Android Flashlight Not Working? Here are 6 Possible Solutions

If your android flashlight doesn’t work, don’t panic, it’s most likely not a hardware problem. the flashlight on the phone is actually very sturdy, and unless you nailed it with a hammer, you probably won’t have any hardware issues. Several times the flashlight also stopped working on my android phones, and it was always a software issue.

however, there is no single software conflict that prevents the flashlight from working. therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fix this problem as well. However, don’t worry, below I have provided 6 possible solutions that can fix your android flashlight.

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1. reboot phone

The mother of all solutions has worked for me several times to fix this problem, so it may work for you too. If a particular app or process is conflicting with flashlight, then a simple restart should fix it. simply press and hold the power button and select “power off” from the menu. now wait 10-15 seconds and turn it back on. this should fix the problem in most cases.

2. delete camera app data

If the flashlight in particular doesn’t work while taking pictures or recording videos, resetting the camera app’s data may fix it. this is how it’s done:

  1. go to phone “settings” and tap “applications”.
  2. here find and tap “ camera”
  3. now tap “storage” and then tap “clear data”.

Clear Camera app data

This will reset the camera app, which may also fix the flashlight not working issue.

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Note: This process will reset all settings in the camera app, so you’ll need to adjust them back to your preference.

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3. try android safe mode

Like other operating systems, android also has a safe mode that prevents third-party software from interfering with phone processes. If a particular app prevents the flashlight from working, then it should work in safe mode.

There is no single way to access safe mode on android, you can refer to this guide to find the exact method needed to access safe mode on your android device. once inside the safe mode, turn on the flashlight from the notification bar button and from the camera application.

If the flashlight starts working in safe mode, then some recently installed app must be interfering with it. just uninstall recently installed apps one by one and find the culprit.

4. reset app preferences

There is also a possibility that you have changed the app preferences incorrectly, which can cause the flashlight to stop working. app preferences include app permissions, disabled apps and default apps etc. Here’s how to reset app preferences:

  1. go to the phone “settings” and tap “applications”.
  2. now tap the three vertical dots menu on the top right corner and select “reset app preferences”. confirming the message will reset your application preferences.

Reset app preferences

Note: If you have custom app permissions and you’ve disabled apps not required, all your settings will be reset. you will have to manage all your preferences again after this process.

5. use a different flashlight app

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If the flashlight doesn’t work from the notification bar button, a third-party app might fix it. There are hundreds of flashlight apps available on play store but I will recommend you to try flashlight app for android. The app doesn’t ask for any sneaky permissions and it works great too. although you will have to deal with the ads.

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If using a third-party application fixes the problem, then the next solution on this list should fix such software issues.

6. factory reset phone

I know it’s a pretty nuclear solution, but when nothing helps, it’s worth a try before you give up. resetting your phone will delete all data and reset all your preferences. This will update your phone and fix almost any software issue that may be preventing your android flashlight from working.

Before you reset your phone, back up your important data so you don’t lose it. Once done, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the phone’s “settings”, tap the “general management” option, and then tap “reset”.
  2. Now tap the “factory data reset” option and tap “reset device” at the bottom.
  3. Factory Reset Android phone

    Your android phone will reboot and the whole reboot process should take 5-10 minutes. once restarted, you will have to set up your phone again.

    final words

    The above solutions should fix android flashlight if it is a software issue. if your android flashlight is still not working then it is probably a hardware issue (which is very rare). If you need more help to fix android flashlight let us know in the comments below.

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