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This slow-cooked lamb shoulder will be the juiciest and most amazing lamb roast you’ve ever had! With rosemary and garlic stuffed in incisions, infuse this roast lamb with the most incredible flavor, as well as adding a subtle perfume to the lamb sauce.

The shoulder of lamb has more flavor and is easier to cook than the leg of lamb. Practically foolproof, minimal effort and incredible meat that is so tender that you will not need a knife to carve it! Want to upgrade to the Rolls Royce version? Try the Ultimate 12 Hour Roast Lamb or browse the entire collection of Roast Lamb recipes.

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Being born into a gastronomic family, there’s always a flurry of emails leading to a Sunday night roast. It’s usually something like this:

My brother (the “serious” enthusiast): Let’s do a standing rib roast. Dry Aged by Victor Churchill (PS An expensive gourmet butcher in Sydney!)

Me: That’s ridiculous. It will cost $100!

Brother: If we are going to make a roast, we must do it right. I’m not making a leg of cabbages lamb!

Me: Who said you’re cooking? I’m the Queen of Roast, remember?

Brother: Self-proclaimed titles carry no weight.

Me: How about a slow-cooked shoulder of lamb?

Brother: OK. That will do. I’ll do the sides.

Sister: I don’t care. Just tell me what I have to do.

Mom: Send me a shopping list.

And so the roles and responsibilities for a Sunday night barbecue are established.

Sauce that is poured over the shoulder of lamb cooked over low heat on a plate with a side of roasted potatoes and salad, ready to eat


of lamb

The shoulder of lamb is not as popular as the leg of lamb, and I really don’t understand why. It has more flavor and is much juicier. The only “downside” I can think of is that it needs to be cooked slowly, it can’t cook hard and fast like a classic roast lamb leg that’s cooked until it’s perfectly pink and juicy inside.

On the other hand, because lamb shoulder is a juicier cut, it’s incredibly indulgent, so if it’s in the oven for too long, it’ll still be gloriously juicy.


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Overhead photo of the lamb shoulder dinner cooked over low heat with lamb, roasted potatoes and salad

I love using the technique of stuffing rosemary and garlic into incisions to infuse meat flavor. You can really only do this with rosemary because the twigs are stiff enough to stick into the holes.

And it works well for this recipe too because it’s roasted slowly: the flavors don’t infuse as well into the meat with a traditional roast that only takes 1 1/2 hours or so.

OK, saying goodbye! I love knowing if this makes it to your Sunday night family dinner! – Nagi x

My favorite side dishes for

roast lamb More roast lamb recipes I

love a good roast lamb, so I’ve shared a few over the years!

Lamb shoulder roasted over low heat SEE HOW TO DO IT

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