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Recipe for cooking snapper

These snapper recipes are loaded with flavor and are perfect for picky eaters.

Snapper is not the classic fish-flavored fish. It is slightly sweet and nutty, so it is very versatile.

You can put it in tacos, fry it or roast it with lots of herbs and butter


Grilled snapper fish fillet with lemons and asparagus

If you want to spice up dinner and keep everyone happy, check out some of these exciting snapper recipes!

1. Baked red snapper This baked snapper


is super simple, flaky and delicious


Snapper tastes wonderfully light on its own. Lemon and salt help amplify those flavors.

Accompany it with steamed vegetables or on a bed of rice for a healthy and tasty meal


2. Lemon Red Snapper

with Herb

Butter Red snapper has a delicious nutty flavor profile, which pairs well with the

fresh herbs in this dish.

It only takes just over 20 minutes to put together, and it’s full of flavor


What makes this dish sing is the addition of fresh herbs

. 3. Blackened

Cajun Snapper

If you’re reluctant to add fish to weekly meal rotation, this Cajun-style snapper is a great way to mask any

fishy flavor.

Strong seasonings such as cayenne pepper, paprika, and dried spices cover every inch of the fish

. It

is cooked at high temperature for a blackened finish. It’s a bit spicy but perfect for a healthy dinner with lots of flavor!

4. Red snapper in the


Is this pan-shaped snapper healthy? Is it delicious? Absolutely!

To the pan its snapper in butter gives it a perfectly golden and crunchy crust that makes it flaky and delicious

. Be sure to

seal each side over medium-high heat to make sure your fish doesn’t get too dry


Infuse your buttery sauce with lemon juice and capers for an extra touch of flavor, and serve over rice or vegetables


5. Red Snapper with Garlic and Grilled Lemon


grilled snapper recipe is a great healthy meal that is prepared in less than 30 minutes


To save time, roast your fish and vegetables in a pan in the oven for a quick and satisfying meal


The seasoning of this recipe is super simple, and you probably have all these staples in your cupboards.

Season your fish (and vegetables) with salt, pepper, lemon, paprika and oil. Bake until golden brown and delicious!

6. Cajun Yellowtail Snapper

with Avocado and Mango

Chutney The potent flavors in mango and avocado chutney completely mask any fishy flavor in this dish

. The

ample seasoning in the fish combined with the incredibly light chutney is perfect for a hot summer day


The final product is so bright and vibrant that it demands many photos for your Insta!

7. Italian-style roasted red snapper Who

says fish can’t be plentiful? The hearty Italian seasoning in this roasted red snapper dish is fragrant and tasty.

Roast your red snapper in olive oil and many Italian herbs like rosemary, garlic and herbs

from Provence.

The addition of lemon juice and white wine in this recipe helps elevate the flavor of those herbs for a dinner that’s hard to resist


8. Whole Baked Yellow Tail Snapper

This dish looks like something from a 5-star restaurant, but it’s very easy to make at home

. Cooking a whole fish

may seem intimidating, but it’s a great way to impress guests with your killer cooking skills


Baking a whole fish in the oven takes about 30 minutes. The fish is crispy on the outside and warm and flaky on the inside.

Roast your fish on a bed of hearty vegetables, and dinner will be ready in less than an hour

. 9. Fried

Yellowtail Snapper

Few can resist the call of fried fish. This fried fish recipe is flaky and delicious and is prepared in just under 20 minutes.

This recipe uses almond flour instead of wheat flour for an extra touch of flavor


Season your fish with garlic, salt, pepper and garnish with lemon juice and fresh herbs


10. Grilled Caribbean snapper with garlic aioli Snapper


known for its light and delicate flavor, but this dish is anything but boring!

If you want to infuse a lot of flavor into your dinner, this recipe is worth checking


Marinate your fish in garlic, lime and habanero pepper to infuse your fish with a massive flavor. The habanero pepper

makes this dish spicy, but the addition of garlic aioli and lime helps tame the heat



Blackened yellowtail to chamusa snapper with sautéed vegetables This blackened

yellowtail snapper to blackened scorch is a seriously healthy and satisfying dinner

. The fish is

covered with a special blackened seasoning and cooked in olive oil and garlic for only a few minutes


To keep nutrition high (and calories low), serve your blackened fish over a bed of sautéed vegetables like pepper, zucchini, and carrots


It’s simple, satisfying, and kind to your waistline


12. Crispy skin Florida yellowtail snapper

I love this recipe because it’s incredibly unique. This recipe is worth checking out if you’re tired of grilled fish!

What makes this recipe stand out from the package is the addition of a sweet and sour tangelo rattlesnake syrup.

Sounds complicated, But it’s super simple. It is a mixture of tangelo oranges fused with sweet molasses, hot rattlesnakes and other spices.

Place the lentils and snapper on a plate, then season them with the incredibly delicious sweet and sour sauce


13. Snapper fish tacos

These fish tacos

are perfect for cooking novices. Don’t worry if the fish starts to crumble on the grill!

Once cooking is complete, you need to divide them into smaller chunks for your


These fish tacos add a bump of snapper protein with extra heat of jalapeno peppers. Top your tacos with salsa, avocado, lettuce or cilantro.

14. Mangrove Snapper Chowder

This soup is thick and plentiful and perfect for a cold winter day. If you need a soup that is nutritious and filling, look no further!

This soup earns its hearty gold star of bacon, potatoes and mangrove snapper.

If you can’t find mangrove snapper, any snapper will work in this dish.

Top with paprika and fresh rosemary for an extra touch of flavor, and save the cheese to the grill for another day. You won’t need it.

15. Red snapper in papillote

Cooking fish inside the paper is a great way to make sure your steak never dries. The result is a perfectly cooked and tender snapper.

Place all your ingredients inside a pocket of parchment paper and place a layer with your steak and seasoning


It only takes about 25 minutes to create a perfectly cooked dinner pocket.

The best part? There are no dishes to wash. Prepare your banquet and throw away the parchment paper.

16. Baked red snapper wrapped in aluminum foil

This snapper recipe is a great way to entertain many guests. Cooking a whole fish may seem intimidating, but it’s very easy.

If you can wrap a potato in aluminum foil,

you can make this dish


Before wrapping the fish, fill the belly with lemongrass, garlic, ginger, scallions and white wine


While the snapper wrapped in aluminum foil cooks, infuse the meat with those delicious seasonings


It only takes about 20 minutes, and it’s a foolproof dish perfect for your next party


17. Fire-roasted snapper wrapped

in green corn husks

Cooking snapper in corn husks is a smart way to infuse flavor into your fish while keeping it moist. Thank you, Bobby!

This recipe infuses a massive flavor by charring its ingredients

on the grill.

Wrapping your steaks in corn husks is a bit picky, but it’s worth the extra effort


Once your fish is flaky and perfect, serve with Bobby’s corn pesto, milk, and jalapeño sauce


18. Red snapper open-face sandwiches This open


uses bread-friend snapper with a tasty sauce that gives the tartar a run for its money!

The snapper is breaded and scorched in a pan of olive oil until golden brown


Serve your simple steaks on a piece of crusty bread and top with a creamy

Greek yogurt sauce.

The star of this sandwich is the sauce that infuses lemon, garlic, parsley and cumin. You will never go back to tartar sauce.

19. Blackened red snapper with

fresh sauce

The fresh sauce in this dish makes the snapper shine. The sauce includes fresh Roma tomatoes, jalapeños, olives, cilantro and line juice.

It is salty and spicy with just a hint of acidity from lemon juice


Serve your blackened snapper (which only takes a few minutes on the stove) over a bed of pasta or rice. Top with a generous portion of homemade sauce.

20. Spaghetti with snapper, oregano, olives and sun-dried tomatoes

This Italian-inspired recipe is sure to scratch your itchy pasta. Simmer the snapper in white wine and spices until golden brown and tender.

Chop the fish into smaller pieces and mix it in cooked spaghetti and sauce


Garnish with basil and serve with a fresh salad for a super simple and satisfying dinner


21. Snapper Piccata

This recipe is gluten-free, paleo and ketogenic. It’s the perfect meal when you want something that’s really plentiful and low in calories.

Brown the fish in olive oil for a few minutes, and then remove from the pan. Add the broth of your choice, capers, lemon juice and white wine.

Make sure you get

all those delicious brown chunks at the bottom of the pan for massive flavor


Pour over your golden steaks and serve with steamed vegetables for a hearty but healthy dinner!

22. Fried

red snapper bites

Even picky eaters have a hard time resisting these bites of fried red snapper


They are cut into small pieces, fried to golden perfection and served with

a New Orleans remoulade.

The key to a perfectly crispy snapper is Creole seasoning and heavy cream and then dredged into crushed salt flats


New Orleans remoulade is like a raised tartar sauce.

This remoulade includes horseradish, garlic, Worcestershire, Creole seasoning and parsley. Don’t worry, there are pickles there too!

23. Dominican Fried Red Snapper This Dominican fried fish

is the

perfect choice when you need to feed a lot of people


It is perfectly seasoned with forceful flavors that infuse into every bite


The key to this dish is to let the fish marinate in the tasty spray of spices overnight


The next day, put your fish in the oven and let those spices work their magic.

Once finished, the exterior is deliciously golden and crispy, while the interior is tender and flaky.

24. Fried crispy fish sticks with red snapper

These are not your ordinary fish sticks. They are perfect for an indulgent dinner or as an aperitif or aperitif at your next party.

This recipe is worth checking out if you have picky eaters who just want their bar-shaped fish!

Serve these fish sticks with homemade tartar sauce, or put them in a wrapper

. 25. Mediterranean-Style

Red Snapper

Nothing beats this Mediterranean-style red snapper main course if you want something healthier


The snapper fillets are topped with a potent Mediterranean seasoning and fried to perfection


Serve your fish over sautéed peppers and tomatoes and garnish with chives and olives


It’s simple, super healthy and full of flavor


26. Jamaican Steamed Fish

Looking to spice up dinner? This Jamaican steamed fish recipe contains a spicy punch without the need for excess fat and oil.

It’s incredibly tasty and healthy enough to make grabbing a second course guilt-free


The snapper is seasoned generously with ginger, garlic and thyme and left to marinate in the fridge overnight


Simmer the abundant root vegetables in a pan with fish broth until almost cooked, and place the fish on top


Serve on a bed of rice


27. Roasted Red Snapper

with Ginger Butter and Lime This

roasted red snapper recipe mixes in an instant, making it ideal for a hectic weeknight

. The lightly

seasoned snapper is cooked in a pan until lightly browned and easily shelled with a fork


This snapper jumps off the plate flavored with a generous serving of ginger butter and lime.

If you want to keep things simple (or don’t have many ingredients on hand), this is a great recipe.

28. Red Snapper Cakes with Avocado Tomatillo Sauce

Set aside, crab cakes. This version of a classic New England crab pie has the same subtle flavors and uses a special sauce.

The ingredients for the avocado tomato sauce

are hung under the grill until charred for maximum


Add your charred ingredients in a blender with avocado and cilantro and pulse until smooth

. While

red snapper cakes taste very similar to crab cakes, the sauce adds a unique flavor to spice up your next meal


29. Snapper Ceviche

Feeling a little bold? Ceviche is a way to cook fish without adding heat.

This snapper ceviche brings bold flavors without the need for a stove. It’s light and refreshing, making it perfect for summer.

Marinate your small pieces of snapper, onion, tomato and seasoning in an even layer in a saucepan with lemon juice


Refrigerate for an hour, stir and repeat this process


Let your ceviche sit overnight until the fish becomes dull. Serve with hot tortillas or over a fresh salad.

Snapper in dark beer butter

30. Snapper

in dark beer butter

This fried snapper recipe is a must for your next tailgate or party. It is rich and indulgent and is in no way considered a diet food! Cover your snapper in a rich

dough infused with dark beer. While light beer works, it won’t infuse snapper with the same deep flavors as dark beer.

The snapper is fried for about 5-6 minutes until it reaches a deep golden color. It goes great with your favorite tartar sauce.

Snapper recipes
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