17 New Year’s Eve Recipes You Can Make in a Slow Cooker

New years eve slow cooker recipes

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Although it’s more of a holiday to drink than to eat, there’s no doubt that some slow-cooking New Year’s Eve recipes will make your night even better. And the best part? Almost any kind of delicious party food is fair play.

And while there’s no shame in buying some snacks to put on and nothing wrong with baking some desserts in the oven, it’s much easier to make your New Year’s Eve recipes in the slow cooker. Also, if you serve the food in the slow cooker, it will stay warm until midnight.

So, before you start planning your epic party decorations or buying a box of champagne, explore New Year’s Eve recipes, from delicious cheese sauces to decadent desserts, below and pick a few favorites for your guests.

Chopped Steak

No one will believe that you made this steak chopped in a slow cooker

. Black-eyed peas

Love or hate, black-eyed peas are believed to bring good luck on New Year’s Eve. White cheese sauce

might be the most beloved guest at your party


Honey and garlic dumplings

No appetizer spread is complete without cocktail dumplings



rum with butter

The champagne is all well and good, but the hot rum with butter will really heat things up

. Fudge

Frankly, every holiday is better with fudge



with classic cheese

New Year’s Eve can be a long night, so it’s a great idea to keep everyone with some macaroni and cheese


Triple chocolate and nut

brownies Among

all the chocolate and decadent nuts, these slow-cooking brownies will be a party hit

. Spinach and artichoke dip

Served with bread, crackers or chips, this slow-cooking spinach and artichoke dip is the perfect easy appetizer.


olive oil bread Looking for something homemade to serve along with your spinach and artichoke sauce? This rosemary slow cook bread will do the trick.

Black-eyed pea and collard greens soup

As a party appetizer or main course for a quiet evening, this tasty black-eyed pea soup will bring you luck.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Hot Chocolate

Can’t decide between a drink and dessert? Take both with Bailey’s hot chocolate.

Four-cheese cheese


Everyone loves a good hot cheese sauce. Which means everyone will definitely love a four-cheese sauce.

Chocolate Lava Cake


slow-cooking lava cake is the perfect cross between elegant and comforting. Serve with some vanilla ice cream, and you’ll have a memorable party dessert.

Buffalo chicken dip

Buffalo chicken sauce may seem a bit low for New Year’s Eve, but one bite and you’ll be sold.

Blondes with chocolate chips

What kind of dessert pairs well with champagne? Anything, really, but especially these slow-cooking chocolate chip cookie bars.

The pull-apart garlic parmesan bread

is easy to chop throughout the night. The good, because that’s exactly what you’ll want to do.




Why serve simple chips or nut mix when you can pull out bowls of this amazing slow cook trail mix with spices instead?

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