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call of duty mobile hacks: mobile has been a hot game especially in india ever since there was a pub-g ban. Timi Studios came up with a mobile version in 2019, and within six months, the game generated nearly $327 million in revenue in the US alone. Furthermore, with the covid-19 pandemic taking over the world, many have turned to video games to spend their free time.

As a result, statistics suggest a massive increase in the number of mobile game downloads worldwide. however, not all players share the same time and patience to play; thus tricks and hacks come into play in this area. Today, we’re going to look at various cheats available for Call of Duty Mobile Cheats: Mobile and what happens if you get caught using one.

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how can you use call of duty mobile cheats?

Using call of duty mobile hacks is quite simple, but remember that you can be banned from the game forever if you get caught or someone else reports you. here are some steps that work on android devices, but since ios is a closed system, it is impossible to use hacks on iphones or ipads.

for the first time, you have to download call of duty obb package. this is an apk file, and one needs to download it; you have to extract the file using a built in windows extractor or winrar.

Once you are done with the first step, you now need to install it on your device. installing the hack apk is very simple, you need to store the file in the internal memory/android/obb folder of the phone.

Once you are done with the extraction and placed the folder on your internal storage, you need to install the game using the apk file. once you install the apk, all you need to do is launch the game, and all the cheats should now be available to you.

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1. aimbot trick

aimbot or auto-aim is the most popular call of duty mobile hack. As you can see from the name, it allows the person using the cheat to kill the enemy without even targeting the opponent. instead, the aimbot program tracks players and automatically kills them once they become available in vision. Also, if you are using this cheat, the enemy cannot kill you. so someone using the cheat will always know where you are and can kill you with a single shot.

2. bot trigger trick

trigger bot is the alternate variant of aimbot. The Shooter Bot automatically shoots down any enemy opponent that enters your crosshairs. Using this cheat doesn’t require sharp reflexes that trigger the robot’s programming to shoot down as soon as any enemy enters your crosshairs.

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3. wall trick

wallhacks is one of the most used hacks in call of duty mobile. this cheat allows the player using it to spot enemies through walls in the game. once you use this cheat, you can see players hiding through any wall, and some of the few cheats even allow you to track your opponent’s health. wallhack along with aimbot is the best combination you can have in call of duty mobile. wallhacks are more complex to detect than any other hack; therefore, they are a predominant choice for hackers looking to secure a slight advantage over other players.

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4. radar trick

rider hack is a simple mobile hack called call of duty; allows you to hack the minimap so that the position of all players is visible to you at all times in the game. however, to take advantage of this trick, you must have good reflexes; this is the only way you can get the full benefit of the cheat. on the other hand, radarhack provides a huge advantage because it exposes the position of each player, so there is no element of surprise.

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modified cod mobile apk

Apart from these there are mobile cheats for call of duty which is a modified app. It allows users to get unlimited cp with which you can unlock all skins and all in-app purchases. and the other thing that this modded app can allow is to enable god mode, which can give you unlimited health, and your character can become practically invincible. However, although this apk can definitely ban your cod account, so we do not recommend them.

emulators – mouse and keyboard

Using emulators or similar tools to operate the game using a PC mouse and keyboard is another common approach to gaining a considerable advantage over other players in mobile multiplayer shooters. However, as the control mechanism is better in precision and speed, using pc controllers in a mobile game is the ultimate trick. it provides a considerable mechanical advantage, but is practically not a cheat.

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what happens if you get caught using a call of duty mobile hack?

For a long time now, the call of duty mobile hacks series has been a target for cheaters. many importers spoil the fun for others. but what if you ever get caught cheating on call of duty mobile?

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In a post on reddit in November 2019, the developers address hacker issues in cod mobile. reported that they are making improvements to make the game anti-cheat as much as possible. However, suppose you see someone using call of duty mobile cheats to cheat in the game.

in that case you can let them know by providing some details about the match, usernames/userid, the date and time of the match and if you have screenshots or videos please send them and they will take further action from there. but reporting will not result in a ban. once you submit the request, extensive investigations are carried out and if there is anything suspicious, the cod bans the player immediately.

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You can visit the support page if you report someone and you don’t get any update on whether there is any action there or not, so at best you should expect the hacker to get punished for their actions. .

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how can you report someone hacking call of duty mobile?

once the match is over, there will be an option on the screen to report another player. but make sure you note the id of the player you want to report and once the screen appears you can click the red button on the top right corner.

this also works even in multiplayer mode. tap the red button that appears at the top right of the screen and you will be taken to the reporting screen.

From here, you can choose the appropriate option and submit the details. From there, it’s up to Activision to check your report and take any necessary action.

Unfortunately, you do not receive any update on whether any action was taken on your report. moreover according to some past cod series logs the anti-cheat system might end up being less than average, and in case you want to try some hack then opt for the wallhack program as this one is not easy to catch . This attack is usually not suspected by opponents and is never reported to you.

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