6 slow cooker ground pork recipes to brighten up your day!

Ground pork sausage recipes slow cooker

There are many reasons why ground pork is the best meat for cooking. Not only is it packed with protein and vitamins, but it’s also an inexpensive type of meat.

Meanwhile, you can make various types of delicious meals with

ground pork because of how versatile it is.

I also love using my slow cooker to slowly cook ground pork because it adds a lot of flavor and allows the meat to melt in the mouth. If you don’t know what a cooking pot is, it’s an electric device that cooks food at very low temperatures. Because of this, the food is tender, soft and incredibly tasty.

A slow cooker is undoubtedly my best weekday girl because I just throw away my ingredients and leave them off before I go to work. When I return, not only is my house filled with the delicious aroma of food, but dinner is also ready.

If you’re also someone who doesn’t prefer to cook on a weeknight and would leave the ingredients to cook in the slow cooker for a few hours, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ground pork cooker recipes for you


Let’s get started


1. Careless Ground Pork

Joes Simmered Ground Pork Joes

are a delight for kids and perhaps the simplest slow cooker ground pork recipe


Just add all the ingredients in the slow cooker, stir them and let them simmer


After a few hours, you will have the tastiest and most tender meat for the perfect careless joes.

Serve them in buns with one side of chips or chips, and you’re good to go!

2. Ground pork casserole

from clay pot

Casserole is a warm, hearty meal that’s perfect for winters, but just as good during any other season


The best part is that it is also very healthy. If you want to be a little more indulgent, you can cover the casserole with cheddar cheese fifteen minutes before turning off the cooking pot.

Then, serve the casserole

with a fresh salad, green beans or rice


Here is the pork casserole recipe I used


3. Another

hearty meal perfect for winters, pork stew is the best meal for a family dinner any day of the week. It is easy to prepare and has a rich and tasty taste.

You can also combine it with almost anything or have it alone, as it already contains vegetables


Unlock the ground pork stew recipe here


4. Crockpot three-bean pork chili

This is one

of the best southern ground pork recipes, which is also tasty, spicy, and incredibly easy to make


Just combine all the ingredients in the pot, and once you get back from work or after a few hours, your chili should be ready


It tastes delicious alone or combined with noodles or rice. However, if you want to go the extra mile, you can also use ground pork chili as a filling for enchiladas or burritos.

Here is the full recipe


5. Mexican slow cooker Carnitas

Brighten up your week with Taco Tuesday using this easy and simple slow-cooked ground pork recipe

. Pork tacos are the best tacos out there

, and this recipe will teach you how to make the perfect ones at home

. These tacos

are actually much easier to make than regular tacos. With cheese, sticky and tasty, these tacos will definitely be a family favorite.

6. Slow-cooked pork ragout This slow-cooked

ground pork ragout


is creamy, rich, and incredibly tasty. Make a large portion so you can freeze leftovers and eat them for dinner.

You can serve this delicious ragout on top of spaghetti, and it will surely please your family, especially the little ones


Add some parmesan on top to make it really a hearty and comforting meal. Although it requires a bit more work than other ground pork slow cooker recipes, it’s still great because you can store it in the freezer for the future.


Try these simple and tasty slow-cooker ground pork recipes midweek or on weekends. Trust me, require less effort but taste just as good.

Let me know which recipe you’re going to try first!

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