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Leftover steak slow cooker recipes

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Slow Cooker Steak Mac and Cheese. This slow cooker recipe must try it is all about leftovers and a cheap family meal. With leftover steak and leftover macaroni and cheese, this is a favorite of slow-cooker cheese steak paste.

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Slow Cooker Steak Mac and Cheese


originally shared this leftover macaroni and cheese recipe in early 2018 and decided to upgrade it today and turn it into slow-cooker steak macaroni and cheese. We hope you like the updated version.

But I have something even better than our macaroni and cheese steak for you to check out first.

It’s our electronic slow cookbook. It includes all of our popular British slow cooker recipes and fantastic for variety with cooking with the Crockpot. Or browse our site as we have many slow cooker recipes that are easy to recreate at home and we have been showing people how to use the slow cooker since 2011.

A Mac pot steak

and cheese

When I originally shared my macaroni and cheese recipe from a pot with you, it was never a planned recipe


We had been shopping for groceries and picked up a reduced price, clearance sticker for frying steak, and a cheap bag of macaroni. The price of the two items was less than $2.00.

Here’s the original photo I took of them three years ago:

The idea was that I could cut the steak, cook the pasta, and then add some cheese and wine from the pantry. It would be a great cheap family dinner.

In addition, it was also absolutely delicious ????


often do this when I’m cooking. Get as many clearance offers as you can find and then do something delicious and reheat leftovers.

There are many family meals I make that cost less than $0.50 per person. If memory serves me correctly, this original steak of meat from a pot and cheese costs only $3 or because we had leftovers from our leftovers, it worked at $0.30 per serving.

When I was making our slow cooker without boiling macaroni and cheese, we had leftovers and instead of making macaroni and cheese, we wanted to show you today how to repurpose your leftovers to make an alternative plate of meaty macaroni.

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Leftover Steak Mac And Cheese

I have

two main ingredients I’m using today

: Leftover macaroni and cheese

: It’s amazing how quickly your macaroni and cheese fill you up and Milner’s always have plenty to spare. You can set them aside and use them in a leftover meal. ~

Spare Steak – I often cook steak in the air fryer and end up with a slice that is too long and will trim the finish. I also often end up with a steak I didn’t use (usually stew) and will put it together in a freezer bag and use it in this recipe when I have enough.

This can then be combined with regular macaroni and cheese ingredients like macaroni, garlic, lots of cheese, and your favorite condiments.

What I do find is that when I make a macaroni with leftover cheese, I have each ingredient and use what I already have.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to clean your fridge and use your leftovers.

Does the steak go with macaroni and cheese?

Yes, it does. Steak and macaroni and cheese are meant to be together. The steak gives a fantastic flavor to macaroni and cheese and you can easily cook them together in the slow cooker.

You can also follow our slow cooker macaroni and cheese recipe and simply add steak if you don’t have leftover pasta to use.

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How to make steak with cheese?

Slow Cooker Steak Mac and Cheese step by step

You’re probably wondering how to cook macaroni and cheese in a slow cooker. Well, it’s much easier than you think:

  1. brown the steak first
  2. .

  3. Mix everything in the slow
  4. cooker.

  5. Cook slowly and stir
  6. .

  7. serve


There’s a little more in a slow-cooker meat macaroon and cheese, but that’s the basics.

4 Cheese Steak Mac N Cheese


your cheese? Then increase the amount of cheeses you use in this dish. I’ve used my two favorite cheeses (shredded cheddar and Philadelphia), but you could turn it into a 4-cheese macaroni and cheese steak.

Here are some other cheese suggestions that go incredibly well steak macaroni

and cheese:

  • Parmesan
  • Gouda
  • Red Leicester
  • Double Gloucester
slow cooker steak mac and cheese

Can’t do it now? Then set it for later!

Macaroni and cheese recipe and slow cooker steak Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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