How To Pierce Your Ear: A Complete Guide

how to pierce your ear safely at home?

Earrings are at the top of the jewelry list when it comes to fashion, and pierced ears with more than one hole have become fashionable chic. There are many ways to get pierced ears without having them. infected. Visiting an expert or a doctor can be exhausting; therefore, drilling at home becomes much easier. Of course, when doing it at home, extra precautions must be taken. So, you need to do some homework on how to get your own ear pierced because later on, your chances of going to the doctor will be too low. Check out these tips on how to safely pierce your ears at home.

  • clean bacteria: wash your hands or wear gloves and thoroughly clean the area to be pierced by either rubbing alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol swabs and allow your ears to dry . entirely. this will help keep dirt from the outer layer out.
  • Needle Choice: Always choose sterilized steel piercing needles. choose the needle that is one gauge larger than the earrings you will be wearing; Only then will the hollow center of the sterile piercing needle allow your earrings to easily fit into the hole. Supported by an open flame, sterilize the needle until the tip turns super red-orange. always opt for piercing earrings at first; later, you can switch to your collections. always remember to make a mark and tie your hair before compressing the needle. after all the preparations are done, take a small piece of sturdy wood or metal and press it against your ears, this will allow the needle to pass through your ears smoothly.
  • taking care of the piercing: try not to remove your piercings for a month and so on. piercings take almost a year to acquire their correct shape. In between this time, clean your piercings, remove your earrings, and change them from time to time.

Needle placement should be done as soon as possible to avoid a natural inflammatory response.

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how does ear piercing work?

Whether you want lobe, helix, rook, daith, tragus, anti-tragus, flat or shell piercings, there are two main ways to do it: through the gun or through the needle. Piercing ears is an easy process, where the needle takes a minute and the gun slides down in a few seconds. In the case of needle piercing, the piercer chooses a sterilized hollow needle to provide the safest experience. The needle basically works like a scalpel cutting through the skin to insert into the other side of the ear. Also, don’t worry about putting the earrings on after the piercing has been done because the hollow space of the needle will do the magic. the earrings will stick to your ears like butter.

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in the case of a pistol, it will shoot a loop at the earlobe. it is the stem of the jewel that goes through the skin. then the buckle is placed on the back of the ear hole. to some people, the gun appears to be noisy and quite traumatic, while the needle is more painful and produces an uncomfortable tingle. everyone can choose one according to their preferences. These two techniques can be used to pierce ears at home or in any professional setting. but, until you have good experience and knowledge, don’t try them at home.

However, an important point to note here is that you can sometimes be confused about how to tell if your ear piercing is infected. This is an ongoing concern for anyone who you get your ears pierced, so here are some points on how to tell if your ear piercing is infected:

  • brittle discharge.
  • stinging sensation with pain and redness at the pierced area
  • earrings may get stuck and skin may swell.
  • a burning sensation in the pierced area.
  • discomfort.

how to pierce your own ears safely

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Many of you must be wondering how to pierce your own ear without pain, so are you confused about choosing the best way? To avoid pain, infections and allergies when piercing your ears, always disinfect the needle you are going to use, be it the gun or the needle. In addition, it is also highly recommended to disinfect the piercing earrings. By understanding and knowing the process, you can choose to do it yourself. and ensure that the process is carried out under hygienic conditions. also, selecting a needle while doing it yourself can be easier.

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And below are some more valuable points to remember while learning how to get your own ear pierced before getting it done.

  1. choose a needle as thick as the earrings you are going to wear. Sterilized surgical needles are recommended. try going for skinny earrings. As a starter, we recommend choosing gold or silver earrings with a pointed edge. You’ll also need an eraser to use as a counterpoint and a pen to mark the area. chlorhexidine and cotton pads to clean the ears – a total must!
  2. you will need fire to disinfect and sterilize the needle. do this very carefully.
  3. hold and press the area where you want to pierce or use a fabric clip. this way the area will be a bit flatter.
  4. take out some chlorhexidine to put the earrings on and also apply some to the pierced area.
  5. freeze the area you need piercing with an ice cube will make it a bit painless.
  6. now press the eraser on the back where you want to pierce your ear, and then press the needle to make the hole.
  7. remove the eraser and, using your fingers, push the needle back allowing the earrings to sit correctly in the hole.
  8. before pushing the needle, let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes and then put on the earrings.

how to take care of your pierced ears

Did you know that beautiful pieces of jewelry require so many responsibilities? Although pierced ears are more common and less risky, if pierced areas are handled correctly, complications can occur. Now that you’re done with ear piercings, it’s time to take care of the pierced area. however, don’t let your pressure build up. If you’re wondering how to clean your ears after a piercing, don’t worry. I’ve got your back again. Here are the tips on how to clean the pierced hole in the ear. this is another must read, so keep going!

  • wash and sanitize your hands: always wash your hands. don’t touch the piercings with dirty hands.
  • don’t keep opening the starter earrings: it will create severe pain and could also cause the hole to close. .
  • Rotate the earrings daily: this will avoid squeezing the hole or closing the piercings.
  • Drink some isopropyl alcohol: do not press hard or rub alcohol; just apply a little to disinfect.
  • switch sides: don’t press on the pierced area for too long. switch sides while sleeping.
  • Watch for abnormal discharge: Unusual discharge can be a sign of infection, so see a doctor right away if you notice it.
  • Keep Foreign Items Away: Remove foreign items from the piercing area. don’t let your hair come into contact with the pierced area.
  • avoid any soap: clean the area with antiseptic items instead.
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Regular cleaning and maintenance of your piercings help you avoid infection and scarring. however, infections can also occur in a healed piercing area. To avoid that, it is essential to choose the perfect size of piercing earrings. if you notice any complications, proper treatment can help clear up the infections. Also, wait until it has healed properly after putting on your initial earrings. Clean the piercing with a mild antiseptic lotion. disinfect twice a day for about three weeks, then adopt a longer interval until complete healing.

frequently asked questions

can I use a sewing needle to pierce?

no, you should not pierce parts of your body with a sewing needle due to the increased risk of skin infection.

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can you get paralyzed from getting your ear pierced?

no, getting your ear pierced doesn’t paralyze you. however, not cleaning the wound properly or piercing with a dirty needle can lead to infection. In rare cases, the infection can lead to paralysis.

Do ear piercings bleed?

Yes, the ear piercing may bleed immediately after the procedure. if you notice pus coming out with your blood, see your doctor.

Is it painful to pierce the ear with a gunshot?

yes, piercing the ear with a gunshot is painful. Needle piercing is considered a safer and less painful procedure than gunshot piercing.

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