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Moroccan slow cooker recipes

With autumn temperatures and back-to-school times approaching, it seemed like the right time to put together some of the tastiest and easiest Moroccan clay pot or Moroccan slow cooker recipes to make their lives a little less stressful and much tastier in the coming months. I’m excited to share a wide variety of slow-cooked meals from my fellow food bloggers’ kitchens, as well as my own.


Christine’s table at Chew Nibble Nosh comes this Moroccan meat stew with exotically seasoned spices, flavored with dried figs, paprika and Garam Masala. Serve with couscous or rice, and you’ll have a full meal that the whole family will enjoy. Sure the spices have a mixture of Moroccan and Indian, but the flavors will translate well. An added bonus is that you can freeze this dish for a quick dinner later.

Moroccan beef and green bean tajine My Moroccan beef and green

bean tajine


is one I turned into a clay pot-friendly version last year and received rave reviews. The meat is not only tender and the dish plentiful, but it is full of excellent vegetables such as tomatoes and green beans. Accompany this dinner with quick and easy Moroccan bread to absorb the tasty juices.

This is really a Moroccan meat slow cooker recipe that your family will request again and again, and it’s very easy to make


Moroccan chicken stew If you love the idea of stew, but want to skip red meat, Louisa from Living Lou Cooking Through My Twenties offers a fun twist on traditional beef stew with her

Moroccan chicken stew

. Combined with rice, sweet potatoes and carrots, this is a dish full of flavor and healthy ingredients.

Chicken Shwarma

Traditionally, chicken in a

shwarma sandwich is spit out roasted and shaved to fill a sandwich. I have neither the saliva nor the patience to roast and shave it slowly, hence my slow cooker chicken Shwarma recipe.

While this is not authentically Moroccan, shwarma is found in many street snack shops. When made in the slow cooker it is delicious and will not make you sweat all day taking care of the grill. Serve with hot pita bread, Arabic garlic mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and other mezze-style sauces.


Moroccan Chicken

A versatile, somewhat spicy sauce found in many Moroccan homes is harissa and adds the perfect amount of heat to Eat Good 4 Life’s Harissa Moroccan chicken dish. Another great clay pot recipe served over rice, couscous or quinoa!


Moroccan Chicken Recipe

Mary from LoveFoodies shared with us a wonderfully authentic Moroccan chicken recipe that includes chickpeas and an additional recipe for make Ras El Hanout (a traditional Moroccan spice blend) at home. A slow cooker recipe from ras al hanout chicken?

Yes, please!

A slightly sweet taste envelops this dish, not to mention that your entire house will be swept away by the aroma as you cook. The original recipe is given with instructions for cooking on the stove, but there are also time and temperature instructions for throwing all this into your cooking pot.



We couldn’t help but share one more big variation of Moroccan chicken, as it’s such a popular recipe in Morocco! We love the simplicity of Elise’s Moroccan chicken recipe from Simply Recipe. She adds green olives for an extra touch of flavor and color.

Lamb pot meals

Paleo Moroccan Lamb Stew with Cauliflower Rice For those who need a paleo and gluten-free slow cooker option, this

paleo lamb stew with

cauliflower rice is easy, delicious, and packed with healthy ingredients like tomatoes and apricots. If you don’t like lamb, you can easily substitute it with beef or chicken, but I suggest you try lamb!


Tagine Lamb Roast

The secret to this Moroccan Tagine Lamb Roast recipe is in the simmering sauce that compensates for the higher price of lamb. Saffron Roads makes some great simmered sauces that make meal preparation easier than ever. Leave your spice rack alone and skip the use of measuring spoons, as it is a simple recipe of tipping and heat. Combined with rice with tangerine and pine nuts, and you have a favorite cold weather family dinner that you’ll return to again and again.

So pull out your slow cookers and get ready for a delicious, Moroccan-inspired autumn season!

Do you need a good clay pot? This is one of my favorites.

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