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The internet is full of mind-blowing gardening hacks that often seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, they often are.

The prevalence of doctored videos and implausible results leaves gardeners scratching their heads and wondering: does this really work?

Reading: How to grow tomatoes from tomatoes

When it comes to tomatoes, one of the most popular gardening “hacks” returns in spring every year: growing tomato plants from a sliced ​​tomato.

Have you ever seen the video? if not, here it is:

does it work? let’s find out.

the truth

According to this planting method, all you need is a pot, some potting soil, and a ripe tomato.

simply place thin tomato slices on top of a pot filled with potting soil, cover with more soil and water.

Within a week or two, you should have seedlings to transplant into individual pots that will develop into full-grown tomato plants.

In an ideal world, this method should work every time. But, it’s not always that easy.

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It is possible to achieve success with this planting method, and if you believe the anecdotes on the internet, many people have done it. however, you may run into some problems when trying to grow tomatoes from slices.

problems with the ‘slice’ method

The first problem you may encounter is disease.

Each tomato seed is surrounded by a gel that inhibits germination until the seed is properly anchored in the soil.

Depending on the soil conditions, environmental conditions, and where you got the tomato from, this gel can harbor bacteria and fungal disease. Diseases are already a concern for tomato gardeners in later stages. You don’t want to start your planting journey battling them.

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Secondly, most gardeners who try this method tend to use store-bought tomatoes. if you are happy to receive any old tomatoes at the end of your harvest, this is not really a problem. however, for gardeners who are serious about their products, this method is unlikely to achieve the desired results.

Grocery store tomatoes are often hybrids, so the fruits on your new plant may not look like the original fruit from which you got the seed. they could have a different taste, texture, even shape and size. this is an unpleasant surprise for new gardeners who were hoping for a tomato similar to the one they started with.

If you’re determined to give this gardening trick a try, there are precautions you can take to limit obstacles.

Start with an heirloom or open-pollinated tomato instead of the standard cross-pollinated variety commonly available in grocery stores. cut slices from various fruits and slices from plants in different pots to combat any potential viability and disease issues.

Ultimately, this method is a gardening gamble. you may get great results, or you may not get results at all. if you’re looking for predictability, it’s probably safer to go with the tried and tested methods.

collection of seeds from a ripe tomato: the preferred method

step 1: choose the right tomato

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It starts with a good tomato. choose tomatoes you like for their flavor and texture; you will have many at the end of your harvest. choose a variety that has not been cross-pollinated to ensure the plant produces tomatoes similar to the original fruit.

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step 2: remove the seeds

Thoroughly clean the tomatoes and cut off any damaged parts of the fruit (they may negatively impact seed health). Scoop out or squeeze the remaining seeds from the inside of the fruit and place them in a glass jar with the juice of the tomato.

step 3: fermentation

Some gardeners do not consider fermentation necessary, but studies show that it tends to produce better germination results.

To start the fermentation process, cover the glass jar with cling film and poke small holes in the top. leave the jar in a warm place (no more than 70⁰f) and out of direct sunlight for 3-4 days.

step 4: cleaning

Rinse the fermented seeds with plenty of water through a sieve. Pat them gently with a paper towel and spread them onto a plate. Leave them to dry for around 5-7 days in a well-ventilated area.

step 5: storage

Once the seeds have dried completely, they are ready for storage. remove from plate and place in a plastic bag or paper envelope. store in a cool, dry place until ready to plant.

For impatient fellow gardeners who don’t want to wait weeks for seeds (guilty as charged), the easiest option is always store-bought. the seed producers have gone through this process and checked the quality of the seeds, so you don’t have to.

There are thousands of gardening tips on the internet. some will be successful, some will not.

For experimental gardeners, growing a tomato plant from a slice is a quick, low-effort project that costs next to nothing (and is great for when you don’t know what to do with the bag of expired tomatoes in the background). of your fridge).

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however, if you’re looking for predictable results, it’s best to opt for expertly endorsed seed collection methods, or skip them altogether and buy your seeds at the store.

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