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Ninja cooking system corned beef recipe

Video Ninja cooking system corned beef recipe

Ninja Foodi’s corned beef and cabbage are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or year-round. The tender canned beef breast in just over an hour is here!

Here are some questions you may have before you get started with this popular dish


If you have others, please let us know and we will do our best to answer them as well


These are the ingredients and style of meat we choose to use. Sometimes you can’t choose between a flat or spot cut, the store only has one type.

If I had a choice, I’d probably choose a flat cut, but we’ve made them all and they’re all delicious.

Ninja Foodi Canned beef and


  1. Foodi or Instant Pot will also work
  2. Canned beef: 3 pounds is usually the best This is
    1. a spot cut breast, it is also flat and round cut
    2. The condiments pack comes with it inside
  3. the bag

  4. Potatoes – either 4 large red potatoes or 2 large reddish
  5. ones Beer – I just bought what is for sale, I love canned beef cooked in beer versus another liquid
    1. You can substitute water or broth if you prefer, but beer makes it taste amazing
    2. Use the type you want, I prefer the blonde beer
  6. Col

    1. You will only use the top 8-10 large pieces
    2. Make one of our Ninja Foodi cabbage recipes with the rest OR make cabbage
    3. salad from

    4. red cabbage to serve on the side instead of cooking together
  7. Onion – optional but a great addition to serve as a garnish with


Then use our mustard sauce for corned beef to serve once it’s ready


Yes, we are using potatoes like trivet! That means they’ll become more delicious than you can imagine.

We don’t really drink beer here, so I only have it on hand to make this and the best beer bread recipe, which is actually a great side with this!


beef and cabbage recipe

Let’s use the pressure cooker feature to cook corned beef and cabbage here. Similar to our Ninja Foodi roast recipe that also came out so tender.

This piece was quite lean. Whatever you have, put the fatter side up. This will allow all those juices and moisture to melt and drip on the rest to keep it nice and tender.

Yes, we have made a slow cooking canned beef breast before and it was fabulous. This is just another way, but it takes a fraction of the time and comes out just as well.

If you need instructions for corned beef and cabbage from Instant Pot, they are

here, and they are very similar to

this one.

Canned beef at Ninja Foodi

If you’re wondering why I use potatoes like trivets instead of using a trivet with handles, here’s why


Pressure cooker potatoes absorb all the flavors inside the pot that makes them out of this world.

How to cut cabbage for corned beef

You usually don’t cut it at all and simply remove the leaves as a whole. You can place on top of your meat and “steam” for 1 more minute at the end if you wish, or cook separately and serve together. If you are looking for more Ninja Foodi recipes we have many.

Ninja Foodi’s

canned beef and cabbage side dishes are always

a must-have –

easy cabbage

  • recipes are always a winner for dinner. 😉
  • This separation bread recipe is semi homemade with refrigerated cookies and very goodso
  • then make this Irish potato candy for dessert as a special gift

! You

can also make canned beef and Dutch baked cabbage if you have one of those!

Leftover canned beef recipes This canned

  • beef soup is something we always look forward to the next day
  • The homemade recipe for canned beef hashish is also super delicious

. You can really dice it and throw

it into anything like our Ninja Foodi stew, or throw it in a casserole.

Remember, you can do this all year round! If you look at your local supermarket, they usually have a few pieces of corned beef breast on the corner that you can buy.

What should you serve with corned beef and cabbage? Well, our easy Irish soda bread recipe

We do this often because it’s a tasty cut of meat that all 5 of us absolutely love. It’s so easy to put together in my multiple kitchen too that it’s a no-brainer to do all the time.

Once you fall in love with this, try our Ninja Foodi pot roast with some air fryer rolls too. Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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