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Instant meat stew is the best comfort food from a pot that uses high-pressure cooking. The meat is softened with a hearty mix of potatoes, carrots, celery and onions for a delicious complete meal.

Try this stew recipe with the slow cooker or stove for alternative cooking methods.

Table of Contents

  1. Choosing the Right Type
  2. of Meat

  3. Sealing
  4. the Meat How to Make Meat Stew in the Instant

  5. Pot

  6. How Long to Pressure Cook
  7. Meat Stew

  8. Serve this with
  9. More Instant Pot Recipe Cooker Meat Stew This

  10. Instant

Pot Meat Stew Recipe It is the answer to any riddle at dinner time. Tender pieces of meat simmered with nutritious vegetables in a tasty and rich sauce should satisfy all cravings. It’s a simple but tasty dish that I grew up eating and always turn to for a comfort meal.

Using multi-cooker, skip the hours-long process of simmering the stew on the stove. The electrical pressure quickly raises the food to the right temperature, which prepares it to eat faster! The Instant Pot also has a stir fry function to create a fantastic sauce near the end of cooking that even grandma would be proud to serve.

Choosing the Right Type


Meat Avoid buying pre-cut packages of “beef stew” at the grocery store. It looks very convenient, but often turns into a lean cut that dries quickly. Also, you don’t know which primary cut it comes from. I recommend using larger subprimary cuts of the shoulder area called roast beef. Cut into 1 1/2-inch cubes, then season with soy sauce, salt and pepper to enhance the flavorful taste.

These cuts of meat contain more connective tissue and fat. They are also labeled as:


  • eye roll (first choice!)
  • Chuck

  • roll under the blade
  • Chuck tender

  • steak Chuck tender
  • roast


the meat

The advantage of using the Instant Pot is that you can brown the meat using the stir-fry function. I always burn the meat before pressure cooking to encourage the Maillard browning reaction on the surface for the generation of new flavors. Cook the pieces in hot olive oil for a few minutes until a golden crust forms, then remove them from the pot.

The golden pieces of meat and juices at the bottom of the pot are glazed with onions, garlic and balsamic vinegar. This ensures a tastier sauce and prevents ingredients from burning at the bottom of the insert.

After browning, these cuts of meat require slow cooking or stew with moist heat cooking. This converts collagen into gelatin for a tender and juicy product. This is where pressure cooking comes in.

How to make meat stew

in the instant pot

Once the meat is scorched and the pan is glazed, it’s time to cook the stew. I use a 6-quart Instant Pot to make a large batch. To withstand the high pressure, abundant root vegetables are added that maintain their structure, such as celery, carrots and potatoes. Yukon Gold all-purpose potatoes are my top choice for their buttery flavor and waxy texture.

Meat broth or broth is added to make the sauce and help the system pressurize. Since the electric pressure cooker requires at least 1 cup of liquid to operate, steam and moisture create the right conditions for cooking this meat stew recipe. The extra soy sauce and salt improve the umami flavor of the meat. Worcestershire sauce would be a good addition for a more acidic taste.

Cover and lock the lid of the instant pot. Then cook manually under pressure at high pressure for 20 minutes. The natural release for 15 minutes prevents the liquid from leaving the pot. To thicken the stew liquid, a suspension of cornstarch is simmered, which thickens in less than 2 minutes. Delicate peas are mixed just before serving to heat the legumes.


multiple types of ingredients are cooked, I found that 20 minutes at high pressure, followed by releasing the steam naturally for 15 minutes, works well. This method allows meat and vegetables to become more tender but not soft.

The Instant Pot is a unique multi-pot that uses pressure and heat to create superheated steam. This process cooks food in the closed container at high pressure between 239 to 248ºF (115 to 120ºC) and 10 to 12 psi (pounds per square inch). It’s amazing how you can reduce the traditional stove or oven method of making meat stew to just 35 minutes of pressure cooking.

Serve this with

  • homemade crusty bread without kneading
  • Garlic
  • bread

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Steamed rice

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