Helpful Tips: Baking with the Keto Sweetener Erythritol

Cooking with erythritol recipes

Where are you located?

Our farm is located in Glenville, Nova Scotia. It is a small hamlet between Mabou and Inverness on Cape Breton Island.

My Jam looks separate, what do I do?

Our sugar-free jams are natural products. Because we have no sugar and use all-natural products, occasionally the “fruit float” can happen to fruits like strawberry or rhubarb during the canning process, leaving the pulp on top and gelatin at the bottom. If this happened with your jam, don’t worry, it’s just as delicious as all our other jams. When this happens, we encourage our customers to dig deeper and blend it up!!!

What does it mean you’re exhausted for the season?

We are a farm-to-fork business, where we strongly believe in growing a large proportion of what we do. Sometimes if there are other local growers who have supplies beyond ours, we can recharge our inventory of fruits or berries (this is especially true with blueberries, as our bushes are young and our neighbor has acres of stunning wild blueberries!). However, for the most part, we cultivate what we do and when we run out, that’s all until next year. Every year our capacity grows, so we hope to run out a little later each year.

I just bought you from a marketplace, will those items be on your website?

For the most part, yes, but not yet, or soon. If you’re reading this and we’re still in a growing season, I’m usually so busy growing, making, and selling at local farmers markets that I don’t get a chance to update my website. However, once farmers markets at the end of Thanksgiving weekend (that’s the second weekend of October here in Canada), I usually set aside time to update the website with all current products. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I post when that happens.

Why don’t you use the same sweetener in all your products?

Sometimes I feel that when producing sugar-free products, you have to be part magician, chemist and explorer. There are so many sugar-free sweeteners out there and none of them behave exactly like sugar. Each of them has its positive and negative qualities depending on the application. For example, I use a lot of allulose, not ever in meringue, because it loves water too much, so I could back that meringue for hours and it would still be sticky.

Are there sweeteners you don’t use in your products?

Yes, there are some. I don’t use artificial sweeteners at all. Then, I’m not a fan of stevia because of the subsequent flavor, so I don’t use that either. Also, I do not use xylitol as it is toxic to dogs. I love dogs and have an adorable retired racing greyhound who is adept at catching what falls to the ground before anyone can get there first, it’s that fast. As such, if I didn’t have any xylitol food in my house, in case it could fall to the ground and could be consumed by my houndie super fast, I won’t put my products just in case for your puppies as well. Finally, I don’t use products like maltitol or mannitol, as they are known to upset the stomach. Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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