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when is the next tarkov cleanup escape” that’s probably a phrase you’ll see a lot of from the tarkov escape community every 5-6 months as gamers prepare for the next great battlestate game. server restart. EFT fans who think it’s fun will probably respond with “Thursday,” but the answer isn’t always that simple or straightforward.

If you don’t know what a tarkov wipe is, or if you’re new to the game and want to know why you’re suddenly faced with the prospect of going back to level 1 with no gear, then don’t. don’t worry, it’s normal. read on, we’ll explain everything you need to know, including the most important question: when is the next escape from tarkov wipe?

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You will find the latest news about the upcoming tarkov cleanup, just below.

how often are tarkov wipes done?

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battlestate games don’t go out of their way to give specific timeframes for when a new escape from tarkov kill will occur. It’s a bit like the dayz wipe schedule, in that it happens every year, but there’s no specific time frame. That said, we typically see escape from tarkov release a new server wipe every 6 months. this isn’t rocket science, and there was at least one occasion where the game issued a server wipe after just 2 months. but generally speaking you can expect a server wipe every 6 months to escape tarkov.

just below you can see the approximate time frame of when previous game wipes were done and how many days passed between each wipe.

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when is the next 2022 server wipe in escape from tarkov?

The last removal of eft occurred on June 29, 2022 along with the patch update Generally speaking, these major game kills take place every 6 months, so it seems logical that the next tarkov kill escape would take place in Dec 2022 (if the team decides to go early) or Jan 2023 if the team decides to give more. Time for the next big cleanup. for anyone curious, if the next kill were to take place 175 days after the june 29 kill, that would mean tarkov’s next kill would be on december 15, 2022.

if you’re interested, the youtuber had calculated the average length between wipes before patch 12.12.30 dropped in June. it’s obviously not a guarantee, but it’s still pretty insightful based on the developers’ previous update schedules. if you’d like to watch his latest video to see how he came to this conclusion, watch below.

We should have a better idea of ​​when the next tarkov drop will take place a month or two before it drops, as we’ll start to see some weird in-game events that will affect the in-game economy. this is perfectly articulated by pestily in the video, who explains:

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what you should expect from an end-of-wipe event is something that will completely wreck the economy, so everyone will be rich. we’re talking about things like having massive scavenger bosses on every map or making everything extremely cheap, it’s usually some kind of escalation like making the economy completely absurd.

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what happens during a tarkov wipe escape?

A ‘cleanup’ will usually coincide with the release of major updates in escape from tarkov, and after the release of the cleanup, players will typically find that all player progress is reset to zero. yes, that means everything, it is an account reset in the entire game. all character development, quest progress, stash, hideout and much more are completely reset. you will normally be given account login items again after the wipe is released.

If you’re wondering why it’s partly because the game is still in development and in beta. essentially, battle stat games will reset everyone’s progress to avoid additional coding work that might come from releasing their major updates.

Arguably a useful tool too, as it allows new players a good chance of getting into the game without being outmatched by players who might have all the weapons and gear to dominate other players. it’s the same situation as with rust, which is reset every month to allow new players a chance to succeed.

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