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Power pressure cooker xl ground beef recipes

Video Power pressure cooker xl ground beef recipes

We wanted to help you make your life easier by putting all the best instant ground beef recipes we could find in one place.


ground beef recipes from Instant Pot are great family dinner recipes that even your pickiest diner will love and won’t have to compromise on taste.

Scroll down to find all the best ground beef recipes from Instant Pot


How to cook ground beef in the Instant Pot?

In fact, you can cook frozen ground beef!

Place your trivet in the Instant Pot. Pour a cup of water. Place your frozen meat on top of the trivet.

Put on the lid and turn the knob to seal. Press the manual button or the snap cook button and adjust the time to 25 minutes.

Once the timer is over, let it release on its own for 10-15 minutes. Turn the knob to let out more steam.

Take your meat out of the Instant Pot and place it in a bowl. Cut or mince the meat.

You can freeze the meat in freezer

bags for up to 3 months in your freezer


See how to cook ground beef

in the instant pot: Which instant pot

do you use?


know there are so many different versions and sizes of the instant pot now that it can make it difficult to choose “the right one”.

But, I have the programmable pressure cooker Instant Pot LUX 6 Quart 6 in 1.

Basically there are 6 appliances in 1: pressure cooker, rice cooker, sauté, steam, pastry chef and heater. It’s amazing!

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Take the ChopStir for your ground beef/turkey (you can thank me later):

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Best Ground Beef Recipes

from Instant

  1. Pot: Instant Pot Korean Beef – this recipe is amazing because it cooks both rice and ground beef in the instant pot together! It’s one of the most popular recipes on our blog for a reason.

2. Instant Pot Cheesy Beef Taco Pasta – ground beef and pasta come together to make a quick and delicious dinner!

3. Instant Pot Bolognese Sauce: For this recipe, I like to use Italian sausages OR ground beef. Both give you an amazing dish full of flavor that takes a fraction of the time it takes regular Bolognese.

4. The BEST Instant Pot Sloppy Joes – Upgrade your sloppy joe game with this delicious recipe. My kids LOVE it when I make them for dinner!

5. Instant Pot Ravioli Soup – this Instant Pot “dump and go” recipe is very easy to make. Just dump everything and go on your way! You can sub the ground sausage with ground beef and it’s amazing.

6. Instant Pot Creamy Shells and Beef – this recipe takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish and is a favorite of kids! Adults love it too.

7. Instant stuffed peppers: This recipe is not easier because you do not have to pre-cook the peppers or onions. A classic dish made easier in the Instant Pot!

8. Instant Pot Mini Meatloaf – everything is better when it’s mini, right? This meatloaf recipe is SO simple to make in the Instant Pot.

9. The BEST Instant Pot Dump and Go Chili – this is the recipe our mom has made for years and now we turn it so you can make it into the Instant Pot! It’s comfort food at its finest. Serve this with cornbread for a delicious meal.

10. Instant Pot Meatloaf and Potatoes – we love this recipe because it makes both the side dish and the main course in ONE Instant Pot! Genius!

11. Instant Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff – This recipe from iFoodReal takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish and the pasta, meat and sauce are cooked in a pot.

12. Instant Pot Beef and Noodle Goulash – this is a classic recipe we always had growing up and now you can make it in the instant pot.

13. Instant Pot Ground Beef and Rice Casserole – this hearty dish of Oh Sweet Basil is the PERFECT weekday meal. It’s filling up and only takes 10 MINUTES!

14. Instant hamburger soup – this hearty salt and lavender soup is loaded with protein and vegetables, so it’s a winner in my book! Simple ingredients make it easy to put together.

15. Instant Pot Ground Beef and Broccoli – This is a fun twist on traditional beef and broccoli because it’s made with ground beef. This delicious recipe from 31 Daily is prepared in MINUTES.

16. Instant Pot Ground Beef and Pasta – This easy Creme de la Crumb dish has a marinara sauce base and is perfect for busy nights when you need a quick and hearty dinner.

17. Instant Pot Ground Beef Hamburger Helper – you’ll never buy a box of Hamburger Helper again once you see how easy it is to make from scratch in your Instant Pot! I love this recipe from Recipe Diaries.

18. Instant Pot Ground Beef and Rice Shawarma – This Two Sleevers recipe isn’t your typical shawarma, but it has all the flavors mixed with ground beef and is a delicious and filling dish that everyone will enjoy. A fun twist on a delicious classic.

19. Instant Pot Ground Beef Taco Meat – This recipe from Don’t Mess with Mama is probably the tastiest taco beef you’ve ever made! The Instant Pot makes it very easy to make.

20. Instant Pot Tavern Sandwiches – if you’re looking for a new recipe to try in your Instant Pot, look no further than this recipe from Farm Wife Cooks! They have a secret ingredient that carries this recipe on its top!

21. Instant Pot Creamy French Onion Beef and Noodles – this recipe from Soulfully Made is not only delicious comfort food, but also incredibly inexpensive!

22. Instant Pot Salisbury Steak – this recipe from Flavor Mosaic is one of my favorites and couldn’t be easier thanks to the Instant Pot!

23. Instant Spaghetti – This recipe from Swanky Recipes is amazing because you do NOT have to precook your pasta! Just add it to the uncooked Instant Pot and let the Instant Pot work its magic!

24. Instant Pot Philly Cheesesteak Pasta – all flavors of Philly Cheesesteak + PASTA? Sign me up! This ground beef recipe from Taste and See is on this week’s menu!

25. Instant Burgers – That’s right! You can make BURGERS in your Instant Pot! And they are juicy and delicious. Be sure to check out this Simple Happy Foodie recipe.

26. Instant Pot Beef Egg Roll Bowls – a fun twist on egg rolls from 365 days of slow and pressure cooking. So fresh and healthy!

27. Instant Pot Beef Ground Porcupine Dumplings – ground beef, rice and tomato sauce make the best meatballs! This Instant Pot recipe from Simply Happy Foodie is amazing.

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