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Easy pineapple chicken slow cooker recipe

Hawaiian chicken Crockpot has only 5 ingredients! Some call this slow-cooking pineapple chicken because it’s sweet with a little of a barbecue kick!

Slow Cook Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken

I first made this Hawaiian shredded pork Instant Pot. It was amazing and we all loved how sweet and sour this dish was. Now it was time to use this basic idea in a slow cooker recipe with chicken.

You just throw everything away in the morning and let it get tender while you’re away. When you’re ready, simply sponge some rice or crumble and serve inside tortillas as tacos. For a faster version, try the Ninja Foodi pineapple chicken, but as for the old way, this is a success.

Let’s talk a little bit about slow cooking, okay? First of all, I have a few different varieties and I love them all. Each has an occasion to be used as…

  1. This is my programmable 6-quart favorite with a locking lid, so it’s also great to take
  2. to a meal.

  3. If you just want to serve a few appetizers, you should get this one that sits next to each other
  4. .

  5. I prefer not to use coatings, but simply to sprinkle olive oil inside before adding my food for easy cleanings.

Let me give you a look at my pretty thang I recently bought. It goes with my kitchen, so I can leave it on the countertop all the time. 😉


Hawaiian slow-cooker chicken thighs

Once you find a great sauce, you have to use it in all the things I say, so using whole chicken breasts was next. If you are a super fan of thighs, then use them by all means. I would simply use boneless skin either way.

You can plan to make these chicken breasts in different ways. Serve them whole once made, or crush the meat once it has been tenderly melted and hit some tortillas inside for tacos!


Here are some questions you may have before you get started with this:

Hawaiian chicken with sweet pineapple icing

Crockpot chicken recipes are best. Putting it on low is the best way to do it. Rushing things is not the best idea for this method of cooking. The slow cooker is called remembering. 😉

As always, you can certainly make your own homemade barbecue sauce or use bottled as seen here.

Slow cooker Hawaiian


    1. Boneless, skinless

    chicken breasts

  1. Crushed pineapple
  2. Barbecue sauce
    1. if you like sweet heat this is our favorite
  3. Brown sugar
  4. Garlic powder
  5. Salt
  6. Soy sauce is optional, but I usually add it I could add
  7. large pieces of diced green onions to
  8. serve

Ok, so this is a bit like our Crockpot BBQ chicken recipe, except we left the breasts whole this time and added more than 3 ingredients. That’s also good if you want another recipe.

What does pineapple do to chicken?

Pineapple is a fruit that pairs well with beef, pork, chicken and some types of fish. While giving your meat a lot of flavor, pineapple juice also helps soften your meat.

  • Whether you use it in your Instant Pot or in a slow cooker, it does the same
  • .

  • The enzyme in pineapple digests the protein that softens tissues before cooking.

Steps to follow when making this slow cooker Hawaiian chicken recipe with BBQ sauce.

Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken

If you’re looking for a low-carb dish, you can serve it as is

or with a quinoa side. I usually serve it with

  1. a side of white rice or roasted vegetables from the air fryer
  2. .

  3. A side of crispy Brussels sprouts with bacon is also great
  4. .

  5. If I crumble it and serve it as soft tacos, I load avocado and sour cream on top. It is an easy recipe to prepare in the morning and serve for taco Tuesdays in our house.

Looking for easier chicken recipes?

  • We share a bunch of easy Instant Pot chicken recipes in this post
  • .

  • These Crockpot chicken sliders are also a fast food.

Our Hawaiian Instant Pot chicken has similar flavors, but a much faster cooking time. It is made by dicing into bite-sized pieces at first. Both are great, but this one comes out a little saltier than the first one.

Do you have chicken scraps? Use it in this easy chicken cake recipe!

You can print the recipe below. Enjoy your friends! Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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