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Pressure cooker mac n cheese recipe

Mac & Cheese is my love language.

This recipe from Instant Pot Mac and Cheese is incredibly simple that everything is cooked in a single pot (including pasta) and ready in minutes.

Extra creamy, super cheesy and ridiculously easy. This is the best quick comfort food and could become your new macaroni and cheese recipe!

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese on a serving plate

Why you’ll love Instant Pot Mac and Cheese as much as I do

An instant cooker is a brand of electric pressure cooker. It’s easy to use and cooks meals in no time, making it perfect for weeknights!

  • Just one pot . Who doesn’t like to wash fewer dishes?!
  • Extra cheesy and super easy to prepare. No roux, no flour, no strainer, no baking.
  • A pressure cooker makes this so fast, it can even be faster and easier than a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese (and it tastes better too)!
  • It’s creamy, cheesy and delicious.

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Instant Pot macaroni and cheese with labels” />

Macaroni and cheese ingredients Instant Pot

PASTA Dry elbow macaroni is the simple pasta of choice for this recipe. These are small, easy to eat, and great for absorbing all that cheese sauce.

WATER AND SEASONINGS The cooking water in this recipe is seasoned to add flavor to the pasta. The water does not drain, it is combined with cheese to make the sauce creamy!

CHEESE SAUCE Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Remember not to drain the pasta. Leftover pasta water from cooking adds some starch to the sauce to help it stick to the noodles. Milk is added to give it the perfect smooth texture.

Be sure to use sharp, bold cheeses in this recipe. Replace some of the sharp cheddar with gruyere, gouda, fontina or even Monterey jack. Omit mozzarella cheese in this recipe, as it’s not bold enough.


  • Substitute half of the cooking water for low-sodium chicken broth and omit the seasoning salt
  • .

  • Add your own favorite seasonings, from garlic powder to cayenne pepper or a pinch of hot sauce
  • . To

  • make it even creamier, use evaporated milk or heavy cream instead of regular milk. For
  • a

  • splash of color, add your favorite vegetables like a handful of chopped spinach or steamed broccoli (after cooking, they’ll overcook if cooked with pasta).
  • Add roast chicken, diced ham, or even ground beef
  • .

  • Sprinkle with crispy bacon.

<img src="" alt="process of adding ingredients

to make Instant Pot Mac and Cheese” /> How to make Instant Pot

Mac & Cheese

  1. Add macaroni, water, and seasonings to an Instant Pot. Pressure cooking in MANUAL – High Pressure.
  2. Quickly release the pressure (as per recipe below) and make sure not to drain the cooking liquid.
  3. Add the cream cheese, stir until melted.
  4. Add cheddar cheese and Parmesan cheese. Add the remaining milk.

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“Instant Pot Mac and Cheese” />

What about

Mac & Cheese?

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese is a rich and filling dish, serve it with a fresh easy arugula salad and some sticks of garlic bread with cheese, or some crusty bread. Even some broccoli roasted with parmesan or cauliflower from an air-fed fryer would be light sides with this dish.


and reheat leftovers

  • Store leftovers in an airtight container for up to 3 days
  • .

  • When reheating, it’s a good idea to add a splash of milk or cream (about 1 tablespoon per cup of macaroni and cheese) while heating
  • .

  • In the microwave, simply add it to the bowl and remember to stir everything along with the middle of the reheating process.

We love macaroni and cheese!

Homemade Mac and Cheese

  • is so good and sticky, especially when loaded with tons of creamy cheese sauce that’s so soft and velvety.
  • Lobster Mac and Cheese –

  • so rich and creamy
  • Stovetop Mac and Cheese –

  • ready in 20 minutes
  • Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese –

  • cheese with a kick
  • Velveeta Mac and Cheese – a

  • reader’s favorite
  • JalapeƱo Mac and Cheese Bites – the best party appetizer

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