30 Best Scandinavian Recipes – Insanely Good

Nordic cooking recipes

From tasty fish to marinated meats and satisfying stews, these hearty Scandinavian recipes bring all the unique flavors of Northern Europe straight to your kitchen!

The Scandinavian countries – Norway, Denmark, Sweden – have a rich and unique culinary culture.

And it’s not all juicy dumplings and pickled salads (though there are plenty of recipes for both on this list).

Hasselback Baked Potatoes

From Christmas cookies to fruity puddings and fluffy pancakes, you can eat Scandinavian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner if that’s your thing


There are 30 deliciously different recipes on this list, so pack your bags, your taste buds go on a trip to the happiest region in the world.

Swedish meatballs

1. Swedish meatballs

Some people go to IKEA to pick up a new sofa. Some people go for meatballs.

One of the

most popular items on their menu, meatballs are now fresh again thanks to Swedish department stores


But you don’t have to fight through crowds of sofa shoppers to enjoy juicy meatballs in a creamy


This recipe (straight from IKEA) shows you how it’s made.

Made from beef and pork and topped with a mustard-flavored sauce, These meatballs are tasty European homemade meals.

2. Danish Cucumber Salad


Scandinavian salad is a must for cucumber fans


Made from sliced cucumbers and thinly sliced onions, this is a spicy pickled salad that hits you right into the taste buds

. 3. Swedish blueberry soup

Time to test your culinary knowledge. Is blueberry soup a dessert, a main course or

a breakfast?

If you chose the latter, congratulations. You clearly know your Scandinavian food!

This brilliant blend of blueberries, cinnamon, nutmeg and maple syrup is a cozy bowl of sweet goodness for breakfast


It is served throughout Sweden, usually with a side dish such as sliced almonds or creamy Greek yogurt


Serve warm on cold mornings, or take it cold on summer days


4. Joulutorttu (Finnish Christmas Star Cookies)

These Finnish delicacies are simply beautiful


Small delicate stars made of flaky puff pastry and rich fruit jam, are the perfect way to dress any Christmas table


This simple recipe speaks to you through the construction of cookies. It’s not difficult, but it requires some preparation.

Get the kids involved and turn it into a fun holiday project. You get helpers, they get treats. Everyone is a winner!

5. Danish Brunede Kartofler (golden

caramelized potatoes)

One side of crispy, caramelized potatoes makes every meal 100 percent better. That’s just a fact of life.

These small, fluffy potatoes taste like sweets, but they’re tasty enough to go with main meals.

The Danes knew what they were doing when they came up with this one.

6. Norwegian Salmon with Dill Sauce This dish of

melting salmon in your mouth is ideal if you’re cooking for a crowd and want to impress


The salmon fillets are baked until they are flaky and then served with a creamy yogurt and dill sauce


This is a recipe of delicious contradictions. It’s simple yet elegant, and easy, yet impressive.

7. Swedish Potato Pancakes Some of the tastiest potato

recipes originate from Europe (sorry, North America).

Similar to Irish potato bread, this fluffy pancake is made with a potato-based dough


Poured into a pan and fried until golden brown, it’s a quick and satisfying breakfast or brunch


8. Danish meatballs What is the difference between Danish meatballs

and Swedish meatballs?

Misleading question: there is very little difference, but both are irresistibly tasty


Made with pork, breadcrumbs and onions, this is a quick and easy recipe that is a favorite around the world, not just in Scandinavia


9. Swedish Visit Cake

I love the name of this cake. Not only is it quirky and fun, it’s also very appropriate.

Because if you have visitors, you’ll want to serve them this wet cake flavored with almonds and fresh lemon.

10. Swedish

Shrimp Salad


As you’d expect for a coastal region, Scandinavian cuisine is loaded with fish dishes


This sandwich is a Swedish classic. Chubby shrimp are mixed into a creamy dressing of dill and mayonnaise before piling on black bread and served with hard-boiled egg.

11. Swedish cranberry sauce Cranberries

are sour treats, similar to blueberries. They are also considered a superfood thanks to their high antioxidant content.

Turn the superfood into a super sauce with this simple recipe.

The intensely spicy side is perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and basically every time you grill meat.

12. Danish rye


Rye bread is a staple of the Scandinavian diet. Not only is it easy and inexpensive, but it is also highly nutritious.

Packed with fiber, this is a thick, chewy, granulated bread. Soap it with butter and serve it directly from the oven. It’s heaven in a can of bread!

13. Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are now widely known in North America, but the original recipe came from Northern Europe


According to legend, the owner of a

Swedish tavern took a look at a

potato and thought,

“Tonight I will cut this very thin potato and roast it until it is crispy and amazing.”

Thus, culinary history was made. Now we can all enjoy ultra-crispy potatoes flavored with rosemary and garlic.

14. Danish

Potato Salad

Forget your old (boring) potato salad recipe. Your parents deserve better.

Mix things up, Danish-style, baking those beauties and mixing them in a mustard vinaigrette along with capers, chives and fresh parsley.

15. Smorgastarta (Swedish sandwich cake)

Don’t be fooled by the word cake. This is a tasty heterogeneous mixture of flavors.

Made with layers of smoked salmon, radishes, carrots, pea sprouts and egg salad, this is a stunning display of appetizing architecture.

16. Sillsallet (Danish herring salad)

This sensational salad is a tingling tongue!

Made with pickled beets, wine-marinated herring, sour apple and dill pickles, this will shake your palate in the best way


17. Finnish Beetroot Salad

This salad loaded with vegetables is full of nutrition and flavor


Drizzled with a creamy and sweet dressing, it is deliciously different


This dish is traditionally served at Christmas, but is equally enjoyable throughout the year



. Danish Pancakes Danish

pancakes are very thin, very crispy and very delicious


Similar to French crepes, they are quick, easy and versatile

. Pepper them with

fruit, drizzle them with chocolate sauce or place them with ham and cheese


Or go goatherd and eat them with pickled vegetables


19. Icelandic potato salad

Ok, ok, Iceland is not technically considered part of Scandinavia. But the country shares so much with its Nordic neighbors that it makes the cut.

This is particularly the case when it comes to this potato salad, whose delight transcends borders.

Flavored with sour apples, spicy pickles, and a hint of curry powder, this isn’t your mother’s potato salad.

And that’s a good thing (sorry mom).

20. Aebleskiver (Danish Pancake Balls)

Flat pancakes are out. The pancake balls are inside.

You’ll want them in your belly, when you take a look at this recipe.

Sweet pancake dough is baked into addictively delicious pips. Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, it’s breakfast paradise.

21. Norwegian

school bread

Straight from Norway, there is nothing more authentic than this “school” bread


These are sweet buns with spices, topped with a creamy vanilla and toasted coconut glaze


Send children to school with one in their lunch box. Big kids can put them in their briefcase and devour them in the office.

22. Danish Red Berry Pudding (Rødgrød Med Fløde)

A classic Danish dessert, this sweet and creamy pudding is the best way to use leftover berries


It works well with tart berries like blueberries, but also with sweeter varieties like strawberries


You could even add some rhubarb if you love pink vegetables


23. Norwegian waffles

Save these heart-shaped waffles for Valentine’s Day and show your belly some love


Crunchy and fluffy waffles with a hint of sweetness, are a tasty brunch or breakfast


Depending on how romantic you feel, dress them up with a spoonful of Greek yogurt, piles of chopped fruit or nuts, and honey drizzled



. Jansson’s Temptation I

have no idea who Jansson is, but I totally understand why he (she?) was tempted by this classic Swedish casserole


This is a homemade meal made with potatoes, anchovies and onions


It is salty, tasty and creamy. Like Jansson, you won’t be able to resist this tasty temptation.


Norwegian Potato


Known by a variety of names (klubb, potetball, pult), these nutritious Nordic dumplings are delicious no matter what you call them


Grated potatoes and flour wrap a center of salted pork


Make a big batch of these tasty treats because they are sure to disappear!


. Norwegian

flatbread Norwegian flatbread is more of a biscuit than a loaf


But that’s okay, because it makes them the perfect vehicle for butter and jam, or cheese ingredients, or rich soups and stews


27. Swedish crusty bread (Knäckebröd)

Tasty and full of fiber, these rye biscuits are perfect for cheese boards or sauces


If you’re entertaining, bake a batch and top with decadent ingredients


Smoked salmon and cream cheese, prawn salad or egg – just about anything will work in these crunchy bites


28. Swedish Cucumber Salad with Red Onion Dill

Refreshing and full of quick flavors, this healthy cucumber salad is ideal for a light lunch or easy side dish


If you’re planning a traditional Nordic feast, do it in advance, chill, and serve with dumplings


29. Swedish cream

This dream dessert is ideal when you have a longing for something decadent


Rich and creamy pudding is soaked with bright berry compote. It is soft, silky, and divinely irresistible.

30. Danish butter cookies

dipped in

chocolate are what happens when you have a free afternoon and a furious hunger for sweet treats melting in your mouth


Buttery and addictive, they are also perfect for holidays and parties


If you’re in a particularly generous mood, share them for your friends during the holiday season


Just remember to hide a few for yourself. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself away!

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