooking habit has to start somewhere. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to eat healthier, cook more, or try new recipes, you can sign up for culinary classes you may or may not go to, buy some recipe books in hopes that one day you’ll open them, or you can follow some chefs’ Instagram accounts.

Instagram’s success in creating good cooking habits lies in the fact that progress happens in the most subversive ways. You might be in bed one morning, scrolling past your coworkers’ OOTDs and Kourtney Kardashian’s latest baby photo when you stumble upon a delicious-looking (and deceptively easy) chicken noodle soup with sweet potato and cilantro. And so, dinner is planned.

The key is knowing which accounts to follow for recipes that not only look good, but also test the part. If you follow enough of them, you’ll never run out of great recipe ideas to test your culinary horizons. Ready to take your cooking skills to a whole new level in 2019? Here are some Instagram chefs who are simply too good to pass up.


For serious food envy and great recipes, look no further than Alison Roman’s Instagram account. When you’re not eating in New York City, you’re contributing to The New York Times or Bon Appétit magazine. Her first cookbook, Dining In, is a treasure trove of achievable and delicious recipes.


Not only is this chef and globetrotter good at posting photos of incredibly delicious fresh California food, but she’s also pretty good at explaining in detail how to make each recipe with her hands-on tutorials. If you want to learn how to make anything from a big cheese board to Alfredo cauliflower paste, What’s Gaby Cookin is your girl.


What happens when you bring together a food stylist and a food photographer? Spoon Fork Bacon, and we’re all better at it. Learn how to make anything from creamy vegan pumpkin oven to wild mushrooms, turkey sausages, and kale risotto – each post links to a recipe on your blog so you always have a detailed tutorial.


The Food Minimalist was founded on the principle of sharing easy, minimal recipes that require few ingredients and little time. In fact, recipes are so simple that they’re often shared directly in the caption, meaning you never have to leave Instagram from start to finish. Follow this one for inspiration for dinner of the week.


At just 22 years old, Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest has already won awards and written a cookbook. Her Instagram account is full of stylized dishes and instructional videos. Most dishes link to a recipe on their blog. If you want to learn how to make anything from Indian coconut butter cauliflower to simple cacio e pepe, she is one of the ones you should follow.


Diane Morrisey is a mother of six, recipe developer, food stylist and food provider, not to mention has an impressive Instagram following. Their account is full of easy, kid-friendly recipes that will help you hone your cooking skills, from healthy bowls of Asian salmon to chai pear buns.


Gather and Feast is an Instagram account of Ashley Alexander, founded on the principle that food should be beautiful and simple. The recipes are perfect for entertaining: tomato toast, chocolate truffles, cakes and more. Alexander also has a free recipe ebook available on his Instagram in case you need extra inspiration for dinner.


Dennis The Prescott is a cook, photographer and writer. Her cookbook, Eat Delicious, features comfort food from around the world. On his Instagram, Prescott shares delicious dishes like pappardelle with creamy lemon and garlic chanterelles and smoked salmon pizza with poached eggs, avocado and whipped goat cheese, all linked to recipes on his blog.


As editorial and test kitchen director, Jake Cohen knows a thing or two about food. Her recipes appear regularly in Food52, HuffPost, Food and Wine, Saveur and Purewow publications. On his Instagram, Cohen shares his latest recipes: perfectly turned pasta bowls, delicious baked goods, and perfectly assembled cheese boards.


Food stylist and recipe developer Ashley Marti has a knack for sharing beautifully stylized, pictured dishes that also look healthy and filling: soup chickpea soup with miso, roasted sweet potatoes, kale and egg; sesame noodles with crispy tofu; ramen noodles with miso pesto. All of her recipes are also shared on her blog, Local Haven.

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