Braids For Men: A Guide To All Types Of Braided Hairstyles For 2022

Braids for men are the ultimate in low-maintenance, stylish looks. we are not talking about braided hairstyles but about professional braids. once the braids are placed, they last for weeks with proper care and maintenance. Types of braids for men can be anything from straight braids to long box braids worn in a man bun or even braided dreadlocks.

Many men opt for the braid and fade combination, with a low, medium or high fade or undercut around the sides and back with the hair concentrated on top. or get braids all over with a taper fade. An upturned shape is another popular addition to braids.

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While the braids can last up to 6 weeks, they will start to get fuzzy at the roots as the hair grows and loosens in the braids. dirt and oils can build up on the scalp, so regular washing and conditioning is still necessary. here’s how to make your braids last longer.

  1. moisturize every day, as you would with loose hair. On damp or dry hair, apply a leave-in conditioner, oil, or shea butter to the braids. be sure to apply the product of your choice to the scalp to prevent drying. a pointed applicator can make it easier to apply the solution directly between the braids.
  2. wash the scalp every 7-10 days. co-wash is designed to moisturize hair while removing build-up from the scalp. Wet hair, gently work through braids, and wring out.
  3. Protect hair while sleeping by using a silk cloth or using a silk pillowcase. this is a good tip for all natural hairstyles because the soft fabric won’t pull hair out and dry it out like a can of cotton.
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Please note that all braids should be removed after 6-8 weeks at the latest. too much stress on the roots can lead to traction alopecia, which is gradual hair loss caused by the pulling of tight hairstyles like braids and weaves.

now check out these different types of braids for men. While these men’s hairstyles are traditionally for black men, men with all hair types are embracing this cool style.

1. braids

Braids, also called canerows in the Caribbean, are a traditional African style of hair braiding. the hair is braided close to the scalp in a continuous, raised row. Braids are often formed into simple, straight lines, like their namesake, but can also be braided into elaborate designs, from zig-zags to starbursts.

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In any form, cornrows are a low-maintenance hairstyle for men, especially for medium to long hair. That’s one of the reasons more athletes are wearing braids, including NBA stars Allan Iverson, Russell Westbrook, and Kawhi Leonard.

Do braids work with a beard? take a look at these images to see how good it looks.

cornrow braid styles for men

cornrows braids for men with fade and line up
JM da Barber
braids for men with hair design
Zeke the Barber
braid and fade
Isaiah Hernandez
man bun braids
Frank Soto
corn row braids for long hair men
Queen of the South
cool cornrow braids for men
Black Queen
cornrow braid designs for men
Queen of the South
long cornrow braid styles for men
Yenny Trenza

2. Box Braids For Men

Square braids are individual braids placed in small square sections. box braids can be braided in any width or worn in any length. Some women and men, including Travis Scott, add synthetic or natural hair for added length and fullness.

Square braids can be worn loose or styled in buns or ponytails because braids don’t cling to the scalp like braids. asap rocky is also known for his box braids and different ways of pulling back his hair.

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box braids for men - Coolio braids

Jody Taylor
box braids for men
Nasty Barbers
braids for black boys
Mark Marrero
coolio braids
Pat Regan
cool braids for black guys
Pat Regan

3. Two Braids for Men

Another braid style popular with men is using a pair of braids. wear hair as a pair of braids or a long french braid in a viking style.

2 long braids for men

Jonathan Rosario
2 braid styles for men
Julius Cvesar
2 cornrow braids for men
Marcos “Reggae” Smith
2 braid styles for men
Wade Menendez

4. Zig Zag Braids

zigzag braids feature a zigzag instead of straight lines. the zigzag can be in the parting and/or braids. The zigzag can be repeated in encircling braids, go straight, or hang loose in box braids. A prominent type of zigzag braid is the elaborate herringbone pattern.

zig zag braid styles for men

zig zag braid styles for boys
JD Barber
zig zag cornrow braids for men
Black Queen
fishbone braids for men
zig zag braids for men
Cut Junkies
zig zag braids
Nataly Styles
fishtail braids for men
Nataly Styles

5. Man Bun Braids

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Braided hairstyles for men tend to be for long hair. If you don’t want all that length to hang loose, try one of these cool bun braids for men.

man bun braids styles

cross braid design for men with bun
Yenny Trenza
man bun braids
Xelly Afroarts
man bun braids with fade
Travis Hill
cornrow man bun braids
long braids for men man bun
Afro Hannah
Braided man bun
Barber Bebo

6. Braided Dreads Hairstyles for Men

This cool look combines two hairstyles in one. fine dreadlocks or micro dreadlocks can be braided to tie the hair back and add another layer of texture. braided dreadlocks hairstyles work for both shorter and longer hair.

dreadlock braids for men

dreadlock braids for men
Lundon New York
braided dreadlocks for men
Taylor Gang
braided microdreads for men
cool microdread braids for men
Art of Fades
braid styles for dreadlocks men
Shanna’s Hair Studio

7. Cool Braids for Men

These are some outstanding ways to wear braids for men.

firework braids

Firework braids by Adam Fresh Barber
twisted box braid styles for men
braid with hair design men
Axel Rivera
braided rat tail mullet

8. How To Get Braids For Men

hair braids for men may require long hair. For black men, tight curly hair has more length than it looks. braiding stretches the hair to make it longer than natural hair. for straight and wavy hair, twisted and twisted braids will be shorter than worn hair.

If your hair has been growing, great! braids are also an attractive style that protects the hair. If you want the look without the time, there are ways. hair extensions can create braids of any length and color. then all you need is enough hair to braid your hair and the braids. guys with shorter hair can use extensions for box braids and other loose styles. cornrows and feeder braids need longer hair.

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Even though it’s not your hair, braid extensions still need to be washed. Divide the hair into four sections, two in the front and two in the back. braid the smaller braids together. pour a weak shampoo/conditioner over tresses and scalp to moisten. gently squeeze and repeat until satisfied. then gently pat damp hair with a towel to remove moisture. finish with a spritz of conditioner around the scalp where the natural hair meets the extensions.

many of you are new to the world of extensions, but talk to your local braiding salon about what you want and they’ll hook you up.

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