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For those with dark brown hair with highlights, you may think that a blonde or lighter brown are your only options for highlights. however, hairstyles are versatile and can always be added to or improved upon. If you’re feeling bored with your current look, rest assured there are plenty of different colors to choose from to highlight or tone down.

We guarantee that by the time you get to the end of this article, you’ll have 50 new ideas to contemplate as you head to the salon, again!

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1. highlights and lowlights. Mixing multiple shades will play tricks on the eyes…in a good way.

2. highlights that frame the face. highlights for dark hair are great for refreshing your look. If you don’t want to cover up your brown hair too much, try face-framing highlights. To achieve this look, you’ll need to lighten a few strands in the front and create several barely-there highlights here and there.

3. Caramel balayage. Balayage on dark brown hair looks gorgeous. Wear it casually or in style for special occasions. For example, adding a few waves to your hairstyle creates an elegant evening look in no time.

4. highlights and highlights for brunettes. Brown hair with highlights and natural highlights takes on amazing depth and dimension. It is low maintenance and looks completely natural. however, you will notice the difference in the beautiful shine of your hair.

5. brown highlights on curls. a mix of reddish brown highlights against dark brown hair will make your hair look good enough to eat!

6. layers with dark brown highlights. layered highlights on long hair are stunning.

7. caramel highlights. take your color from drab to fabulous with a little shimmer in the waves. keep most of the highlights under the hair and as a frame for the face for that “just enough” look.

8. copper highlights for dark hair. dark brown hair with copper highlights looks romantic and brings those summer vibes, no matter the season. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the shade of the highlights to customize the look!

9. ombre in chocolate tones. Dark brown is a beautiful natural hair color, but if you experiment with its shades and add an ombre effect to your style, it can make you look even more attractive. bring waves or curls for volume!

10. Caramel Brown Highlights. Combining dark hair with highlights is a great way to add dimension and shine to your hair. Caramel adds a shimmering shine to dark brown hair.

11. bronze brown mix. Less is more, so why go for radical changes when you can just add a touch of lighter shades? this trick will allow you to keep your natural look with a different touch.

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12. Cinnamon highlights in dark brown hair. Selecting the right color of highlights is essential to achieve a wonderful shine in your brown hair. Cinnamon highlights look great on dark brown hair.

13. flamboyage highlights. This hairstyle is quick and easy to do. Plus, it will look gorgeous on any hair color from caramel to dark brown. subtle yet beautiful, this dyeing technique is what you need for a change!

14. peek-a-boo highlights. Dark brown hair with highlights doesn’t have to be bright and high-contrast. For example, you can get partial peek-a-boo highlights that will give a dimensional, sun-kissed look.

15. bright caramel highlights. dark brown hair with caramel highlights and a shiny finish is a great option to consider. if you go for a subtle change of style, we suggest caramel babylights that create a sun-kissed effect.

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16. Stranded Hair With Honey Highlights. Take your dark brown hair short and add a lighter shade of highlights for that little extra beauty. Honey highlights also help add warmth to the face, which is especially helpful for those of us who may be on the paler side.

17. Subtle brown highlights on medium hair. Subtle highlights on dark brown hair will intensify the natural shine of your locks and make the color more vibrant. is a great solution for women who don’t want to deal with the consequences of intense hair bleaching.

18. subtle dark caramel highlights for brunettes. channel your inner blair waldorf and spice up your hair with caramel highlights and just the right definition for the gossip-worthy lob.

19. warm brown outline. dark brown hair with blonde highlights is a great idea that has earned its place among the classics. If you choose to lighten just the front strands, you can be sure that your face will light up beautifully.

20. peek-a-boo highlights for dark hair. Dark hair with highlights can be styled so that the lighter strands are only noticeable when your hair is curly. These peek-a-boo highlights add texture to your hairstyle and are easy to maintain.

21. rich auburn highlights. auburn highlights on dark hair make you look passionate, outgoing, and open-hearted. It’s also a good solution for women with fine hair, as the contrasting highlights make the strands look more textured and thick.

22. luscious brown balayage for black hair. add something a little more special to your long hair. Light brown highlights can easily add sparkle and volume to your brunette locks.

23. contrasting highlights. dark brown hair with highlights looks amazing. If you’re not ready to dye your hair blonde, here’s how to see if you want to continue the experiment or not. plus, it will definitely freshen up your style.

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24. delicate bronze highlights. dark brown hair with blonde highlights may be too extreme for some. but what if you choose a less flashy shade? for example, bronze doesn’t draw too much attention but it does spice up your hairstyle.

25. cinnamon hair. cinnamon balayage highlights are a beautiful choice.

26. peek-a-boo highlights. Place your highlights in random areas of the hair for an element of surprise for your audience.

27. mahogany highlights. for long dark brown hair, a rich mahogany shines in the light.

28. medium dark blonde highlights. strike a balance in the highlights with a blonde that is not too light and not too dark.

29. caramel brown highlights with black roots. First of all, having your roots intact automatically gives 10 points to your low-maintenance style. second, the brunette streaks all over her head completely turn every updo into a masterpiece.

30. light chocolate highlights for black hair. liven up your dark brown locks. dark hair with blonde highlights is another kind of sexy. not only are the money pieces completely seductive, but the definition is immaculate.

31. cinnamon highlights. different shades of light brown (cinnamon) highlights quickly add beautiful dimension.

32. beige highlights for short hair. Short dark brown hair with highlights is an easy way to go from drab to fabulous.

33. Caramel Bronde Money Piece Highlights. When the right hair color is combined with the right highlighting technique, a beautiful hairstyle is born. your dark brown hair can look like a million bucks with money pieces in an amazing shade like dark caramel blonde.

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34. cute money pieces and reflections on black base. delicate money pieces are cute for several reasons. They work as a flattering accent, highlighting your face and enhancing the eyes. you can use them in a natural tone or in something more modern.

35. fine highlights for brown hair Look at it from any angle or perspective, and you’ll still see the same thing: adorable dark brown hair with highlights. the waves add sparkle to her hair.

36. face-framing highlights. uses gorgeous gold highlights to frame the face in a flattering way.

37. ash brown highlights for long dark hair. try an ash shade before committing to it completely. Having a full head of hair allows you to experiment with literally anything, for example, give brown hair a try with mushroom highlights.

38. there are hardly any chocolate reflections. want to relax in reflections? try this style.

39. warm balayage on dark brown hair. the rich shade of cinnamon balayage on dark brown hair is exactly what this amazing short hairstyle needs to stand out. the contrast between the darker and lighter brown hair is subtle but striking.

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40. brown hair with caramel and gold highlights. both professional and charming, this style will fit right in with literally any look. Plus, it’s easy to care for and doesn’t damage your locks!

41. black lob with copper and gold babylights. sometimes even the sexiest dark brown hair can look boring. Switch it up with some sparkly baby lights for a different dimension. Brown hair color with highlights draws more attention than solid colors.

42. Chocolate Brown Highlights. If you want to keep the highlights for your dark brown hair as close to home as possible, consider a deep brown shade like chocolate brown.

43. Cinnamon Brown Highlights for Black Hair. You don’t have to work hard to turn your locks into a mess. Weave some cinnamon brown and caramel highlights into your brunette locks and twist them into loose curls. your catwalk look is served.

44. Bright brown balayage for fall. Imagine transferring the warmth of fall days to your hair. then show the stylist this image with a cozy balayage with money pieces and lowlights and enjoy your dreams come true.

45. black hair balayage transformation. If you’ve spent your entire life as a very dark brunette, then moving to the lighter side may seem difficult. try a soft black to chocolate balayage if you feel like it’s time for brighter days.

46. golden brown highlights. To recreate this mesmerizing sunny glow in your brown hair, opt for brighter shades of blonde or golden brown. create loose waves to make your hair more interesting.

47. reddish patches. Barely visible brown highlights are perfect if you just want a hint of color.

48. caramel macchiato hair color. bleaching a few strands of your dark brown hair to one of the lighter blonde shades gives your mane dimension and depth. Choose your highlights in a shade that is close to your natural hair color and suits your color type.

49. highlights in medium dark brown hair. chocolate brown hair with highlights in warm and cool tones looks so cute. Although your balayage can start from anywhere, highlights that come straight from the roots offer a beautiful shine to shoulder-length hair.

50. chocolate salted caramel. you don’t have to go for full color highlights; a light cool brown shade works wonders.

at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you are happy with your hair and feel comfortable and beautiful. The great thing about hair is that the color eventually fades, which means that in a month or two, you can try something completely different! what about dark brown hair with highlights? have fun experimenting.

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