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Easy recipe for cooking prime rib

Video Easy recipe for cooking prime rib

There’s nothing better (or easier) than this salt- and pepper-crusted rib roast recipe. Save this one for the holidays or anytime you want a celebratory dinner!

If you read the story of my son Gus’ birth, you might remember this premium rib roast. It was bought while I was in labor (although I still didn’t realize it), with big plans to do it and photograph it the next day. Instead, I had a baby.

Luckily, I made a phone call from the hospital, and my parents were able to save this precious cut of meat by putting it in our freezer. Weeks passed, and in the gloomy days of newborn care, I almost forgot about the roast. It wasn’t until I was rummaging for a quick freezer meal that I rediscovered the roast, neatly wrapped in butcher paper, safely hidden next to frozen peas.

Last week we were finally able to bake this premium rib roast, and let me tell you it was worth the wait. Juicy, tender and so tasty, this is a beautiful and delicious roast that has a special occasion written all around. Best of all, the recipe is so easy, even a new 6-week-3 year old mom can do it!

Today, I’m sharing all my top tips for buying, making, and eating the best premium rib roast. This barbecue is so impressive that you won’t even need a centerpiece on your Christmas table.

This publication is sponsored by Ohio Beef. As always, all opinions are my own.

How to buy

a premium rib roast:

First things first. You have to buy your rib first! I recommend calling some local grocery stores and local butchers. Many of them have premium rib roasts on hand, but some may require a few days’ notice to get the roast. Most grocery stores will refer to this particular cut as a “beef bone rib roast.”

Once you’ve decided where you’ll get your barbecue, consider how many people you’d like it to serve. In general, you can calculate 2 people per bone. My 3-bone roast weighed 5.5 pounds and fed six people enough sandwich leftovers the next day.

Finally, when ordering your roast, ask your butcher to remove the meat from the bones and then use a rope to retie them. This will give you all the great taste of bones, but will make carving the roast much easier.

What’s the best way to cook a premium rib roast?

My favorite way to cook a premium rib roast is a

bit untraditional, but I think it’s the best and easiest way to make a gorgeous premium rib roast medium rare every time


This method has several names, including the closed oven method, the peek-free method, or simply the foolproof method of premium rib roasting. This method is mostly hands-free, and works best for small to medium roasts (4-8 lbs). Whatever you call it, the process couldn’t be easier. With just a little planning, I promise that anyone can succeed with this method!

Here’s how to make Foolproof Prime Rib Roast with the closed oven method:

  1. The night before you plan to cook the roast, remove it from the container. Take note of how many pounds the roast weighs before throwing away the package. You’ll need it later! Place the roast on a plate and let it rest uncovered in the fridge overnight. This helps dry the outside so you can get a beautiful, crispy brown crust.
  2. Remove the roast from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for two hours. This will ensure that the roast is cooked evenly so that it does not end up with well-made ends and rare centers. Also season the roast when I take it out of the fridge, so that the seasonings have time to penetrate through the meat.
  3. About 30 minutes before you’re ready to bake, preheat the oven to 500 degrees. Take the note that lists the weight of your roast. Take the number of pounds and multiply it by 5. This is how long you will cook your roast. For example, if you have a 5-pound roast, you’ll multiply 5 by 5 and bake your roast for 25 minutes. Starting roasting at a super high temperature helps seal in moisture and create the killer bark rib it’s known for.
  4. Place your seasoned roast in a roasting pan, with the fatty side facing up. You can use a grill for roasting, but it is not absolutely necessary since the ribs act as your own grilling grid. Place the roast in the uncovered preheated oven. Bake for the amount of time the weight determines.
  5. Then comes the most important part: turn off the oven, set the timer for two hours, and TURN OVER. Seriously, that’s it. The hardest part is simply not opening the oven door for the full two hours. Tape it together if necessary, just don’t open that door!
  6. Allow your roast to continue cooking for the next two hours. After two hours, you can open the oven door to check the temperature of the meat. 120-125 in the center will be rare. 130-135 is medium rare, which is my preferred temperature for prime rib roasting. If it has reached 130 degrees, go ahead and take it out of the oven! If it is not yet at temperature, you can turn the oven back on at 375 and continue cooking until it reaches the desired temperature.

How to Season

Prime Rib Roast:

There are as

many ways to season premium rib roast as there are chocolate chip cookie recipes, but I find that with this premium cut of beef, simpler is better. I’ve done a roast of boneless garlic and rosemary ribs in the past, but for this standing rib roast I keep things even simpler. All that is required to bring out the flavors of this cut is a generous massage of coarse Kosher salt, black pepper and a hint of garlic powder. This simple rubbing allows the taste of the meat to really shine, and makes the crust tastier around. If you’re like me, you’ll find that your inner carnivore keeps calling you to the cutting board to pick up the crunchy chunks around the bones.

What to serve with Prime Rib Roast: A

tasty au jus made from the drops of the pan is always a great choice. I like this recipe au jus.

However, my absolute favorite accompaniment to the premium rib is a velvety, spicy horseradish cream sauce. I make my sauce with some sour cream, mayonnaise, horseradish and a pinch of fresh chives. The creamy sauce resists salty and fatty meat, and gives the food a surprising touch of extra flavor. The leftover sauce is a great sauce for cut fresh vegetables or a killer sandwich.

I prefer to save garnishes for a traditional premium rib roast. The classic creamy mashed potatoes, baked mushrooms, green beans with honey, and hot roasted carrots would be lovely options.

Roasting and toasting with Ohio beef

This month we’re roasting and roasting the holiday season with Ohio Beef. Nothing says celebration like an impressive standing rib roast combined with the perfect glass of wine. You can’t go wrong with combining beef with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, but if you’re looking to mix things up, try a Merlot, Cabernet Franc, or Zinfandel.

This year, thousands of Ohio families celebrate the holidays with beef, a high-quality protein option that’s also a delicious choice for special occasions. The 17,000 beef farming families here in Ohio work year-round, seven days a week, in the rain, snow, sleet and sun. I have had the privilege of meeting some of these families, and their commitment to excellent care for their animals, support the environment, and provide safe, quality beef to consumers is inspiring. To meet an Ohio farmer, learn more about meat-growing practices, or discover new beef recipes, visit OhioBeef.org.

I hope everyone has a lovely, safe, sweet and savory Christmas!

Canzaciti.com Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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