12 Food Blogs to Find Traditional and Modern Jewish Recipes

Modern jewish cooking recipes & customs for today’s kitchen

If you are Jewish, a family member or

friend is Jewish, or would simply like to understand a different culture through food, you will find several blogs that you can search for Jewish recipes!

Food is such a beautiful way to experience and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of all the unique cultures that exist in our world, whether it’s our own culture or someone else’s. We all take pride in our cultures and traditions, and allowing someone to share that with you through food is truly where we can all connect.

We believe that food has many beautiful roles in your life, and tradition, culture, celebration and enjoyment are all part of that.

In this list you will find bloggers with traditional recipes, many Kosher, and you will also find some blogs with vegan and gluten-free options, for those of you who need to follow a special diet.

What we love about each of these bloggers is that they celebrate their culture, which cultivates such a beautiful and positive experience around food.

1. Rebekah

Lowin Rebekah

makes a whimsical and sophisticated version of Jewish holiday foods. What we love about his blog is that he also has tons of craft project ideas and an elevated Jewish inspiration for home décor. She focuses on the whole experience of food and celebration, which makes sharing a meal together even more enjoyable and also enhances appreciation of Judaism.

Unmissable recipes: Mini Rugelach cereal and box of Jewish Christmas cookies

Where to find your recipes: Website | Instagram

2. What Jews Want to Eat by Amy Kritzer

Dietary style: kosher style with recipe categories for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free


recipes At What Jew Want to Eat, you’ll find classic Jewish recipes with a modern twist on technique and ingredients. He also runs an online Jewish gift shop with his brother.

Recipes to try: Fried pickle latkes with all Bagel Ranch and chicken and lemon matzah ball soup and gluten-free rice Where to

find your recipes: Sweet Noshings Cookbook | Website | Instagram


Dietary style: Vegan

Maddie shares many recipes that are based on Jewish culture and the celebration of Jewish holidays. If you’re looking for more plant-based recipe ideas to celebrate your Jewish heritage, she offers so many delicious options, including several delicious variations of Challah!

He also shares recipes he enjoys and his approach to his recipes

is all about getting everyone to find a bit of fun and comfort in the kitchen. He even divides his recipes by beginner, intermediate, and advanced so you can find recipes that align with your comfort level!

Recipes you should try: Easy Vegan Sufganiyot (Donuts filled with Hanukkah jelly) and Easy Vegan Challah Where to

find your recipes: Website | Instagram

4. May I Have That Recipe

by Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox

Dietary style: Kosher, vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free options

Sisters Vicky and Ruth teamed up to form this blog, inspired by its rich background of what they call, “Jewish-Lebanese-now Spanish Americans.” Not only will you find kosher and Christmas recipes, but you’ll also find flavors that combine their unique background, making their recipes unique and comforting.

Unmissable Recipes: Tahini Cookies and Sweet Basmati Rice with Carrots and Raisins Where to find your recipes: Tahini and

Tumeric Cookbook | Website | Instagram

5. Sina Mizrahi Sina’s Gather a Table

is mostly inspired by its Middle Eastern and Israeli origins, and that means plenty of flavor and fresh herbs throughout. What we love about Sina is that she always emphasizes how food and tradition are a means of connection.

Unmissable recipes: zucchini latkes with Za’atar sour cream and salmon squares with fennel and lemon pepper Where to

find your recipes: Website | Instagram


Cooking in Heels by Shushy Shine

Dietary Style: Kosher

Cooking in Heels is a great blog to explore because Shushy style doesn’t follow a singular genre or cuisine. She focuses on discovering ingredients, techniques, and ingredient recipes out there and making sure they can be made Kosher. Many of his recipes are inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern flavors.

Recipes to try: Simanim Chicken and Almond Chocolate Biscotti

Where to find your recipes: Website | Instagram

7. Busy in Brooklyn by Chanie Apfelbaum

Dietary style: Kosher

Busy in Brooklyn is a kosher blog that does a beautiful job of putting a modern spin on traditional recipes, with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients with the occasional indulgence for holidays and celebrations. What we love about Chanie’s approach is that everything is inspired by Kosher guidelines, without feeling limited.

Recipes to try: {Falatkes} Falafel Latkes with Harissa Tahini and

where to find their recipes: Millennial Kosher Cookbook | Website | Instagram

8. My

Name is Yeh by Molly Yeh

The My Name is Yeh blog is so unique because Molly, the creator, brings together many different elements of her life to inspire her recipes, including her Chinese and Jewish roots, travel, mother, time spent living in New York, her Midwestern setting, the seasons, and the ’90s. You know you’ll have fun reading their blog and trying their recipes after that!

She also lives on a farm, which aligns very well with our philosophy at Nutrition Stripped to connect with nature and appreciate where her food comes from.

You can also find her on Girl Meets Far on Food Network!

Unmissable recipes: Noodle kugel with cardamom and apples and vegetarian white spring matzah lasagna

Where to find your recipes: Cookbook | Website | Instagram

9. Kosher Like Me by Liz Rueven

Dietary style: Kosher, mostly vegetarian Kosher

Like Me is a kosher blog full of fresh flavors rooted in tradition. The community is largely flexitarians who want to eat delicious food carefully prepared, properly cultivated, and ethically sourced. Because of her emphasis on kosher and vegetarian recipes, you’ll often find her using seasonal and locally grown produce, supporting local farmers, and honoring nature (which we love!).

Recipes to try: Gruyere artichoke cake and sizzling Brussels sprouts with bourbon/mustard mosa sauce Where to

find your recipes: Website | Instagram

10. A sarcastic baker by Dikla (Dee) Frances A sarcastic baker

is the place to go if you’re looking for beautiful Jewish baked goods, from bread to cookies to challah. You’ll also find plenty of other baked goods to inspire you throughout the year

. Recipes to try: Fig cake with oatmeal crust and almond Mandel bread

Where to find your recipes: Website | Instagram

11. Kosher at Kitch by Nina Safar

Dietary style:

Kosher creator Nina Safar

focuses on making kosher cooking as easy and simple as possible so you can find tasty recipes to enjoy, without it feeling overwhelming. She also loves to play with traditional recipes and give them a modern makeover.

Recipes to try: Kugel sweet noodle muffins from The Simply Kosher Cookbook and roasted salmon with mustard dill sauce Where to find your recipes: Simply Kosher

Cookbook | Website | Instagram

12. The Nosher edited by Shannon Sarna

Food plays a crucial role in Jewish life, and The Nosher covers everything from Christmas recipes to Jewish restaurant trends to tips on the best new Jewish and Israeli foods at Trader Joe’s

. What

we love about The Nosher is that it’s a food website dedicated to sharing Jewish recipes from several different recipe developers. Chefs and bloggers, allowing you to constantly discover new people to follow!

Recipes to try:

Roasted pumpkin with orange tahini, walnuts and za’atar recipe and 57 Shabbat dinner recipes you’ll love

Where to find

recipes: Website |

Instagram How to Find Your Favorite Jewish Recipes

Now that you

have some new websites to explore for Jewish recipes, bookmark a couple that you find most exciting to try, whether it’s for Shavuot, one of the High Holidays or a weekday meal.


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