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Power pressure cooker xl white rice recipe

Video Power pressure cooker xl white rice recipe

Here’s how to make the perfect Instant Pot white rice in your pressure cooker. How long to cook it, what liquid to use, and tips for serving the best tasting rice are here. Whether you are a beginner or use your machine daily, this basic recipe will become your choice for dinner. It works the same for Ninja Foodi rice as well.

Instant rice We make rice

several times a week. You can use an IP, make Ninja Foodi white rice or Crockpot Express as well. Almost all pressure cookers have the time programmed for rice today. If not, we’ll also explain how to do it without one. A cheap and easy side dish that everyone in your family will love. This goes with everything I tell you.

Maybe because I’m from Hawaii and it’s something we ate every day there, or what, but I can’t get enough. You can add sauce to the top, enjoy it alone, or mix it with meat and vegetables for a full meal. A naturally gluten-free grain that’s versatile enough for all things. We’ve also added instructions for making Instant Pot jasmine rice as well.

White rice in Instant Pot

I guess you assume it’s easy, but I remember the first time I did it I had to adjust the amount of liquid a bit. What we use as a liquid to achieve what we consider the best rice recipe in the pressure cooker is also a little different.

If you were using another brand like Ninja Foodi it wouldn’t make a difference. Remember that this is a grain that will more than double when you absorb the liquids in that pot, so you won’t want to skimp on it. You can use water or any type of broth for this depending on your preferences.

  • We eat this a lot, like probably every other day. When I was growing up, this was just a staple, so I guess I assumed it was for everyone else as well.

For those in the Midwest, I’ve heard they go to potatoes with just about everything. Ours is safe white rice. I used to use my good old-fashioned rice cooker I received at my wedding, the same one my mother had in the past, but this is better. In fact, there is a difference in how fluffy it becomes when cooked properly.

Instant Pot White Rice 2 cups

So we are 5 with one who left or college, so 4 of us stayed in the house. When we’re all eating, 2 cups of dry grains is just rice so we’re all full. Of course, this would be served with a main course, not just as a snack. If you have very large hungry children, you may need more, adjust them accordingly.

Ratio of white rice to water


have had a rice cooker since I was a child. I saw my mom cook it night after night this way or on the stove.

  • In that machine there was always a 2:1 ratio of water to rice (not the same for IP).
  • She always used water and never thought twice as a child.

When I got married, the first thing I put on my wedding registry was a rice cooker… a big one. That’s how ingrained white rice is in my life. Lol. Later I loved the wild pressure cooker rice, but it takes much longer to cook, so I don’t do it that often.

How to


rice on Insta Pot How to Make Rice in Instant Pot It

was a safe learning curve at first and I made rice several times before I figured out the perfect rice recipe, then I wrote this post on how to use an Instant Pot to help everyone else too.

Why I Love Pressure Cooker Rice


  • cheap to make
  • Everyone in my family enjoys
  • it It’s a healthy side plate (if you’re not watching your carbohydrate intake)
  • White rice really goes with every protein

Is Instant Pot good for cooking rice?

There is no better way! It’s fast and perfect every time. When I had a family and started cooking rice night after night, I never thought differently, but once I got my Instant Pot it didn’t turn out the same. I made different versions of white rice like jasmine, Instant Pot Arborio rice, etc. to figure out the exact ratio of liquid to rice I needed. This was it!

We make 2 cups of raw rice for the 5 of us, you can cut this recipe in half if you need it.

I got tired of changing the liners, or cooking my rice, emptying the pot and then cooking my main course in my Instant Pot, so last month I broke up and bought this Instant Pot mini 3 ct. Now I can have the whole dinner done and on the table in less than 30 minutes flat… I love it… so it’s worth it!

Instant pot


Put the rice in a strainer and rinse it with some running water Jasmine is our favorite type of rice. Add rice to your instant pot or pressure cooker. Use a little more than a 1:1 rice-to-water ratio when making white rice in your pot.

  • We prefer to use a combo of water and a can of chicken broth + raw white rice. 2 c. raw rice + 2 1/2 cups of water seems to be the perfect ratio for us to make the perfect Instant Pot rice.
  • Use the rice setting or button (it should automatically adjust the time to 12 minutes) and close the steam valve. Let it release steam naturally for 2 minutes, then release quickly.
  • Fluff and enjoy immediately for best results.


have a recipe on how to make the perfect quinoa in your Instant Pot here too!

As I said, I now make my rice in my mini Instant Pot while my main course is cooked in my 6K Instant Pot. I use my Instant Pot almost every night and do something new to add to The Typical Mom every week.

White rice in Instant Pot

However, I suggest you get a nonstick pot because it’s 1,000 times easier to clean. I recommend some Instant Pot accessories, like a vegetarian steam basket, but it doesn’t take anything to make this one. If you’re looking to make

Instant Pot brown rice, follow these instructions

  1. Rinse your rice, still cook
  2. 2 cups at a time

  3. Pour the rice into your Instant Pot
  4. Add 2.5 c. of water with your 2 cups of raw brown rice
  5. Set at high pressure for 20
  6. minutes

  7. Allow it to naturally release pressure for 10 minutes Release
  8. the

  9. rest of the pressure
  10. Sponge and serve

**Note: cooking times vary depending on how you like the texture of your rice and your altitude, this time works well for our tastes.

Instant Pot Rice and Peas

If you wanted to add 1/2 cup of frozen vegetables, you could do it at first. The best options would be firmer varieties, not broccoli. The reason is that it will be there under high pressure for quite some time, so anything you throw should be able to withstand the heat and not turn into porridge.

Rice cooker

Instant Pot

White Rice goes with Instant Pot recipes like the following dishes below, like;

  • Instant Pot Sesame Chicken seen above!
    • Or make bowls of Instant Pot tacos with some chicken on top.
  • Try our amazing teriyaki chicken thighs
  • Instant Pot Honey Instant Pot chicken

  • can also be soft
    • Use ground sausage or burger to make dirty rice Instant Pot too

After making your perfect Instant Pot rice, you may want to make this alone, as a snack between meals. Topped with some soy sauce, it’s one of our favorites.

Is the rice setting in Instant Pot Low Pressure?

If you don’t have an automated button that says RICE, you can still get it right. You just need to use manual settings (older pots have this button that you need to press), low pressure for 12 minutes. Some models don’t have the low option, okay, just cook for 10 minutes over high heat with a natural release of 2 minutes.

  • I always recommend spraying the inside of your pot with nonstick spray. Or put some olive oil on a paper towel and rub the inside so it doesn’t stick.
  • Better yet,

  • buy a nonstick pot if your pot didn’t already come with one. They are lifesavers!!

There may be slight variations in the amounts

of water you use, but 2 cups of rice to 2 1/2 cups of water work for us each time.

My mother, on the other hand, who lives at a higher altitude, says she needs to use about 3 cups of water to get the same result we have. So… the first time you can decide if you need a little more liquid or not and then enjoy! Here’s a recipe for Instant Pot Spanish rice and Instant Pot mushroom rice too!

How many cups of rice can you cook in an instant pot?

  • It depends on how big your pot is
  • .

  • The general rule is to follow the ratio below and DO NOT go above the maximum filling line inside your pot.

Want to make Ninja Foodi rice? You can cook this in any brand of electric pressure cooker like we did when we made this

Ninja Foodi

white rice. However, the instructions for that particular pot are different, so follow these instructions.

Perfectly cooked


Want to try our Instant Pot brown rice recipe too? It’s just as fluffy but has fiber that’s great for you.

Infallible Instant Pot Rice

instant pot rice Culinary specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

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