How to Cook Spaghetti Squash In The Microwave

Recipe for cooking spaghetti squash in microwave

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Spaghetti squash is literally one of my favorite vegetables year-round. It’s delicious, filling, and is a great low-carb substitute to serve with clay pot dumplings or in soups!

This light and delicious vegetable is very well cooked in the microwave while its pasta sauce is simmering on the stove! Once you cook the spaghetti pumpkin, add some butter or olive oil and salt and pepper for a deliciously simple side.

Spaghetti Pumpkin in a bowl with butter and parsley with a title

You have to try this

If you’ve never tried spaghetti pumpkin, let me tell you you’re missing out! I can assure you it’s easy to make! In fact, cooking spaghetti pumpkin in the microwave is so easy that once you try it, it will be a staple on your menu!

Cooking spaghetti pumpkin

in the microwave is the best method for a more subtle and delicate flavor, as you don’t get the sweet caramelization that baked spaghetti gourd has.

Spaghetti pumpkin with knife Easier spaghetti pumpkin

recipe Start by cutting your


squash in half lengthwise. It’s a very hard pumpkin and resists the sharpest knife blade, so I often ask at the grocery store and most of the time they cut it in half for me.

If you can’t get it cut at the grocery store, touch it with a fork several times and then microwave for 3-4 minutes before cutting. This will soften the skin a bit to make it easier to cut. Do not try to cook a whole pumpkin in the microwave, the accumulation of steam can cause it to open.

  • Use a large knife and cut through the hard skin (this is the hardest part of preparing this vegetable) by cutting the tip of the spaghetti pumpkin lengthwise
  • . Scrape the seeds and

  • fibrous pieces.
  • Discard the seeds (or cook and eat the seeds as you would roasted

pumpkin seeds).

Spaghetti Cut pumpkin and seeds scraped in a bowl

The Best Way to Cook Spaghetti Pumpkin One of the things I love about spaghetti squash is that you can cook in the microwave in less than 10 minutes. One of the most important keys to getting

spaghetti pumpkin


the microwave

is the amount of water it adds. Adding some water to the microwave helps vaporize that. If you add too much water, your pumpkin will be mushy and your “spaghetti” strands will be really short.

If you’re using spaghetti squash as a low-carb pasta alternative, be sure to pass the fork the same way as the strands to make the best “noodles.”

Spaghetti Pumpkin with fork

What does spaghetti squash

taste like?

While it may look like pasta, it doesn’t taste the same! When you cook spaghetti pumpkin in the microwave, it has a firm but tender texture, and a very mild sweet taste (not a rich sweet taste like a winter squash).

Try it, it’s actually really delicious, just lightly seasoned or topped with your favorite pasta sauce!

The number of servings of each pumpkin half will vary depending on how it is served. For a side dish we get about 2 servings per half pumpkin, but if we eat it as a main course, we count 1/2 pumpkin per person. If your pumpkin is really big, you may find that 1/2 pumpkin can feed two people.

The good thing is that it stays well and is reheated as a dream to add to vegetable soup or stews.

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