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As authentic flavor and convenience trends continue to boil, Mexico’s No. 1 selling salsa brand has introduced a line of Mexican salsas that make it easy for people to enjoy their authentic favorite Mexican dishes in a fraction of the time — a difference of minutes versus hours. As demand for more authentic and sophisticated Mexican cuisine increases and consumers have less time to cook, this unique new product offers a solution. HERDEZ® Mexican cooking sauces are the next “evolution” of authentic Mexican cuisine at home. More information at:

HERDEZ® Mexican Cooking Sauces are versatile and easy to use. A recent survey conducted by the manufacturers of the HERDEZ® brand indicated that home cooks are looking for shortcuts when preparing home-cooked meals. With these new Mexican cooking sauces, consumers can simply add the sauces to any protein and simmer for 7-10,000 nuts for a quick meal, or they can use the salsas as an ingredient in a more complex dish as their time allows. Respondents also expressed that a product like this would encourage them to cook Mexican dishes at home more often and try new flavors they may not have tried before. Salsa varieties include Chipotle Tradicional, Chile Pasilla Asado, Chile Guajillo Rojo and Tomatillo Verde.

“The four flavors we have chosen for the launch of HERDEZ® Mexican Cooking Sauces are fundamental to authentic Mexican cuisine. The sauces do not compromise on delivering a true, authentic flavor, but they allow consumers to give up the time, effort and knowledge associated with making these sauces from scratch,” said Gilberto Gutierrez, brand manager for HERDEZ® Brand & Import Foods for MegaMex Foods, LLC.

The authentic flavors in HERDEZ® Mexican Cooking Sauces come from the rich, fragrant flavors of the chiles used as a base. Chili peppers are at the core of Mexico’s contributions to the culinary world and are used to add flavor rather than heat. Consumers, who are not seekers of spicy foods, should not fear this new line of Mexican Salsas because they are focused on flavor.

HERDEZ® Mexican cooking sauces are currently available at Albertsons stores in the Los Angeles area with increased distribution scheduled for June at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is $3.49 for a 12-ounce (4-serving) bottle. For more information and recipes visit

Explore Mexico’s rich culinary traditions with one of the new Mexican cuisine sauces HERDEZ®:

Traditional Chipotle

  • – Chipotle simply means “smoked chili.” Brown and wrinkled chipotles provide a warm, smoky flavor. Combined with the sweet taste of tomato, onion and vinegar, traditional Chipotle HERDEZ® sauce offers a deliciously authentic flavor.
  • Chile Pasilla

  • asado – Named for its dark, wrinkled skin, Chile Pasilla is rich in flavor, but mild in heat. A wonderful mixture of tomatoes, onions and garlic accompanies the chili to create the abundant Pasilla asada HERDEZ® chili sauce.
  • Chile Guajillo

  • Rojo – The thin, deep red flesh of Chile Guajillo offers a delicious green tea flavor with slight hints of berries. Combined with vine-ripened tomatoes, HERDEZ® Red Guajillo chili sauce has an acidic, fruity finish with a mild heat.
  • Tomatillo

  • Verde – Tomatillo is a staple in Mexican cuisine. Its green color and sour taste are its most distinctive features. A vibrant and tasty blend of tomatillos and chilies combined with a hint of cilantro give HERDEZ® Tomatillo Verde Sauce its complex flavor and medium heat. Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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