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Mexican soup recipe slow cooker

Slow Cooker Mexican chicken soup tastes like chicken enchiladas, but it requires much less effort! Sensational slow cooker soup that is quick to prepare but loaded with flavor. 10-minute preparation with a lot of open cans and a good amount of spices for a touch of Mexican flavor.

Filling, thick, healthy, totally delicious!

Slow cooker Mexican chicken soup cooked in a slow cooker Slow cooker

Mexican Chicken Soup

This is

a soup

that is particularly fantastic to make in the slow cooker. Cooking it low and slow allows the chicken breast to cook gently until tender and crumbly, the beans and corn absorb the heavenly spice flavors in the Mexican-flavored soup broth, and the tomatoes decompose to thicken the soup.

After throwing away the shredded chicken again, there is nothing to do to finish it before serving, other than grabbing some ingredients. Grated cheese, tablespoon of sour cream or yogurt plus a pinch of fresh cilantro/cilantro at least.

Bonus points if you add avocado and some crispy corn chips for dipping!

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Mexican chicken soup” />


you need

Here’s what you need for this slow-cooking Mexican chicken soup. Lots of cans and lots of spices you probably already have!

In this particular recipe, chicken breast is the ideal cut. It takes 6 to 8 hours to cook until it is easily crushed, the same time the broth requires for the flavors to come together and thicken.

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Mexican chicken


This is a soup that is great to make in the slow cooker. Sauté the garlic, onion, and pepper/peppers, then simply put everything in the slow cooker and simmer for 6 to 8 hours, or over high heat for 4 to 5 hours. The chicken breast will be tender and easily crumbly, the beans will have absorbed all the flavor of the spices, and the soup will have thickened.

To finish, simply crush the chicken, mix it again and then serve!

How to make Mexican soup with chicken This soup is the chicken

version of the popular beef taco soup. Quick and easy, plentiful and explosive with taco flavors!


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Mexican chicken soup toppings


Ingredients are not optional, they are essential! The ingredients take a tasty soup above my God, this is so delicious!

In my world, the minimum is cheese, sour cream, cilantro/cilantro and a splash of fresh lime.

But if you add some diced avocado and corn chips for dipping, you’ll catapult this into another stratosphere of treats.

And to think it’s so quick and easy to do!!! – Nagi x

See how to do it

Originally published May 2014. Updated in January 2019 with new photos and new recipe video

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