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When you share your life with a cat, you know the comfort of having a cuddly friend nearby to pick it up and snuggle it. But what if your kitty doesn’t want to leave the floor for a hug?

Keep reading for some tricks to help you learn how to pick up a cat in a way that makes you both happy.

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why is it so hard to lift a jack?

Your cat may seem aloof or uninterested, and sometimes you might think he just doesn’t like you that much. when you try to hug her, her attention may be diverted by a toy mouse, the food bowl, or her favorite spot by the window.

no need to worry, she still loves you. some cats just don’t like being picked up. If a cat wasn’t properly socialized with humans early on, Petful explains, he’ll tend to be more fearful. cats retain many of their wild instincts, and if they weren’t around humans often before (or were around a not-so-nice human), they’ll be a bit skittish, even in their loving forever home.

Often, a cat’s unwillingness to be held (or not picked up) is a characteristic of the breed. One of the most affectionate cats you will find is the Hairless Sphynx. she is playful and loves her people, according to pethelpful. The rag doll, a beautiful cat with soft fur, is another breed that will require you to pick her up and carry her.

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Although she has a luxurious coat that makes you want to pet her all day, as well as a sweet personality, the Bengal cat is difficult to pick up and cuddle. Keeping much of the “wild” about her, she’s active and athletic and has places to be that don’t include your arms.

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everything is in time

The best time to pick up a cat is when he wants you to pick him up, and the best way to determine this is to read your furry friend’s body language.

“cute signs like rubbing, licking, and a perky tail mean they’re happy,” explains trupanion. this would be a good time to take his cat into his arms for a hug. If his tail is bushy or he gives you a hostile meow, don’t pick it up in the first place. if he squirms or bites once he’s in your arms, put him down immediately. when cats are in arms, they may feel that they are not in control of the situation and will want to leave as soon as possible.

There will be times when you will have no choice but to pick up your cat. if it’s smelling dangerous food or somewhere it shouldn’t be (the bathtub, the kitchen sink, all those places that like to hang out), then you have no choice but to pick it up. Even if this isn’t the affectionate hug you’ve been dreaming of, enjoy the moment. then quickly bend over and lower her to the ground in a safe place.

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There are times when you shouldn’t try to pick up your cat, especially in stressful situations like a new person in the home, a fight with another family pet, or a trip to the vet’s office. It is not recommended to pick up a cat when he is scared, no matter how much you want to comfort him, because he is likely to attack you.

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Beared man in black polo holding cat

how to pick up a cat safely

Cats are startled by sudden movements, so slow and steady is best. start by holding out your hand so he can sniff you or rub his head against your fingers, indicating he’s in a good mood. when you pick it up, use both hands. Whether large or small, all cats should be held with two hands, writes cat behavior associates.

To safely pick up your cat, behavioral expert Marilyn Krieger tells Petcha, “Put one hand under her front legs and position the other hand so that you’re supporting her hind legs and hindquarters. supported by the crook of your arm”. you should end up safely cradled or sitting on one arm like a rabbit while your other arm acts as a seat belt. A cat’s paws should never dangle, as this can make them feel unsupported and insecure.

When you return your pet to all fours, always lower them to the ground. a jump from your arms probably won’t hurt her, but it won’t make her feel supported either. Unless you need to hold it for safety reasons, never grip it too tightly or ignore it when it squirms to let go.

Holding your cat shouldn’t be a stressful situation for either of you. Even if he refuses to lay quietly in your arms, he may express affection for him in other ways, like snuggling with you on the couch or snuggling at your foot in bed. Look for those little moments when he shows you how much he loves you.

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