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The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are the most amazing iPhones Apple has ever created, packed with features and a little better than the iPhone 12. Although they share an identical external appearance, except for a smaller notch and a different placement of the camera, this does not mean that apple has not included any new features in the current iphone.

There are several secret features, tips and tricks in the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro that you won’t find in older iPhones. There’s a lot to discuss whether you’re using iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. They packed the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro with hidden features that hardly anyone uses. We are going to guide you through some of the best hidden features of iPhones. This article introduces tips and tricks to help you use your iPhone efficiently.

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10 hidden features, tips and tricks of the iphone 13 and 13 pro

Below are the ten best hidden features of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro that everyone should know about.

1. keep your texts short and sweet

If you have a special term that you use frequently in text messages or while typing something on your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, this tip will come in handy. select settings >> generals >> keyboard. to create a sentence shortcut, click the text replacement.

You can type whatever shortcuts you want after completing the text you want to replace with a shortcut, and it will direct you to the original content without having to spell it all out. that’s a beneficial feature and you can do a lot of things with it, including optimizing your text responses.

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2. loudest speaker

compared to the iphone 12, the speakers on the iphone 13 and 13 pro are amazing. the iphone 13 is not only louder, but the quality is much better. media is not muddy and is all bunched up. the highs and lows are much further apart when listening to a song. while the bass on all other iphones is virtually non-existent, the iphone 13 and 13 pro are the biggest and have the biggest speaker upgrade in recent history.

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3. a smaller notch

The most noticeable change to the front of iPhone 13 is a smaller notch, which Apple says is 20% smaller. while it appears to be smaller than the notch we’ve had since 2017, we’re not told that it’s a bit taller. isn’t that insignificant? Because while your iPhone looks great in portrait mode, the notch cuts off what you’re looking at when you flip it over to watch a video that isn’t in the conventional 16 by 9 format.

4. to use accessibility

With a 6.7-inch screen, getting to notification center or control center with one hand is difficult unless you’re doing hand acrobatics, so you have to use accessibility. swiping down from the dock area, towards the screen and towards the bezel of the iphone will activate the accessibility action, allowing you to access control center and notification center.

5. all three camera lenses support night mode

apple further improved the telephoto lens last year and now we can use night mode. so with the 12 pro-max, we couldn’t take night mode pictures with the telephoto lens because it was the only lens that couldn’t. we could use the night mode in any of the three lenses of the iphone 13 and 13 pro. It not only works in the dark, but we have upgraded it in other ways as well. now we can take macro pictures because the ultra wide angle lens now has autofocus.

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6. 120 hertz screen

This frequency means your screen refreshes 120 times per second instead of 60 times on previous iPhones. this is a big step forward for the iphone; it is the first time that we have a 120 hertz screen. this means that it is not always set to 120 hertz; For example, if you’re on safari and you’re moving slowly, you can move at 60 hertz, but if you’re moving quickly, you’ll move at 120 hertz and vice versa.

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7. higher maximum brightness

Noticeably brighter than iPhone 12 Pro Max outdoors when auto-brightness is enabled. it doesn’t dim as easily or for as long in direct sunlight. iPhone 13 and 13 Pro have improved internal thermals. As a result, it doesn’t dim for as long as the iPhone 12 does when it gets hot.

8. photographic styles

another tip for the iphone 13 and 13 pro is that you will notice a new photo style change if you go back to the photos section and scroll up. if you hit that icon, you’ll get a list of essential filters that you can use in the camera app. and unless you turn it off or adjust it, it will take a photo with this filter every time you take a photo.

9. storage

The new iPhone 13 marks the first time Apple hasn’t included a feature that depends on the storage option you choose. pro-retz video for 128 gigabyte devices will not be available in 4k. To shoot Pro-Retz videos in 4K, you’ll need an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro with 256GB of storage. This is the first time Apple has excluded a feature due to the iPhone’s storage capacity. Another notable feature of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro is the addition of a one terabyte storage option. Apple iPhone storage has always been maxed out at 512 gigabytes, but now it’s extended to a terabyte.

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10. 5 core gpu

The new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro feature a 5-core GPU for the first time in an iPhone. now it has amazing graphics. With that big screen and five-core GPU, gaming on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will be a delight, and the Geek Bench scores are impressive. if you like film editing, photo editing and other high risk jobs this is the place for you. The five-core GPU in the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will make gaming a breeze. if you play cod mobile on lumen fusion you will like it because it will be much better than any other device.


yes, over ten tips, tricks and features you need to know about your new iphone 13 and 13 pro. There are ten hidden features above, so take a look at them and acclimate the ones that work best for you.

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