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In your arsenal of tools that cook better and smarter with less fat and create fewer carcinogens in what you eat, steam is your best friend. Highly efficient, fat-free, brings out the best in food. A pressure cooker is fast and powerful steam. It’s amazing to make perfect legumes/beans, meats that will put your Crockpot to shame, and do so much more!

Steam is a very healthy and powerful way to cook food. A pressure cooker traps most of the steam, and the flavor that escapes from food with water when it turns into steam, and forces you back to whatever you’re cooking. It also cooks deeper, faster. The result is a much richer and brighter dish, made with much less fat and calories, and less that can become dangerous in a basic pot that overheats oils just to cook without sticking.

Food in a

pressure cooker can be made in a fraction of the cooking time. A roast in a cooking pot is cooked all day. You could go home, put the ingredients in the pressure cooker and do everything in 30-60 minutes!

They also consume less energy/gas. Once the pot heats up enough to lock the lid, when the little button goes up, it reduces the heat to low/low and the pot continues to cook in the top shape. That’s money in your pocket, and it’s better for the environment.

If you like a kitchen with great smells, you will know that you succeed when the steam from the purge valve emits wonderful odors that normal pots take hours to reach the happy mark with the same dish. Smells are memories of good food for your family. Hoard them!

The beans in the

can are blah. The beans in the pressure cooker sing! The “nuisance” factor is removed when you soak them, and then only cook them for 40 minutes, not two to six messy hours to stir and care for. Buy some good storage containers and freeze portions, or, if you’re good at canning, you can do the rest and store it on a cool, dry shelf.

Use a pressure cooker and you’ll have better food for a fraction of what you pay at the market!


  • The lid rotates in place and locks with a simple latch
  • Unique triple safety valve system plus safety lock on the handle prevents opening before all pressure is released
  • Automatic self-locking mechanism and automatic pressure release adjustment
  • Works on all types of stoves: Gas, electric, ceramics and induction
  • Cooks a variety of diverse foods saving 70% of cooking time, From vegetables to meats, fish, grains and even desserts 10
  • years warranty


Until Fagor came up with its simple and innovative pot design, pressure cookers were a bunch of scary pots with big screws, Messy valve systems that could malfunction if not cleaned perfectly and potentially explode. Fagor pots


with the lid becoming locked, And the self-sealing system that uses the pressure in the pot to lock the handle, which will not open unless the steam pressure drops through the purge valve that opens completely, or simply the time it allows the pot to cool and settle, It eliminates all the complications of cooking with a pressure cooker.

That’s probably why the system is the most imitated in the industry.

If you’re buying one of these, go 8 Qt. It allows you to make larger meats, large batches of refried beans, gumbos, cook crayfish and all sorts of other dishes on a large scale if you wish.

The 6 Qt. can be limiting. The 10 Qt. only works if you feed a small army on a regular basis and have plenty of storage space.

You can remove the lid and simply use it as a large pot, without the steam, at any time too, adding utility.

The 10-year warranty is a big plus, as is the fact that Fagor sells silicone gasket seals for pots years and years later. However, it would not hurt to take an extra when you order your boat, just in case, as they are the key to the operation of the pot. Always keep them clean after each use and the Fagor is a perfect pressure cooker.


All pressure cookers are noisy. Excess steam escapes through a valve, and that makes a low hissing sound. They require decent ventilation. A good ventilation hood is necessary to carry the steam. Adjusting your pot so it doesn’t fire at full speed helps. If it blows so hard, then you have it too high and you can lower the heat a little. I don’t find the noise to be distracting, but some people do. If you do, do your pressure cooking of things like beans in the morning and do something else outside the kitchen.


The pressure valve is easy to use, and the

silicone gasket that forms a seal around the pot as the pressure increases, is reliable and very easy to clean. Take it out of the lid, wash it thoroughly with warm soap and water, dry it thoroughly and come back, and it will be ready for the next use. The pressure valve also comes off without much work, and can be cleaned by simply rinsing it with soap and warm water and letting it dry completely before returning it to the pot. The rest of the pot is a pot. A small barkeeper helper keeps the stainless steel shiny and free of debris buildups.



you want a pressure cooker alone and have storage space, this is by far your best option. If

you don’t have room for many gadgets and pots and pans, then the Instant Pot can be combined and condensed, but, having cooked with a Fagor for almost a decade, and the Instant Pot for about two years, I like the control of the Fagor over a gas stove instead of monkeys with buttons, and the valve on this Innova is even better than the one I had in my older pot.

There are older, cheaper models of the original Fagor pot that also work well, but this is an important production pot in any good kitchen, and given the additional improvements in process and safety equipment, it will last a long, long time.


Fagor is the industry leader in pressure cooker play. Their systems are well made and good value for money. If you have the space to keep one, you’ll use it in your weekly routine and save a lot more than it costs on food that no longer comes from a grocery can. You’ll also discover new ways to cook meats and stews that open your riffs into recipes, like my Pee Wee’s BBQ Pork Perfection, which used to take hours of hard work at smokers and on the stove. There are many imitators out there, but Fagor is the innovator, and its guarantee says that this is not the latest fashion of equipment. I earn my Jazz Chef Choicestuff™ Five Diamond nomination for a product in your kitchen.

Canzaciti.com Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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