How to speed up Samsung Galaxy J7 or J7 Prime for faster performance

the samsung galaxy j7 and j7 prime were the hottest phones last year. These phones have many attractive features and solid specifications that make it an ideal option in the very affordable budget. internally it includes a 2 gb modulated octa-core processor, capable of delivering impressive performance and gaming experience. here in this tutorial we will share the best tips and tricks to speed up samsung galaxy j7 and j7 pirme for faster performance in almost all aspects.

This beautiful phone features a super sharp capacitive touch screen. displays very clear and sharp colors and images. To handle all graphics tasks, it has an Adreno 405 / Mali-T830MP2 (variant based) GPU chip inside of it. both chips handle graphics very well and are good for the average gaming purpose. still, there are many ways we can improve its performance to a measurable extent. It is found that most Samsung phones suffer from performance issues after several weeks of use. it even happens with samsung galaxy s7 and edge too.

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although we all know that rooted phones can be customized and optimized for best performance and usage. Still, there are several things you can try on a non-rooted phone to increase its performance and for customization purposes. we have a list of tips and tricks for samsung galaxy j7 which are sure to improve performance in most aspects. faster user interface, app switching, improved gaming experience and many more benefits.

Let’s go through these tips and tricks we’ve collected for samsung galaxy j7 users to get faster performance and do a lot more with it.

best tips and tricks to increase the performance of samsung galaxy j7 and j7 prime

1. limit animations

this single hack will power up the entire UI. By simply setting custom animations, you can make the UI, app switching, and overall navigation faster and better.

how does it work? well, simply reducing the number of animations reduces rendering/graphics consumption which in turn results in better performance.

hack works for all android phones and can be easily used/undone.

to start with trick n. For #1, you will need to turn on developer options on your galaxy j7. follow these instructions to activate it:

  1. tap ‘settings’.
  2. scroll down and tap ‘about phone’.
  3. underneath, tap ‘build number’ seven times.

that’s it. You have now activated the developer options on your phone. There are several benefits of this option, get to know them →here.

let’s do it!

→how to
  1. Tap on ‘Settings’
  2. Scroll down, and tap on ‘Developer options’
  3. Under it, scroll down to look for “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”,reduce animation galaxy s7
  4. For fastest performance, set 0.5x Value to each.
  5. Restart your device.

You should get nice improvements to animations, UI, switching and navigating from one screen to another.

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2. set background process limit

essential, I would say!

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You know that many applications run in the background while you do other things on your android phone. they don’t even require. these apps consume a fair amount of ram and processing power.

again, using developer options, we can limit this process, and in return you get free ram and processing power to do other work.

Not only does it save you a lot of processing power, but it also helps improve battery life. once and for all, you should try this trick and see if it works for you. i’m even using it on my oneplus 3.

let’s finish it,

→how to
  1. tap ‘settings’
  2. scroll down and tap ‘developer options’
  3. underneath, scroll down to get “process limit in seconds flat
  4. touch it and select “at most 4 processes”
  5. exit there and reboot your phone.

that’s all.

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Once you’ve set the process limit, it will help limit the number of apps and services running in the background. helps the device to run applications faster and without lag.

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3. disable unused apps

samsung ships its smartphones bundled with tons of apps, some of them are useful but many of them remain unused all the time.

They have managed to remove many of those apps in their recent releases, but still many of them are still being used. These applications, often referred to as bloatware, cannot be removed, but can be disabled.

once you disable them they won’t run in the background which means they won’t consume any kind of processing resource, that just leads to better performance and that’s what we’re looking for after all.

let’s do it on samsung galaxy j7 and improve internal storage (a little bit) and performance.

→ how
  1. Go to settings under phone menu
  2. Under settings, select “Apps
  3. Now under, complete list of apps will be there. Go one by one to them.
  4. Select the desire app, then click on “Disable” to disable it. Just like the below image:Disable an app on Galaxy s6
  5. Do the same rest of the apps which you think are not useful.

go ahead and disable all the apps you think are nothing but junk on your phone.

at any time you want, you can also enable them. you just need to follow the exact procedure, but this time you need to enable them.

4. clear cache

It is one of the recommended things you should try to clean your device and it very effectively helps to get a smooth experience again.

While we use our smartphones, they tend to slow down as junk files continue to take up space on the device. just like samsung galaxy j3 other android phones also suffer and cleaning them is the best way to get rid of them.

we must wipe/reset our devices to maintain their performance.

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practically, we should reboot our device at least once every 1-2 months.

also helps prevent memory from being used by junk files and expired applications. let’s see how we can clear the cache on samsung galaxy j7.

→ how

to clear the cache for a particular app:

  1. open the app drawer
  2. find ‘settings‘ and tap on it.
  3. under ‘settings strong>’, tap apps and then application manager.
  4. now select the app you want to clear the cache.
  5. now tap ‘storage‘.
  6. and then tap ‘clear data‘ to clear your cache.

If you want to clear the cache of all apps, follow the instructions below:

  1. from home, tap ‘applications‘.
  2. tap ‘storage‘.
  3. select the ‘ cached data‘ and confirm it to clear all cache on galaxy j7.

In this way, you can keep your phone free from junk and expired files manually. it gives your device an instant boost, and we recommend doing it once a month at least.

For more information on how to clear the cache, visit here.

5. perform a factory reset

even if the problem is not fixed after clearing the cache, then doing a factory reset should do the magic. however, you must be sure that it will remove all installed applications and settings.

If you want, continue with this method post by creating a backup of your phone. factory reset will undo all changes, remove third party apps and revert app updates.

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Pretty much, on average, every user should do a factory reset at least once every 3-4 months. it will calibrate the performance and give it a whole new look.

→how to

  1. tap the settings icon
  2. under the menu, tap “backup and reset” or something similar
  3. there, you will get the factory reset option in bottom .
  4. follow the instructions on the screen to perform a reset.

factory reset galaxy j7 prime (1)

once you do a factory reset; instantly brings a new interface. Enter your account details to start using your phone and claim lost performance.

6. disable auto sync

Are you aware that Google still backs up most of your app settings, recommendations, and updates to your Google Accounts in the background while you go about your regular business? yes, that’s true.

consumes a considerable amount of battery, processing power and of course internet data. it is recommended to limit this feature and use it manually instead. It would give considerable relaxation to your smartphone.

→ how
  1. Tap on ‘Settings’
  2. Scroll down to locate, and tap on ‘Accounts’.
  3. At top right, tap on three dots button to bring further available settings, account settings
  4. There you’ll see “Auto sync data”. Untick the checkbox and you’re done, disable auto sync

That way you can disable auto sync on galaxy j7 or any other android smartphone. works and conserves accounting energy consumption and internet data.

7. use a third party theme launcher (nova launcher)

samsung hasn’t changed much when it comes to its launcher themes and user interface. the launcher lacks many customization features that are easily available in other launchers. Since our primary focus is configuring the Samsung Galaxy J7 for optimal performance, switching to a third-party launcher might enhance those efforts.

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we recommend using the nova launcher if you have agreed to use these launchers. the application is quite simple, but very effective.

The launcher comes with tons of customization features that help customize each and almost every aspect of the user interface. in terms of performance, it has solid stardom.

go ahead and download the nova launcher, and below we mention the best settings to achieve the best performance and get the most out of it on galaxy j7.

recommended settings for nova launcher:

  1. download and install the launcher on your device.
  2. now long press on desktop then select settings
  3. now select the desktop and configure the following settings:
    1. icon layout -> icon size 100%, tag -> at , source -> condensed , single line shadow ->on
    2. persistent seekbar -> lollipop
    3. scroll effect -> simple
    4. add icon to home screen -> off
    1. scroll effect ->simple
    2. infinite scroll -> off
    1. dock icons -> 5
    2. icon design -> icon size 100%, tag -> at , source -> condensed , single line shadow ->on
    1. folder preview -> grid
    2. folder background -> circle (grey icon)
    3. transition animation -> zoom
    4. icon design -> icon size 100%, tag -> at , source -> condensed, shadow-single line ->on, color -> black
    1. icon theme -> lollipop
    2. scroll speed -> nova
    3. speed of animation -> fast

    8. enable ‘don’t keep activities’

    another trick you try to maintain performance all the time. however, we do not recommend you to use it for a long time, or it may cause some apps to be forcefully closed.

    The feature exists under the hood of developer options and can be disabled at any time.

    Basically, as soon as you exit the current application, it cleans all cache and files related to it. that helps maintain device performance while you switch to other apps and do other things.

    →how to
    • tap ‘settings’
    • scroll down and tap ‘developer options’
    • scroll down and find ‘don’t keep activities’
    • tick the checkbox and voila!

    now as soon as you exit any app it will recover from that app at that time and clear all caches associated with it.

    however, it can also break the flow of the user interface. if you feel this way, go through the process again.

    for more methods:

    • how to speed up samsung galaxy smartphones

    that’s it! It doesn’t mean that these are the only methods to achieve faster performance on samsung galaxy j7 or other smartphones. we will share more tips and tricks for this phone.

    Please share your favorite #tips and #tricks with us. Don’t forget to share, comment and subscribe to our newsletter.

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