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otterstedt insurance agency believes you should have the best of both worlds when it comes to insurance. Our englewood cliffs branch offers friendly local service without skimping on the full scale of insurance benefits you deserve to protect your home, your business and the people in your life, including yourself. we offer a wide range of insurance products to help ensure that happens.

personal insurance products at otterstedt’s englewood cliffs branch

Finding the right insurance to meet your needs is not always an easy task. There are so many different types of policies and coverages that it can be confusing without someone to guide you through the buying process.

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The Otterstedt Agency is committed to providing you with the insurance protection you need while protecting your pocketbook. Let us help you with all of your personal insurance questions regarding the following types of insurance and more.

home insurance

This type of coverage extends not only to homeowners insurance, but also to renters and homeowners of cooperatives, condominiums, townhomes, and vacation homes.

life insurance

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There’s a good chance life insurance is a good idea for you. however, our services do not end there. We also work to educate you about your life insurance options, as well as annuities and estate planning so you can make informed decisions about your financial affairs and those of your family.

medical insurance

There is nothing more personal than your good health, and Otterstedt offers a wide range of coverage options including:

  • disability
  • employee benefits
  • group health
  • long term care insurance
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car insurance

every driver in new jersey needs auto insurance. it is required by law. But did you know that you also need specialized insurance coverage if you own a boat, jet ski, RV, ATV, vintage car, or motorcycle? Let us help you get the coverage you need for all your favorite modes of transportation.

commercial insurance products available at the englewood cliffs branch

We also understand that it’s not just the people of Englewood Cliffs that make it a great place to live, but also the businesses that serve them. That’s why we offer a full range of business or commercial insurance products that are sure to meet the unique and specialized needs of your business. include:

  • business owners policy (bop) – which includes coverage for business property, loss of earnings, and general liability.
  • commercial auto coverage
  • benefits for employees
  • manufacturing
  • workers compensation coverage

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We can even review your existing insurance coverage, to determine if there are gaps in coverage or excessive coverage that may be less profitable for your business. learn more about our business coverage.

englewood cliffs has a relatively large Asian population. Our Englewood Cliffs branch is proud to offer dedicated service to answer your insurance questions by calling our office at: 201-227-1533.

otterstedt insurance agency is proud of our traditional values ​​that date back to 1919, when the agency began. Today, our Englewood Bluffs location embodies those values ​​by providing the same exceptional service when making the sale and helping you file claims when disaster strikes.

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Not only do we serve Englewood Bluffs, we also serve surrounding areas such as Englewood, Fort Lee and Tenafly, among many others.

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Contact us today at 201-227-1800 to learn more about the personal and commercial insurance products we have available and to see for yourself the difference caring, professional agents can make in the insurance buying process.

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