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Crockpot breakfast recipes slow cooker

Video Crockpot breakfast recipes slow cooker

With these Crockpot breakfast recipes, mornings have never been easier!

Morning routines are busy enough, so don’t make your schedule even more hectic by making an elaborate breakfast meal.

Breakfast casserole: egg, potatoes and sausages

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fill your belly with something hearty and tasty! Breakfast is too important (and delicious) to be skipped.

Here’s an idea. Instead of waking up earlier to make breakfast, just cook it the night before. Don’t worry, the Crockpot is here to help.

With the slow cooker, these breakfast dishes require minimal effort. Simply throw the ingredients into the pot and let it take care of the rest.

You will have a peaceful sleep knowing that a delicious breakfast is waiting for you when you wake up


Whether it’s a simple hot chocolate or decadent French toast, these delicious dishes will brighten your day


1. Crockpot Breakfast Casserole

If you want a safe way to energize in the morning, you can’t go wrong with this breakfast casserole. To say this is loaded is an understatement.

Eggs, chips, bacon and cheese are the stars of this dish. It’s rich, creamy, cheesy and smoky, all in one bite. It’s the real breakfast of champions.

2. Oats cut into steel

This recipe is oatmeal for sloths. However, it is not just any kind of oatmeal!

Steel-cut oats are less processed, which makes oats more nutty, chewier, and generally more delicious. It is more nutritious, to boot.

Normally, cooking oatmeal cut into steel requires childcare. But with the Crockpot, you can free yourself from all that nonsense!

Just put the ingredients in the pot, get some sleep, and wake up to the heavenly aroma of freshly cooked oatmeal


3. Crockpot Hash Brown Casserole

Potatoes have a special place in my heart. I love how you can eat them regardless of the time of day.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s at least one potato-based dish out there to make me happy


For breakfast, I love the hash brown casserole. In addition to shredded children, this spud-tastic dish is also full of beaten eggs, ham and cheese. It’s breakfast to win!

4. Breakfast Crockpot Quinoa Quinoa

is a superfood that will make your heart and belly full and happy

. While

quinoa is typically used to make savory dishes, this recipe changes things to make a sweet


Say hello to quinoa made sweet with honey and creamy with coconut milk.

Topped with your favorite fruits and berries, it’s a healthy, hearty breakfast that’s sure to pump you in the morning.

5. Crockpot Breakfast Potatoes

Here’s another dish for my fellow tater lovers. This breakfast features the humble potato in all its fluffy splendor.

Seasoned with peppers and onions, these potatoes are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and surprising in every bite.

Thanks to the Crockpot, you can cook this dish perfectly every time without supervision.

6. Crockpot French Toast Casserole

Celebrate the success of your week by enjoying a French toast casserole!

This sinful breakfast is the perfect start to the perfect weekend. So what if it’s 100,000 calories? You know you deserve a little pampering.

Unlike the usual French toast, this easy casserole version is ten times easier to make. In addition, it can feed a crowd!

So as tempting as it is to have it all to yourself, you’ll also have the option to share


7. Crockpot Carrot Cake Oatmeal

If you crave a slice of carrot cake but are trying to limit your sugar intake, this recipe is exactly what you’ll need


This is not your regular boring oatmeal. This is made creamier with almond and coconut milk.

Carrots and raisins make it taste like a carrot cake, too. It certainly smells like one!

8. Moka slow cooker

Love the combination of coffee and chocolate? Well, you have to try this slow cooker mocha.

This morning drink is sweet, decadent and chocolatey. More importantly, it will give you the early morning boost you so desperately need!

There’s also no need to go to Starbucks to enjoy a hot cup of mocha. With a few ingredients and the slow cooker, you’re good to go.

9. Slow Cookt Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Here’s another delicious version of classic oatmeal. If you can’t get enough of the autumn flavors, this recipe is a must-see.

Oatmeal cut into steel + pumpkin puree + pumpkin spice + cinnamon + vanilla = pure joy.

The combination of abundant oats and warm spices is really sublime. Talk about comfort in a bowl!

10. Giant Pancake

Why make a dozen pancakes when you can make one instead? Reduce cooking time by half by making this giant pancake


No more flipping and standing by the stove for hours! With this recipe, you’ll get the goodness of tender and fluffy flapjacks minus the work.

Dress it up with your favorite ingredients, cut it like a cake and enjoy!

11. Slow Cooker Apple Crisp Apple

crisp is a delicious and cozy autumn dessert. Autumn spices are present in both apple filling and crumbling covering.

A spoonful of this treat is like a warm hug from

your mother. With

this recipe, you don’t need to be as good a baker as your mother to achieve a delicious

crispy apple.

With the help of the Crockpot, you can easily prepare this tasty dessert with a crispy and buttery topping!

12. Slow-cooking applesauce

Speaking of autumn, here’s another recipe that will remind you of the beauty of the season


Whether you use it as a dessert dressing, spread, or sauce, this applesauce won’t disappoint


With this easy and affordable recipe, you can say goodbye to shopping in the store


13. Chai Tea Latte slow cooker

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make your own chai tea latte at home?

That way, you could grab this cozy and comforting drink whenever you want! Thanks to this recipe, this dream is already a reality.

The formula is simple: tea leaves, milk, autumn spices and honey. Let the flavors marry in the Crockpot and you’re done!

14. Peach Crisp slow cooker

I can’t say no to dessert for breakfast. Especially when it comes to peaches!

In addition to apples, you can also make the classic crunchy with peaches. It is crispy and crumbly at the top, soft and tender in the center, and delicious at all times.

The combination of flavor and texture hits the spot!

I know it’s not ideal to eat ice cream for breakfast, but with this dish, you should make an exception


15. Crockpot Banana Bread

There’s nothing like a sweet and tender slice of banana bread to start the day. And yes, you can also make one in the slow cooker!

There’s nothing this handy equipment can’t do


This banana bread is as wonderfully sweet, moist and full of flavor as one that is baked in the oven


Muffins with chocolate chips

16. Slow Cooker chocolate chip muffins These

little bites are huge in taste! Chewy, chocolate and addictive: these are the perfect words to describe these mini muffins with chocolate chips.

The best part is that they don’t require supervision at all. Simply place the ingredients in the Crockpot and forget about it for a couple of hours.

By the time you’re done with your morning ritual, the muffins will be ready and waiting


17. Crockpot Granola

Why buy granola when you can make it yourself? This recipe produces perfectly crunchy and tasty granola with minimal effort.

Combining the goodness of oatmeal,

coconut, nuts, oatmeal, seeds, and honey, this granola has a wonderful balance of flavors and textures


The best part is that you can choose the granola

ingredients you choose.

If you do it yourself, you won’t have to pull out ingredients you don’t like in a store-bought granola


18. Crockpot Cinnamon Roll Casserole

There’s nothing like waking up the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Starting the day with these sticky, sticky buns is best!

However, between your work and the kids, who has time to bake bread?

With this recipe, you can enjoy the goodness of a classic cinnamon roll, but in the form of a casserole.

Cooking a cinnamon roll in a slow cooker is not only a thousand times easier.

It also creaks the edges, adding wonderful contrast to the soft, sticky center.

19. Crockpot French Blueberry Toast Blueberry French toast

is another indulgent breakfast that will have your self-control thrown out the window


I don’t need to tell you how delicious this French toast is. We all know he’s a winner. But did you know that you can do it with much less effort?

Instead of frying every piece of bread in the pan, just let the Crockpot do its thing

. Trust that it

will produce the same level of goodness as any French toast you’ve ever tasted


20. Slow cooker rice pudding

This rich and creamy rice-based dish is a popular breakfast in the Nordic countries, and in my home too


It’s my favorite dish when I crave something sweet in the morning, but I also want to have energy for the next day


You can enjoy rice pudding as is, but you can also try it with brown sugar and cinnamon


21. Crockpot Hot Cereal

This multigrain cereal is super healthy, super filling and super delicious. It’s a nutritious breakfast that will pump you all out for the day!

Loaded with brown rice, quinoa, wheat berries, oatmeal and apples, this breakfast is paradise for the health conscious.

It sounds bland, but you can easily give it more flavor by adding dried fruits, cinnamon, honey or jam.

22. Crockpot Hot Chocolate Just

thinking about a cup of hot chocolate gives me a lot of joy. Others call it hot chocolate, but for me, it will always be happiness in a cup.

It’s perfect for cold winter mornings, but it’s so good that I wouldn’t mind drinking it even on a hot day!

This Crockpot recipe makes hot chocolate richer and more decadent! No packet of hot chocolate can match its delight.

23. Mexican Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole

Start Your Taco Tuesday early! This casserole has all your favorite Tex-Mex ingredients in one amazing dish.

I’m talking sausages, chips and lots of cheese held together by creamy eggs.

Imagine devouring all that delight at 7 in the morning! Who says the holidays only take place during lunch and dinner?

24. Slow cook omelette

Tortillas sound like such a boring dish, but it’s actually the opposite


If you fill them with contrasting flavors and textures, the tortilla can be an amazing start to your day


This recipe transforms the simple scrambled egg by adding milk, cheese, broccoli, peppers and onions.

Flavored with various herbs and seasonings, you’ve never eaten such a good omelette before.


. Crockpot sticky buns

I usually hate eating sticky things with my hands, but sticky buns are an exception. I’ll never say no to this finger-licking, lip-pricking treat!

With a simple blend of spiced brown sugar, cinnamon, and pecans, you can transform basic cookie rolls into an impressive breakfast/dessert


26. Slow

cooker Fried

apples Fried apples in the slow cooker? I’m listening.

If you’re obsessed with autumn flavors, you’ll fall in love with this recipe. Produce the most delicious fried apples you can enjoy at any time of the year!

Brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, lemon juice, and slow cooker make apples irresistible.

It’s a fantastic dressing for pancakes, waffles, and even meat dishes! I like it better just with a spoon.

27. Slow Cook Bread

I know that making bread from scratch is a tedious and time-consuming process. But if you’re doing it with a slow cooker, it won’t be that complicated.

Plus, this recipe will hold your hand every step of the way


The result? Ridiculously soft and moist bread with a crispy crust!

28. Slow cooker grettles

There’s nothing like a bowl of rich, creamy grits to warm your body on a rainy morning


But honestly, who wants to get up and cook on a lazy, bedridden morning?

Thanks to this recipe, you can wake up with delicious semolina and cooked over low heat. All you will need is to throw the ingredients into the pot the night before.

29. Slow cook berry compote

If you’re the type who likes toast and coffee for breakfast, this recipe is perfect for you


Add more excitement to your simple breakfast with a fruity berry compote. In addition to toast, it’s also a great dressing for ice cream, waffles, and cakes.


Slow cooker

strawberry jam If strawberry is your jam

, then you have to make your own strawberry jam


With this sweet and sour jam, pancakes and waffles have never tasted so good


It’s not difficult at all. The slow cooker will take care of everything for you.

Cookpot Breakfast Recipes
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