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Fijian food is widely regarded as one of the healthiest in all of Oceania. Starchy vegetables such as taro and cassava play a leading role in almost all dishes. Because it is an island nation, Fiji naturally has a wide variety of fresh fish, octopus and seafood.

Fiji’s food, like that of its South Pacific neighbors, has historically revolved around a handful of basic ingredients. Traditional staples in Fiji’s diet have included rice, sweet potatoes, taro (a tropical root vegetable), coconuts, cassava (a starchy shrub), breadfruit, and fish.

Many classic Fijian recipes have remained virtually unchanged for centuries, thanks to the tradition of passing down recipes from one generation to the next.

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Fijian food recipes – A sensation of taste” />

15 traditional Fijian food recipes – A sensation of taste

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1. Fiji Style Crab Curry from The Spice Adventuress

1. Fiji Style Crab Curry

I found the traditional Fijian recipes

for this Fiji-style crab curry in my recipe diary (basically a bunch of traditional Fijian recipes from magazines and newspapers that I used to collect long before the Fiji food blog trip). So I have no idea who to credit the recipe to.

In fact, I’m not even sure if it’s the most authentic or traditional way to make crab curry in Fiji.

The original traditional Fijian recipe called for large mud crabs to make this curry, but I decided to use blue swimming crabs as they are in season and also because I love the taste of these so sweet and delicious.

2. Fish Suruwa (Fijian Fish Curry

) from Tara’s Multicultural


2. Fish Suruwa - Traditional Fijian Food Recipes This fish suruwa

from my traditional Fijian food section is perfect for those like me who don’t have much experience working with seafood. From start to finish, the whole process takes about 30 minutes to create an incredibly easy and tasty meal.

The Indian influence on traditional Fijian food is particularly prominent in dishes like this Fish Suruwa. Onions, chilies, spices (garam masala, turmeric, cumin) and tomatoes are simmered to create the curry base for the fish and the addition of coconut milk gives a creamy texture.

Serve this traditional Fijian meal hot from the stove with steamed white rice (I used jasmine) and top with a pinch of freshly chopped cilantro.

A choice of traditional Fijian recipes for Fish Suruwa (Fijian Fish Curry)! Chunks of firm white fish are simmered in a mixture of coconut with spices for a quick and tasty meal.

3. Fijian Slow Cooker Goat Curry from Anup’s Kitchen

3. Fijian Slow Cooker Goat Curry

This slow-cooking goat curry is one of my most popular traditional Fijian recipes on the blog, and everyone who tries it seems to love it! Slow-cooked goat meat with Indian spices results in a perfectly tender, juicy and tasty traditional Fijian food curry.

Every time I make this slow-cooking goat curry, I make sure to savor every bite. It quickly disappears around here. The sauce is full of flavor, and the meat, when cooked slowly, becomes perfectly tender and juicy.

When making this selection of traditional Fijian goat curry recipes, add all the ingredients listed below to your cooking pot except tomatoes, water, and garam masala. You will add these three things an hour before serving. You don’t want to add any liquid to start with because you want the onions to caramelize in the cooking pot. It will be a tastier traditional Fijian food masala.


. Fiji Dhal from That Fiji Taste

4. Fiji Dhal - Traditional Fijian Food Recipes Dhal

is a Fijian staple. Almost every household cooks dhal once a week (sometimes more). This is because, in addition to being delicious, it goes well with most Indian fried vegetables and meats. It forms a kind of sauce or base that combines well with almost any other accompaniment. Its versatility makes it one of Fiji’s most beloved foods in many Fijian households.

For those of you who don’t know, dhal is made from lentils and there are many varieties of lentils available. Different households make dhal their own way with their personal choice of lentils. There are yellow, red, white, green and even black lentils and these give the different types of dhal their color.

The traditional Fijian recipes I am sharing with you are a mixture of these lentils that give it a deeper and more complex flavor.

5. Fijian Chicken Curry from A Tasty Kitchen

5. Fijian Chicken Curry

An aromatic and classic Fijian recipe for chicken curry, which is easy to cook from scratch and a treat for the taste buds. The mixture of pasta and spices in this curry is the result of a delicious fusion of Fijian food, resulting in a beautiful texture and flavor. Serve with our homemade roti, for a party that everyone is sure to enjoy!

We spent several years living in Fiji and loved the Fijian food there. Pacific Island life had a huge impact on so many dishes that we still love to cook today. Our Fijian coconut cured fish salad is a must see!

Memories of this curry found both in restaurants and in the local village will stay with us. You can’t beat the richness and flavors that merge over an open kitchen fireplace. While we can’t bring you the fireplace outdoors cooking, these traditional Fijian recipes remain authentic to the process and ingredients that bring the classic flavor to your kitchen.

6. Fijian coconut fish

with tomato, spinach and rice from Nadialim

6. Fijian coconut fish - Traditional Fijian food recipes

These flavors of Fijian food take me back to Fiji where we had some of the best fish dishes I’ve ever had, although it helped that the fish had only been caught about 30 minutes before We sat down to eat, and the coconut milk was freshly made!

Delicious and fragrant traditional Fijian recipes today that are easy to make at home from scratch. The spice blends are the delightful result of a delicious fusion of Fijian and Indian cuisines. If you combine it with our homemade roti, you will have a feast of Fijian food that the whole family will love.

7. Fijian Seafood Curry

from Not Quite Nigella

7. Fijian Seafood Curry

This delicious and creamy Fijian seafood curry dish is simplicity in itself. You can use any type of seafood in it and it’s one of the fastest curries to cook with ingredients you probably already have. It was one of our favorite dishes during our recent stay on Turtle Island and they generously shared their traditional Fijian recipes with me!

It never ceases to amaze me how many different Fijian food options for curry are out there. Fijian food has a wide range of chicken curries, vegetables and seafood. These curries come from indentured Indian workers who came from 1879. They made their homemade curry with ingredients they found in Fiji and this has given rise to Fijian Indian cuisine.


. Fiji Style Masala Chai from That Fiji Taste

8. Fiji Style Masala Chai - Traditional Fijian Food Recipes Masala chai

or Indian spiced milk tea is a regular drink for most Fijian families at any time of the day. This tea is made at breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner or after dinner, if there is a guest, if someone is sick… and the list goes on.

This choice of Fijian recipes is lightly infused with ginger, cloves and cardamom, masala chai is definitely indulgent and tasty. What makes it even more delicious is the milky, creamy taste due to the use of full-cream milk powder and full-bodied raw brown sugar. If you want it to be even more luxurious, substitute condensed milk for sugar.

You can also swap powdered milk for a cup of fresh or whole or “live” milk, as it is called in Fiji.

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recipes 9. Fijian

Potato Curry from Piquant Post

9. Fijian Potato Curry Fijian

food is best known for its tasty seafood and vegetable-based dishes. Fiji is a diverse and multicultural country whose cuisine is strongly influenced by the various ethnic groups that have settled there, namely Indian and Chinese immigrants.

Ingredients like coconut and tubers (yams, cassava, potatoes) are staples in their diet and have been cultivated by natives for centuries. The archipelago encompasses hundreds of small islands and most citizens live by the sea, so seafood is the main source of protein.

Fishing for fresh seafood is a favorite pastime for many locals. Although meats such as chicken and lamb are consumed, seafood is king and beef is mainly consumed during special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.


. Fiji: Rourou Ball Mix

10. Fiji Rourou Balls - Traditional Fijian Food Recipes

A popular vegetable dish in Fijian food are rourou balls or (wacipoki) are small parcels of paradise. Creamy, rich with a touch of chili.

Although Fiji has a vast reserve of high-quality fish, today they also buy cans of fish such as tuna to easily store and prepare Fijian food without the need to go fishing.

In the village, this Fijian meal is only prepared when the women have time or during any gathering.

This is best done with canned fish. Cans preserve meat well and provide useful support when a day of fishing isn’t going too well or when the weather is harsh. Rourou peti typifies Fijian food, uses Fijian favorites and makes this dish a winner.

11. Fijian-style baked chicken from Real Food

11. Fijian-style baked chicken

Cooked slowly to allow the chicken to absorb the flavors of ginger and soy sauce, this Fijian food can be prepared in advance to cook during the match



. Fijian Chicken Palau de Savoring Fiji

12. Fijian Chicken Palau - Traditional Fiji Food Recipes Palau

is practically a universal Fijian food native to the Middle East. Palau can be found in many regions of the world; from Persian sheep and goat pulao to East African pilaf rice or Spanish seafood paella, to Indian biriyani. There are hundreds of traditional Fijian recipes for Palau, even in my own Palau family it is made in many ways.

Our family makes lamb,

goat and chicken palau My favorite of all time is the lamb palau, however, without fresh meat on hand, we tend to make chicken palau more often. This is a version of chicken palau, I really believe that my father has several ways of making palau, so I will chase him until he has ALL!

13. Fijian

Coconut Cake from NZ Herald

13. Fijian coconut cake

Traditional Fijian recipes for this cake come from Cafe O in Nadi, Fiji


I tried this cake recipe endlessly. In fact, I’m pretty sure my head turned into a real coconut during the process. Is there grated coconut caked in the cracks of my kitchen floor and splashes? Yes.

This perfect coconut cake sets the bar for homemade cakes everywhere. It is extremely moist with a soft, fluffy crumb and an intense coconut flavor. To be successful, carefully follow traditional Fijian recipes, including the use of cake flour, egg whites, sour cream, and coconut milk.

14. Quick and easy vegan

Fijian curry from The Vegan Planet Kitchen

14. Quick & Easy Vegan Fijian Curry - Traditional Fiji Food Recipes Vegan


Curry, a vegan version of traditional Fijian curry. Made with curry roasted tempeh, potatoes and vegetables in a quick and easy sauce.

Fijian curry is usually made with chicken and potatoes in a rich dairy-free sauce. Our easy vegan foil version of Fiji is a hands-off quick curry that’s a perfect stress-free meal on weekdays. We use tempeh that absorbs curry flavors well and roasts in the same amount of time as potatoes.

Roasting the tempeh and potatoes gives you time to prepare the sauce while roasting, which means that the finished dish will be made in no time.

Roasting tempeh and vegetables is a quick and easy way to cook vegan curries. This is a more practical approach to cooking a curry, but it still gives it a wonderful depth of flavor as they are roasted in the spices and charred around the edges.

15. Fijian Honey Cake

by The Hungary Buddha

15. Fijian Honey Cake

After yesterday, I needed something a little more normal, so I made cake. Because when times get tough, let them eat cake and this Fiji honey cake came out great.

Bonus: It took 5 minutes to mix, no mixer required. The other thing I love about these traditional Fijian recipes is not only because of the simplicity factor, but also because it has no oil or butter. WAIT A MINUTE. You listened to me and I promise you it’s still good!


made some changes: I mixed it using whole wheat flour along with all-purpose, just because I like to do that. Also, although the original recipe called for sour cream, I substituted Greek yogurt because 1) I had it in the house and 2) the particular brand of yogurt I bought had a very acidic sour cream flavor.

The other reason this cake rocks is that it gets wet while settling, so it’s best to let it sit for a day before digging.

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